New Findings Related To The Anxiety Disorder

New Findings Related To The Anxiety DisorderOne person among five Americans has suffered some kind of anxiety disorder in his or her lifespan. It ranges from obsessive compulsive to post traumatic disorders. There are also people who have been affected with social phobia and panic attacks. All the symptoms which appear in everyday life can be countered by antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Presently, these drugs have turned out to make huge money. It is evident from the fact that prescriptions up to 48 million were filled by Americans for benzodiazepine drug called alprazolam or Xanax. Another anti-depressant drug called Setraline or Zoloft were also demanded by patients through 27 million prescriptions.

Many people suffering from anxiety disorder benefit from these drugs but they hardly work on everyone. Benzodiazepine has the capacity to interfere with the normal thought process and incites drowsiness. Doctors never refer them to all those people with any history of some form of substance abuse as they tend to be increasingly addictive. Everyone cannot benefit from Zoloft and specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors aggravated as SSRIs. It can give rise to insomnia, libido loss, suicidal thoughts, jitters, nausea, etc.

Neuroscientist Gray points out that if people target specific enzymes, the side effects can be minimized. Researcher team has carried an investigation to understand the clash between a brain chemical which keeps the stress levels in control and another one associated with flight or flight responses of body. They have also shared their recent findings during a neuroscience conference at Washington, DC.

Endocannabinoids are molecules assisting in regulation of mood, stress response and appetite. Their supply in ample amount ensures a controllable level of anxiety. Human and few animal brains synthesize it naturally and Gray along with his team desires to boost it. New Drug is aimed at boosting endocannabinoids levels to counter the anxiety disorder action of corticotrophin releasing hormone. After degrading these endocannabinoids, the hormone is known to accelerate anxiety.

According to a new research outcome, different people have varying concentrations of endocannabinoids. People with more endocannabinoids can manage their stress better than those with less. Researchers point out that some kids are fine after going through stressful events during early life. There are also some kids who are prone to anxiety disorder even after undergoing minor disturbing events.

Rats were experimented with varying levels of endocannabinoids to note the outcomes. Those with high levels were less anxious in handling stress. The fearful rats avoided tainted areas of maze for seven days after laying down the scent.

Two different research groups in Colorado and Ohio worked independently to monitor the manipulated corticotropin releasing hormone levels. Neuroscientist Gilman blocked these hormone receptors inside mice allowing them to face unfamiliar mice. Lowery, another neuroscientist inserted a male rat inside a cage with another male partner. In the outcome, rats producing extra CHR every time facing social defeat were fast immobilized with fear in later encounters.

Both Gilman and Lim observed that pause on anxiety were for greater duration in some animals. A probe has been made to find out about the different manifestations inside the brain. Many people are born as prone to anxiety disorder more than others.

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