Inattention Among Children Is Not always Due To ADHD

Inattention Among Children Is Not always Due To ADHD When your child is scoring low in exams, speak with him to see his or her responses. If it seems like he or she is struggling to follow the instruction, it may or may not be due to ADHD. Experts suggest not making a fast judgment. Hyperactivity or inattention might stem from other problems. Professor and author Buttross believes that inability to sit or focus should be treated with a full medical examination. However, it isn’t any instant diagnosis of the ADHD.

Doctor points out that prior to marking a child on rating scale of this disorder; there is a need to rule out all other possible reasons. According to her, not all the children who are unfocussed and antsy suffer ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). In diagnoses, Mississippi has come to 13th rank from 27th in US from 2004 to 2011, say certain statistics.  Susan said that many causes of such behaviors could be misdiagnosed. It includes the mentioned below:

Wakefulness or insomnia: According to Buttross, kids may act fidgety owing to their attempts in staying awake at school. They can’t listen in such condition owing to their tiredness.

Eye and ear problems: Dr Buttross says it’s an instance of unknowing what’s being missed unless the awareness. In the absence of glasses, the child may be unaware of the presence of leaves on the trees. Similarly, someone with a hearing problem may be seemingly inattentive but the reality could be hearing problems.

Language disorders: Due to language disorders, the child may be unable to interpret what’s being told. It may also lead to low grades and inattention. Behavioral disorder, neurological issues and thyroid disorders could be other reasons.

Psychosocial problems:   Divorce, disputes at home, sibling birth and a parent with disorder could make a child quite anxious. However, he or she won’t be able to think in straight terms owing to worries about the happenings at home.

Chances of boys to be diagnosed with ADHD are 4:1 ratio with girls. If the behavior of the child is similar at both home and school on regular basis which affects performance levels, it may be ADHD. After completion of a full medical exam, any child diagnosed with this condition shouldn’t be always treated with medicine immediately. Prescriptions help as much as 80% children but they aren’t with the side effects.

The symptoms of this condition can be helped by a proper diet and exercise. Consumption of plenty omega 3 fatty acids may be helpful. The children should burn off their energy with exercise to fight this condition. In the year 2007, up to 7.3% of Mississippi suffered the disorder, as per reports. It climbed to 8.8% by 2011 making Mississippi climb to 13th rank from 27th among such diagnoses in US.

Certain behaviors among children may signal the requirement for medical examination. These are as mentioned below:

  • Fidgeting with the hands and feet at seat when expected of sitting still.
  • Rising from seat whenever sitting is expected and unnecessary running or climbing.

Talking excessively, trouble with playing or pursuing leisure activities fast.

Image credit: Marcin Pawinski