Natural alternative to Prescription Medicine for Anxiety

Natural Anxiety RemediesAnxiety has become one of the rising psychological issues for in the present age. The rise in reported cases of anxiety is comparable to those of insomnia, thyroid, high blood pressure, etc. As more and more people suffer from anxiety and similar diseases, the varieties of drugs prescribed for their treatment is on the rise too. In fact, there are numerous pharmaceutical companies that produce medicines for the diseases and disorders known to be growing rapidly. Many companies have been formed only to cash-in on the rising demand of certain prescription medicines.

A good way to reduce the dependence on prescription medicines for anxiety is to adopt the alternative treatment. In fact, anxiety natural remedies can potentially eliminate modern prescription drugs from the life of sufferers. However, it does not happen quickly and the transition from prescription to natural anxiety remedies is gradual. People need to follow proper naturopathic plan to get results. There are alternative medicines available in the market that can be replacement to common prescription drugs. However, the conventional doctor and the naturopathic should be consulted before the inclusion of a new medicine and reduction or stop of a prescribed medicine.

There are effective naturopathic supplements for nearly all the diseases that are a growing concern today. They are healthier alternative since they do not contain the chemical compositions of modern medicines. One of the effective natural anxiety remedies is Schizandra Berries. In addition to the supplements, sufferers of anxiety can improve their condition by introducing necessary changes in their lifestyle. Detoxification, exercise, balanced diet, relaxation, etc. can be considerable anxiety remedies if paid proper heed to.

The importance of alternative anxiety remedies is evident from the explosion of over the counter prescription medicines for the growing health issues. The drugs are being prescribed more than there is need for. More than 280 million prescriptions are written annually. A research published by Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in April 2011 revealed that about 25% of people were prescribed medicines without proper diagnosis. Another study revealed that anti-anxiety medicines increase mortality risk by 36%. However, benefit of anti-anxiety medicines in life threatening conditions cannot be ruled out, there are naturopathic alternatives for less severe situations. Tryptophan, lavender preparations, magnesium, GABA, etc. are some of the botanical supplements and naturopathic nutrients that people can look for.

Wu Wei Zi is a herbal tea that has clinically proven calming effect. It is the tea that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is made with dried Schizandra berries, which taste acidic, bitter, salty, sour and sweet. In fact, Wu Wei Zi literally means the ‘five flavoured herb’ in Chinese and hence the name of the tea. It mainly aids the function of adrenal glands, which release stress hormones in the human body. Adrenal glands pump adrenaline in human body in order to excite urgency. Secretion of adrenaline under normal circumstances causes effect of anxiety such as sweating, palpitation, etc. It prevents the overstimulation of the glands.