Some super interesting things related to weight loss

Some super interesting things related to weight lossLosing weight gives a kind of satisfaction which is not even found in buying new clothes. Cutting down on 5 to 10 percent of entire body weight may bring improvements in health and lifestyle. Weight loss will significantly reduce the risk for diabetes and heart diseases. However, shedding the extra kilos come with its set of unwanted things which may not be good all the time. Explained below are few things both good and bad which may not be popular on weight loss.

Skyrocketing energy levels

People instantly notice a boost in energy levels after dropping that extra weight. As per experts, while carrying a few pounds, people are likely to use lesser energy throughout the whole day. After weight loss, oxygen efficiency is improved which means you’ll not be out of breathe easily while going up the stairs.

Memory power can improve

Aged women scored more during memory tests following their weight loss efforts for six months. Brain scans revealed extra activities at encoding procedure when the memories are shaped. There was lesser activity at memory retrieval which suggests higher recall efficiency. According to experts, the brain turns out to be more active in storing fresh memories. It needs minimal resources for the recollection of stored information.

Relationships may feel the heat

Although weight loss gives a confidence which cannot be compared, it may not be always good at relationship front. One of the studies revealed that couples relationship improved when a partner lost above or equivalent to 60 pounds. On occasional basis, the partner of dieter felt jealous or insecure.  Body transformation of one partner may force the other to bring changes in their food choices.

Cancer risk will go down

Obesity is also linked to different cancers apart from smoking, radiation and sun exposure. Cell changes inside the body are triggered due to inflammation caused by obesity. Harmful levels of inflammation may be reduced by losing up to 5% of normal body weight.

There may be no impact on depression

Depression may come out of being overweight and the reverse process is also possible. It isn’t always okay to predict which comes first. Although many people feel happy after weight loss, it may not be the complete medicine.

Food tastes may differ

Taste buds can make the food tastes duller or sharper after losing a fair amount of weight. As per a study from Stanford University, more than 85% patients reported change with their sense of taste.

Workout can be greater fun

Exercising could be a painful experience to those with extra pounds which can burn the lungs and hurt the joints. After growing slim, exercise could turn out to be fun and less of a burden or daily routine to repeat. Being lighter can also make you stronger and faster than before.

Bones may undergo change

Losing weight also leads to bone loss but the benefits always outweigh the associated risks. Although extra weight strengthens the bones, it also weakens the joints. As per a research, the visceral fat on the belly is harmful for both genders.

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