Seven foods for a successful weight loss

SONY DSCWith some many obese people looking to weigh down, it is quite common these days to undergo weight loss. It starts off with deciding upon foods to include or cut out from diet. Instead of following some hardcore routine, you may proceed on your way with the below mentioned food items to make your journey more tasteful:


Including the blackberries in the diet could be a welcome change and consistency equating to large step in right direction. These contain lower amounts of fats and sodium, Vitamin C and the phyto nutrients for a better health. Blueberries usually are rich source of the dietary fiber which facilitates weight loss. There is no need to peel or chop it and you may add them with yogurt, oatmeal. Whole grains waffles etc.


The mushrooms can replace meat for your dishes and they do not contain fats or calories apart from offering many micronutrients. In a clinical trial extending a year, the mushroom eaters lost an average 7 pounds cutting 2.6 inches off their waist line. For a successful weight loss, you may grill up the Portobello mushroom in place of beef patty.


Egg_colours_wikipediaThe eggs could be great way of start to the day for it provides antioxidants and protein. According to research, breakfast with eggs may lower hunger and calorie intake. One of the useful choices could be Eggland’s eggs which are rich in minerals and vitamins and have low fat. No steroids, hormones and antibiotics are administered in these eggs. For an extra convenience, you may boil some much early in time for some healthy snack.


The nuts are a super food with large doses of fiber, potassium, healthy fats and proteins. It helps in slimming down. The pistachios could help you drop some kilos. According to research, consuming in shell pistachios may create a healthier snaking experience. Pistachios provide a unique blend of healthy fats, fiber and protein keeping your stomach occupied until the next meal.

Whole grains

The human body digests the whole grains a bit slower compared to refined grains. Fast absorbed and refined carbohydrates are related to heart diseases, weight gain and diabetes claims Harvard School of Public Health. For a weight loss, you may add Arnold, brown berry and orowheat that doesn’t contain trans fats and is a source of the fiber.


urlConsumption of even half grapefruit before a meal could be good weight loss exercise. According to researchers, those obese people that had half grapefruit before a meal lost 3.5 pounds in averages.  It can reduce the insulin which is a fat storing hormone that results in weight loss. Provided you are under medication, consult your doctor before consumption of grapefruit.


The beans are a rich source of slowly releasing carbohydrate, fiber and protein. They have minimal glycemic index which usually depicts how any foot influences insulin and blog sugar levels. It also slows up the digestion process for helping to stay fuller for a long time.

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