Omega fatty acids may cure ADHD among children and adults

Omega fatty acidsAccording to fresh findings, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids may help in curing children and also the adolescents suffering from ADHD. The findings related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder surfaced from a dissertation paper by Sahlgrenska Academy. Conclusion of the study at Gothenburg University indicates that any specific cognitive training programs may improve the problem behavior among the children affected with this hyperactivity disorder. This disorder entails complexities in controlling the impulse and temper or sitting still or attentive over short span at a given period of time.

School going children within 3 to 6 percent are to be suffering from ADHD. It is normally treated with the stimulant medicines that are useful in most case but not every time. During the research study, 75 adolescents and children were treated with either omega fatty acids 3 & 6 or placebo for three months. This experiment was done by double blinding researchers and participants and they were both unaware of receiving active medicines until later.

Sahlgrenska Academy’s doctoral student Johnson found that up to 35% of adolescents and children suffering from ADHD subtype called ADD displayed improved symptoms. It was to the extent that they could reflect on a clinically similar improvement. Concentration of Omega fatty acids 3 & 6 were calculated in the blood samples. All of those with a reasonable improvement in their symptoms displayed the right balance of the dual fatty acids within their blood levels.

This dissertation revealed that Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) acts as useful alternative in treating this disorder and ODD (oppositional deficit disorder). Through the CPS method families and children receive help for training cognitive capability and solving difficult situations. This research study included up to 17 children and their families received 10 weeks of CPS treatments. Later, they were questioned on the improvements in behavioral disorders.

According to Mat Johnson, all of the families in their study had finished the treatment and a half experienced massive relief from behavioral problems. Their study on CPS as a way of treating ODD and ADHD was only of its kind in Sweden.

However, there was something for patient group suffering from the disorder symptoms after complete CPS treatment. They were provided the chance of supplementing their treatment with the stimulant medication. Later during the follow for six months, up to 81% of these participating families had experienced big or quite big improvements.

Doctorate student of Sahlgrenska Academy from Gothenburg University, Mat Johnson, had a take on this. He said that it is an indication of CPS useful in improving problematic behavior among the children suffering from ODD and this hyperactivity disorder. He also noted that those children showing extreme symptoms could be also cured by combining medications of ADHD and CPS.

Image credit: squarelogo / 123RF Stock Photo