Protein Diet – Weight Loss in 14 Days

Protein Diet - Weight Loss in 14 Days

A protein diet is a popular method to lose weight for those who find it difficult to deny themselves food. The principle is simple: the body receives enough protein food but lacks carbohydrates, which leads to the use of glycogen stores, which are contained mainly in adipose tissue.

First, the weight is reduced by reducing the fluid, and then by the return of energy material.

With a protein diet, hunger is rare, although many foods are not allowed.

Losing 5 kg per week is a reality, but we describe the maximum course – 14 days. It can be held no more than once a year.

Two-week diet for weight loss

Day 1
2 or 3 eggs, raw fruits + vegetables.

Day 2
You can eat 450-550g of low-fat cheese with sour cream, drink 1 liter of low-fat yogurt.

Day 3
During the day, eat raw fruits and vegetables, allowed 1 liter of yogurt, 1 liter of fresh juice.

Day 4
500g of chicken breast, 1 liter of yogurt.

Day 5
Only fruits and vegetables.

Day 6
400-500g of cheese with sour cream, 1 liter of yogurt.

Day 7
Only fruits and vegetables.

Day 8
No more than 300g of lean chicken, 1 egg, vegetable salad is allowed.

Day 9
Fresh fruit, 150g of lean beef, tomato + cucumber salad with vegetable oil.

Day 10
You can eat 150g of any fish, 2 pieces of rye bread, vegetable salad with vegetable oil, 0.5 liters of yogurt.

Day 11
2 eggs, 150g of beef, 4 pieces of rye bread, vegetable salad, 0.5 liters of yogurt.

Day 12
You can drink 1 liter of yogurt, eat fruits and vegetables in any quantity.

Day 13
300g chicken, vegetables in any quantity, 2 eggs.

Day 14
Completion of the diet: 4 boiled potatoes, any fruit, you can 1 liter of yogurt.

This diet is not suitable for people with kidney disease or gastrointestinal tract.

As with any weight loss diet, it is recommended to take multivitamins and drink plenty of fluids. Especially watch what drinks you drink during the diet, pay attention to their composition and calories.

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