Is General Anxiety Disorder a common disease?

Is General Anxiety Disorder a common disease?GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder has the characteristic of exaggerated and excessive anxiety. It also involves worry about the regular life habits, despite there not being any probable reason to cause the worry or anxiety. People who show characteristics of GAD have a tendency expect disastrous events. They cannot stop themselves from worrying about factors like health, work, school, family, and money. People who have GAD the anxiety is most often illogical or even out of context at certain times. For them, regular life becomes an anxiety which they dread and fear. Eventually, it so happens that, this anxiety or fear dominates the thoughts of the person and interferes with regular functions of life such as relationships, social activities, school, and work.

Symptoms and signs of GAD

GAD can affect the thoughts of a person. However, anxiety can cause physical symptoms that include:

·           Muscle tension

·           Irritability

·           Unrealistic and illogical view of things

·           Tiredness

·           Nausea

·           Difficulty concentrating

·           Headaches

·           Trembling

While the above mentioned are the main symptoms, there are other symptoms too. Additionally, people suffering from GAD are seen to suffer from other anxiety problems as well such as phobias or panic depression. They can also be seen to suffer from other related problems like clinical depressions or obsessive compulsive disorder.

What can be the causes of GAD?

The cause or reason of GAD isn’t exactly known. However, there are quite a number of factors such as environmental stresses, brain chemistry, and genetics that form reasons for its development.

Environmental factors– GAD can be caused by such reasons as changing school or jobs, divorce, loved one’s death, or abuse. GAD can become worse in stressful conditions. This may also be caused due to cutting down on addictive substances such as nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol. This can worsen the anxiety too.

Brain chemistry- This GAD is said to be caused due to abnormal function of nerve cell paths which connect specific regions in the brain that are responsible for thoughts and emotions. There are chemicals known as neurotransmitters on which are dependent the nerve cell connection. Information is transmitted from one nerve cell to the other. When pathways connection the specific regions in the brain fail to function properly, they lead to troubles relating to anxiety and mood. There are medicines, psychotherapies and other treatments which can ‘tweak’ the neurotransmitters. This can improve signaling between the circuits helping to improve the symptoms that are associated with depression or anxiety.

Genetics– Few research shows that a major role is played by family history. This indicates that this tendency of developing GAD is something which may also occur due to heredity.

Approximately four million adults in America are observed having symptoms and signs of GAD. This starts with the setting in of adolescence. However, it can start at adulthood. This can be said to be more prevalent in females than in males. When a patient with GAD is checked, the doctor would check out the psychiatric and medical history.