Natural sweeteners and their effect on weight loss


The regular sugars are being discarded for health reasons. The artificial sweeteners too are not able to shake off their synthetic connotations together with their much unpleasant aftertaste. There is absolutely no wonder in the fact the newcomers such as agave and stevia are taking the market for these are what people prefer in their morning coffee. These are also used in the packaged foods. These are new sweeteners that contain low calories and therefore have weight loss properties. These sweeteners are made from natural ingredients and not from synthetic substances like saccharin and aspartame. Thus the sweeteners are healthier than both the regular sugars as well as synthetic sweeteners.

Some of the above mentioned natural sweetening products are new. It is thus that they have not yet been studied much extensively like sugar as well as the artificial substitutes. It is rather normal to expect that there is nothing artificial contained in a product that claims to be natural. However, some of the new sweeteners that claim to have been made of natural substances also contain a percentage of artificial substances. These products have to undergo some amount of chemical processing such as to aid in their extraction from the original sources. The composition of these products has been studies by the experts in the field. While these products contain low calories, no research has yet been carried out that should prove that these can initiate weight loss.

The data provided have been reviewed by the FDA and most of these have been Steviarecognized generally as being safe. There are not much details offered by the manufacturer. However, the group of watchdogs taking care of the safety of food has investigated and found out that these new generation of sweeteners are safer as compared to saccharin and aspartame which can increase the risk for cancer manifolds. CSPI is another new sweetener which contains monk fruit extract that is found in such products as Nectresse.

Except for the agave syrup new natural sweetening products either contain very low calories or are complete free of calories. These are a good way to control the intake of calories which is important for weight loss. Recent studies about dieting are focused on the artificial additives. The researches show that these new sweeteners do actually accelerate weight loss in those that are obese. The only condition is that these should be taken along with a diet that is proper and balanced.

There are studies that show that the artificial sweeteners taken even in the smallest amount would are more likely to gain weight. The artificial sweeteners can interfere with physiological responses which help in the regulation of body weight and weight loss and also control diabetes. When anything that is sweet is tasted, the tendency of the body is to expect actual calories which would add to weight. In order to prepare for this insulin is released by the body and there are hormones for reacting to its influx. When the calories are absent, the hormones and insulin would cause diabetes to plunge.