Proper Diet During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Proper Diet During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus can be resisted by keeping the body in good shape.

Coronavirus only on the last day has infected 10 thousand people. But fatal infections can be resisted, despite the ability of COVID-19 to mutate.

So, during quarantine, people have to stay at home more and move less. In order not to gain excess weight and improve immunity, you need to eat protein, and cereals should also be included in the diet.

With the help of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you can successfully resist viruses, including a dangerous strain of coronavirus.

Doctors advise taking the Mediterranean diet as a basis, including a lot of fruits, vegetables, greens in their diet. Such products are necessary to build strong immunity.

Doctors advise eating five vegetables and fruits every day. They also advise the whole grain and unrefined foods.

At least once a week you need to eat meat and fish, moreover, fish is preferable, and meat should be preferred to poultry.

Beans should be consumed two to three times a week. It would be nice to include in the diet “milk”: cheeses, yogurts, milk. The doctors believe that there is no need to be afraid to eat eggs.

The base product should be olive oil. You can fry on it, as well as season salads. For dessert, dried fruits are best.

But processed meat and any processed foods are best removed from the diet.

WHO advises eating primarily fresh and perishable foods, trying to cook healthy meals on their own, but if this is not possible, order food from trusted companies.

The organization recommends limiting your intake of alcohol, sugar, salt, and fat, drinking enough fluids, and consuming a lot of fiber. It is better to refuse sweets, pastries, sweet drinks.

Supplement the diet can be supplemented with exercises — at least 30 minutes a day — and full healthy sleep. Then immunity will have a better chance of resisting viruses.

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