The most surprising reasons impacting weight loss

The most surprising reasons impacting weight lossPeople trying to reduce the extra pounds often complain that even after they have lost a significant part of what they wanted to reduce, the few last pounds do not seem to go away. According to the experts, there are few things which most often escape notice and which have a tremendous impact on the process of weight loss. Here are few reasons which interfere with the weight loss process.

1.         You are deprived of sleep

Inadequate sleep causes the insulin, stress hormone, and blood sugar to shoot up causing hunger. Lack of proper sleep also leads to insulin resistance that leads to accumulation of fat.

2.         Using rigorous workout for an excuse for eating

People are often seen to take in calories after tremendous workout. This is improper. Excessive exercise often leads to weight plateau and overtraining.

3.         Thyroid goes out of control

Thyroid plays a significant role in metabolism and problems in thyroid can hinder the weight loss processes. Normally, the TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone should keep between 0.5 and 1. An abnormal level can lead to obesity.

4.         Eating small and frequent meals

Most people take small meals at short gaps with an intention of stabilizing the blood sugar levels and preventing overeating. This, however, causes the insulin level to rise inhibiting the use of stored fat and thus hindering weight loss.

5.         You don’t know that you are taking huge amounts of sugar

Blatant sugar is never a problem. Rather, sugar contained in yoghurt, smoothies, and other processed foods can have a negative impact on weight loss process.

6.         You are stressed

The recent studies have shown that under stress a woman gains eleven pounds in a year. Stress causes the cortisol level to shoot up. This lowers serotonin and breaks down muscles causing the individual to crave for food.

7.         Training hard

Doing excessive cardio exercises can backfire. The best way to losepounds is interval training. Also mild training in small time is appropriate for a consistent weight loss.

8.         Not taking adequate amount of fat

Human body requires fat for burning fat. However, what is crucial is the choice of the right kind of fat. The best kinds of fat are those in seeds, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter, avocado, and fish.

9.         You are deficient is Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a pro-hormone responsible for different functions in the body. Without this vitamin, it is difficult to burn down fat.

10.      Eating late

Bedtime snack can inhibit the process of fat burning at an ideal time of night. This is because the fasting period becomes small and fat accumulates in the body.

11.      Human body has toxins

There are environmental toxins everywhere and are disruptive for hormonal functions, besides lowering the body temperature and making the body hold fat. These toxins cannot be eliminated completely.

12.      Proper diet

Proper diet is the key to weight loss. However, including unnecessary and unhealthy food would only add to the weight. Improper diet can also cause cardiovascular  troubles