Simple reasons for belly fat retention

Simple reasons for belly fat retentionBelly fat is good in small measures for its safeguards the intestines, stomach and few delicate organs. Too much of anything is not good and the same goes with fat which is unhealthy. Visceral fat generates hormones which are chemical troublemakers inside the body. They travel inside blood vessels causing inflammation which may bring diabetes and heart problems. The food choices people make may alter their ability to get rid of belly fats. Mentioned below are common pits which should be undone:

Pursuing a lower fat diet

For weight loss and shedding belly fats, it is better to consume monounsaturated fats. As per a research, women who had monounsaturated fats rich diet clocking 1600 calories were able to shed one third of belly fats within a month.

Depressive feeling isn’t good

As per a current study, depressive feeling among women can raise their belly fats. Depression is connected to bad eating habits and lower physical activities which are against weight loss. Exercise improves the standard of brainy chemicals which regulates the fat metabolism.

Junk food should be avoided

Foods like the chips and sweetened drinks raises the blood sugar levels. Consequently, the insulin hormone encourages the liver to store around abdomen. Add the healthy mix of extra servings for vegetables with each meal would work out.

 Add more of magnesium into diet

According to a study, people consuming more magnesium recorded low insulin and reduced blood sugar levels. High magnesium foods include soybeans, bananas, and leafy green vegetables. Over 300 functions within the body are regulated by magnesium and it’s better to have more of it on regular basis.

Avoid diet soda as much as possible

As per a study, diet soda consumers are more vulnerable to develop high fats around their bellies. Diet followers tend to overestimate their calorie savings and resort to overeating. It won’t result in weight loss and there is a need to lower the total calorie intake.

Be careful with burgers    

Some researchers provided a category of adults with 750 more daily calories from the saturated fats. A different group was given with similar measure of calories but mostly out of polyunsaturated fatty acids over six weeks. The former group accumulated double the visceral fat gained by the latter. Having trout or salmon once every week provides the right amount of the PUFAs. Chicken and legumes are also healthy choices.

Have lowest possible alcoholic consumption

Beer is connected to abdominal obesity, says a Danish study. Wine is not a healthy food to those aiming for weight loss. It is essential to maintain a limit and consume lesser alcoholic drinks per week. Mild drinkers are not likely to gain excess weight.

Do something positive

Menopause type hormonal changes can make it quite tough to shed the kilos. However, through intensive yoga the stomach pudge can be reduced to a significant amount. According to a study, postmenopausal women pursuing hour long yoga were able to cut down on waist fat.

Intensive workout sessions are good

High intense exercises lower the insulin, cortisol and triglyceride, burning excess calories in short span. Vigorous activities should be followed with rest or milder activities to enjoy belly shrinking and weight loss.

Image credit: Robin Phinizy