Symptoms and cause of ADHD

ADHDADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is much similar to the hyperkinetic disorder. ADHD is said to be a psychiatric trouble or disorder that belongs to neuro-developmental type. ADHD is characterized or featured by several problems that include impulsive action, hyperactivity, and attention disorder which are inappropriate for the individual’s age. The symptoms and signs of this disease begin between the ages of 6 and 12. It lasts for at least 6 months in order that a diagnosis is done. When the disease is seen in school going children, it causes inattention symptoms that lead to poor performance.

Although ADDH is the most usually diagnosed and studied psychiatric disorder in adolescents and school children, in most of the cases the cause is not known. The disease affects 6 to 7 percent of the children when the diagnosis is done through DSM IV criteria and 1 to 2 percent when the diagnosis is done through ICD 10 criteria. Studies show that boys are more prone to the disease than girls. Almost thirty to fifty percent of the people who have been observed to show the signs of ADHD during childhood continue showing symptoms well into adulthood.

Symptoms and signs of ADHD

The common characteristics observed in ADHD are impulsivity, disruptive behavior, hyperactivity leading to restlessness in the adults, and inattention. Academic difficulties and inattention are as much common as is difficulty in handling relationships. It can really be hard to define such symptoms because it is difficult to determine the exact point at which the normal or usual levels of impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention end followed by the beginning of significant levels. Here are few of signs of inattention shown by an individual:

  • Find it difficult focusing on a particular task
  • Not listening to being spoken to
  • Struggling to follow the instructions
  • Difficulty in completing an assignment
  • Daydreaming and becoming easily confused

The hyperactivity symptoms which are generally shown include

  • Talk nonstop
  • Fidget
  • Be in motion constantly
  • Difficulty in sitting still

These symptoms of hyperactivity which are commonly seen among children become less apparent with age as they change into restlessness in the adults and teens suffering from ADHD.

Here are few symptoms that a person having impulsivity may show:

  • Become abnormally impatient
  • Frequently interrupting the activities and conversations of others
  • Being impatient while waiting for their turn in games or for what they want
  • Blurt out comments that are inappropriate, showing emotion without restraint, or acting regardless of consequences


What exactly causes ADHD is yet not known. However, the factors are said to be both environmental and genetic. Few cases may also result from a traumatic incident. ADHD is some cases can be seen to be genetic. This is inherited from one of the parents suffering from the disease. Though small enough, but the environmental factors play an important role too. Intake of alcohol at time of pregnancy leads to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that has similar symptoms like that of ADHD.

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