Unfortunate rise in obesity and inactivity in the US states

Unfortunate rise in obesity and inactivity in the US statesHawaii stands as the fittest state while the Americans in total are less active and more obese. It is revealed by annual Health Rankings of America in its new findings. The health of this nation in both short and long term basis including the highs & lows for last 25 years came out in state-wise analysis. It was reported by MNT and the report came out in UHF. This same report was also published in Partnership for Prevention and America’s Public Health Association.

For third time in a row, Hawaii emerged as the fittest state. It was followed by the states of Vermont and Massachusetts. It was Mississippi that stood as the lowest healthy state for third time consecutively. Arkansas came second as the lowest healthy state while Louisiana came third in the year’s report.

Hawaii’s ranking owes it to factors like lower prevalence in obesity and smoking. There are also lower rates of child poverty and preventable hospitalizations. Cardiovascular deaths and cancer deaths have also dropped down. Mississippi is facing challenges that include higher rates of child poverty, diabetes, physical inactivity, obesity, etc. It is also stuck with minimal availability for primary care physicians.

In totality, the rate of obesity in America stands at 29.4 % in the adults in 2014 from the 27.6 a year back. It is a jump of 153 % from 1990 figures. Life expectancy has recorded a historical high at 78.8 yrs. It ranks 34th all over the world and there was a rise in the chronic conditions for the last 25 years. Several of these are preventable which compromises the standard of life. The short term successes came in form of 3% drop in smoking prevalence among Americans. Infant mortality rate has dropped and immunization coverage has soared by five percent. On the other hand, there is 7% increase in drug deaths and obesity while physical inactivity has moved up by 3%.

The same report indicated successes and the challenges in long term. During the last 25 years, the smoking prevalence dropped by 36% and air pollutions levels have also come down. Infant mortality rate fell down by 42% while cardiovascular and cancer deaths reduced by 38% and 4% respectively. The study traced that from 1990; only eight of the challenges have been unchanged or deteriorated. There is 153 % rise in obesity and there is also an upward climb in physical inactivity and diabetes rate However, the date obtained after the past three years display a leveling of this prevalence.

According to Anna Schenck of Health Rankings Committee, the healt outcomes in US are worse compared to some developed countries. This is the scene despite exhausting a bigger percentage of economic resources in the field of health care compared to others. She said that it is the right time and opportunity to bring improvements on health by focusing on prevention. She also asserted that this kind of opportunity knocks the door just once in an entire generation.

Image credit: 123rf.com ( lightwise)