The Weight Loss: To Go Beyond Diet Changes And Exercise

The Weight Loss: To Go Beyond Diet Changes And ExerciseAccording to some researchers, the doctors should go beyond advising obesity patients to exercise more and eat less for weight loss. They should aim on their biological mechanisms which makes it difficult for these people to reduce weight, say researchers. Pediatrics and psychiatry professor Ochner points out that whenever people diet, various biological mechanisms take place within the body.  The body feels it is starving which encourages the person to have more food. To conserve the fats, the body begins to slow down the calorie burning rate and changes inside brain attract people to calorie rich food, says Ochner.

The medicine school professor from New York further explains the matter. According to him, such mechanisms evolved in order to help humans in surviving scare availability of food. However, the problem lies in the fact that similar mechanism operates in case of people weighing 400lbs and looking to reduce 40 lbs. It is enough to explain the reason why obese people after weight loss regain weight. As per Ochner, people that are obese for several years tend to be stamped biologically in terms of their bodyweight.

Ochner believes that more attention to be paid in biological treatments for the obesity, like surgery and drugs. The doctors should have the awareness that offering advice to exercise and check diet may be insufficient for the obese people. However, the recent biological treatments to cure obesity are quite expensive. The reliable data on long term effectiveness of new drug treatments are also lacking. Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery involves an operation of intestine and stomach. It has been the only obesity treatment which has produced long term results for people. There aren’t enough ways to treat obesity as per its biological mechanism. One should find out safer and wide available means, says Ochner.

In a medical journal, Ochner and his colleagues have recommended lifestyle modification for the treatment of individual suffering sustained obesity. However, this should be a single component of the strategy of multimodal treatment. Doctors should consider the positives and negatives associated with biological treatments. According to researchers, they would weight these factors against a patient’s obesity based disorder risks.

Medical school profession Cohen emphasizes that importance of understanding the biological process behind weight loss. According to Dr. Cohen, human history says it was either unavailability of food or illnesses which lead to losing weight. Human body consists of standard biological mechanisms which maintains the weight, believes the assistant professor from Harvard Medicine School. However, he refrains from prescribing drugs for weight loss to all his patients owing to insufficient data confirming their long term benefits and safety.

According to Cohen, obesity possesses a risk element for the future health issues but it isn’t a disease. It requires to be treated as per risks associated for future problems out of it. Most of the experts are unanimous that doctor’s focus should be preventing obesity as lifestyle changes are quite effective with overweight and not overweight people, said Ochner.

Image credit: Barbara Reddoch