What Is Matcha Tea? And Is It Healthy?

What Is Matcha Tea? And Is It Healthy?

Do you drink coffee to focus and start working productively? Try matcha green tea: it is more invigorating, as well as improves memory, and relieves stress.

Tired, shaken, working for a long time, and do not want coffee?

Drink green tea, and better yet – matcha. This drink invigorates no worse, and perfectly relieves stress, Japanese doctors have found out. The results of the effects of matcha and other green tea on the human body are published in the Journal “Nutrients”.

Much has been said about the benefits of green tea, and this time scientists have decided to study matcha: it is a kind of green tea. Matcha contains more amino acids, especially theanine, than other types of tea: doctors have noticed that this drink can improve attention and increase productivity.

What are the benefits of matcha tea?

An interesting fact: both a cup of coffee and a cup of matcha will help to cheer up almost instantly. A cup of coffee is more invigorating than matcha, but if you drink this green tea constantly, it will be much more effective than coffee.

And regular consumption of matcha tea helps a person to better cope with stress, without losing the ability to work.

Scientists believe that the anti-stress effect of matcha is due to theanine: this amino acid is rich in green tea, and mushrooms. And matcha differs from other teas in its composition and method of preparation. To increase the content of amino acids in this tea, the leaves covering before harvesting: you need to block the light. So the tea tree standing for about 20 days and only then the leaves are collecting and grounding into powder.

Therefore, thanks to green teas, which are rich in cachectin, we can slow down the aging of cells, skin, prevent the development of tumors, get rid of toxins, increase immunity and even lose weight.

Is it possible for everyone to drink matcha and how to drink it properly?

If you drink two or three cups of green leaf tea a day, most people do not have health problems.

Matcha is not recommending for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, as well as people who have stomach problems (especially with high acidity) and hypertension.

Do not drink matcha tea at bedtime, and brew a new one in the morning

If you notice that an extra cup of coffee causes you to become over-excited, you feel unwell after that, you have a headache, then matcha can give a similar reaction. Therefore, it is important:

  • do not drink matcha before bedtime (no later than 4 hours before going to bed);
  • don’t put in a serving of more than 5 grams of powder unless you are just starting to drink matcha tea.

In general, connoisseurs of this tea are advising to experiment: you can start with a ratio of 1 gram/100 ml of water or 150 milk (if you are cooking matcha latte). And then monitor your health – which portion will give you energy, but will not worsen the condition.

And it is important not to forget to maintain emotional health and create a good mood for yourself and your family!

Picture Credit: Pexels