LeBron James’s current performance has no connection with his weight loss

LeBron James's current performance has no connection with his weight lossThe 29 years old Cleveland Cavalier player LeBron James is yet to justify his caliber in the ongoing matches. The four MVP trophies owner is looking fitter and leaner. However, he wasn’t playing like the holder of dual NBA titles as against the anticipation of fans after the weight loss.

James was on a 67 days low carbohydrate diet plan and was able to cut down on some weigh during the summer. He also shared the results of this diet by posting his picture in Instagram. There is no authentic information on the weight loss undergone by James. However, the player hinted of losing almost 15- 20 pounds to the CNN. Surprisingly, the six feet eight inches athlete said that his weight loss isn’t directly related with basketball. He stated that it was just a goal for him to achieve. LeBron James also shared the facts about his personal diet. The basketball player said that he was sticking to fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. He had removed foods like dairy products, sugar products and other carbs.

James mentioned that he was only challenging himself as against speculations of setting an example to follow among his teammates. According to his personal trainer Ravin, weight loss isn’t the cause of James’s lukewarm performance after four matches. In a telephone interview, he said that it is much to do alongside refining the physical energy and also the food that enters the body system.

Camelo Anthony of New York Knicks had shed some pounds during summer this year. Ravin stated that it might be beneficial in terms of scoring. According to Idan Ravin, top players such as James, Paul and Antony are very serious as per their training routines and the focus should be discovering the right balance between training and personal diet.

Thus, it is all about James hitting form with the newly prepared body and this game. Heidi Skolnik, a sports nutritionist and writer said that it will come out if James’s new weight proves good for his individual game or otherwise. The key would be finalizing the right energy sources for his newly developed physique. Skolnik predicted that James might discover the need of adjusting his diet for maintaining the same level of energy output. She asserted that it would be an interesting sight if the things that worked for him in off season would also favor during the present season or not.

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