Three natural remedies to cope with anxiety

anxiety natural remediesEvery single individual has his own tensions and worries which is an undeniable fact. But difference lies in how my toll does the tension or worry takes on his daily activities. While some are worried about their mortgage payment, others are concerned about their health. There can be tensions and worries that intensely nagging in nature and powerful enough to keep one waking at night. There is no doubt in the fact that worries are deeply etched in the DNA of humans and there is so apparently permanent solution to it. Worries can at times be beneficial when they are in motivational nature. However, worries that have a tendency to take you towards the negative side of things, they can have severe impact on the health of the person. While people generally go for prescription drugs to cope with this anxiety or tension, they suffer the long term effect of these drugs. There are anxiety natural remedies as well that help people come out of the problems of anxiety. Mentioned below are three such methods:

  1. Stop worrying

There are definite ways to stop thinking much. All that needs to be done is to stop thinking about worry as a feeling and start considering it as a neurological trouble. Amygdala, with the structure like that of an almond, is center for anxiety and fear in human brain. In the event of facing severe worries the cortex receives warning messages from amygdale. The cortex is the rational section of human brain which can study if there is a real concern behind the worry. The cortex gets overloaded with warning signs from amygdala and finds them difficult to process which causes anxiety loop. Spending fifteen minutes for acknowledging the anxieties in a way that is tangible would be beneficial. A list can be made on worries which can help an individual cope with all of them more strategically. Yoga is another among the anxiety natural remedies. Breathing from deep down the belly interrupts the irrational thoughts. Blowing a balloon is also helpful in the process.

  1. Treat stomach issues that are related to worry

The stomach has been rightly called the second brain. It has much to do with tension and anxiety. There are nervous systems in the stomach as well and is called enteric nervous system. When an individual suffers from anxiety the receptors that are embedded in gastrointestinal tract show reactions to fear either by slowing down or by accelerating the digestive processes, resulting in heartburn, diarrhea, and nausea. Lemon balm can be used as one of the anxiety natural remedies. Iberogast, a combination of herbs and plants, can be added to the drinking water to the stomach from reacting to anxiety.

  1. Focus on the connection between the mind and the body

There are certain integrative anxiety natural remedies that seek to evaluate to read the body, mind, and spirit. An anti drug medicine is one teaspoon full of lemon juice, ground ginger in a teaspoon, and half teaspoon of honey should be taken thrice daily. Lemon lowers the blood pressure, ginger calms down the stomach, and honey checks the instability in blood sugar.
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