New Study suggests switching to vegetarian diet could help in weight loss

New Study suggests switching to vegetarian diet could help in weight loss  In the runner’s world magazine, there was six months study published from Nutrition journal. It suggests that the switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet could be significant in weight loss. This study was mainly done on a group of overweight or obese adults after dividing these into five separate groups based on their respective diets.

First group of individuals was to follow a complete vegan diet without including meat product at any stage. The next group was told to follow Vegetarian diet without any inclusion of meat although eggs and dairy products were allowed. Group number three were allowed to follow pesco-vegetarian diet with the addition of fish as per preference. The fourthly positioned group followed a semi-vegetarian diet which only allowed red meat once every week and poultry chicken five times every week. Finally, the group number four was having an omnivorous diet without any limitations on food type as preferred.

Apart from limitations placed on specific groups, no other strict restriction was imposed on the participants of the research study. They had the freedom to eat as per their personal satisfaction and encouraged to choose lower fat foods. After following them for a period of six months with no restriction on calorie intake, average weight loss for every group was recorded and measured.

Participants in the vegetarian and vegan groups were the ones to lose maximum weight averaging

7.6 and 6.3 pounds each. Others groups could experience only half of this weight loss compared these groups. Semi vegetarian and pesco-vegetarians averaged as much as 3.2 pounds each. Participants in the omnivores group could add as much as 3.1 pounds.

The conclusion of this research didn’t surprise some health care specialists and nutritionist. They’ve been strongly advocating vegetarian, plant based and whole foods diet which yield promising health results. Its numerous benefits have made some of the athletes like wrestler Aries advocate a vegan diet’s health benefits. He has also challenged the youth to embrace vegan in the Peta 2 campaign. Some of reputed and prestigious athletes from the world also follow vegetarian diets. It includes names like U.S. triathlete Dave Scott, the basketball player Robert Parish, champion athlete Carl Lewis, and great footballer Joe Namath.

The debate on this topic of suitable foods for weight loss seems a never ending battle. Some experts keep on debating about the possible health benefits from pesco vegetarian diet and a complete vegetarian diet. In comparison, in terms of losing weight, it is the meat-free vegetarian diet that wins over meat eaters’ diet. There is a statement when most of the health care experts will completely agree on. It says that whether its losing weight or maintaining proper health, reduction in meat intake could have a massive impact.

Meat consumers and vegetarians can take a lesson or two from the aforementioned experiment. For achieving long term fitness, one needs to sacrifice certain things in diet. This research will undoubtedly go well with both the school of thoughts.

Image source: margouillat / 123RF Stock Photo