Hypnosis to Trick the Body to Weight Loss

Hypnosis to Trick the Body to Weight LossCan anyone trick his or her body to think that a medical surgery for weight loss has been operated on it? In-depth studies on clinical psychology have shown that striking results with the achievement of weight loss by 90% of the subjects who participated in it. In fact, many have been able to successfully keep it off in the long term too.

Rena Greenberg, who is from Sarasota, has been using her suggestion power to help her clients lose weight.

According to Greenberg, what she is doing is transforming the way her clients subconsciously consider the food on a basis of permanence. It is like she is sowing new seeds that ultimately become the eventual normal through regular self hypnosis by her clients themselves.

National news agencies were quick to pick up her success and to report about her method of making people believe that they have had the lap band medical operation, even though they did not have any such surgery in reality, in order to assist them lose weight. Now, people are visiting her from all over the world in order to seek help.

Penny Weinstein is one of the clients of Greenberg. She has lost nearly 10 kg in mere 5 weeks. It was so effective for her and has brought such tremendous change in her life that she refers it as a dream. According to Weinstein, she used to believe that there were little demons in her head, and they told her to binge but they are eliminated from her head now.

New York City is home to Weinstein, and she uses Skype to contact Greenberg.

She has been tracking the work of Greenberg via News Channel 8 since 2006 and has followed up about it with many clients who have gone through the hypnosis sessions on lap band by Greenberg.

The story of Cathy McHugh was even shown on NBC Philadelphia last year. It was also covered by Today show of WFLA Channel 8 the same year. She successfully lost nearly 60 kg with the help of the hypnosis programme named gastric bypass. She has been able to successfully keep weight off too.

Another story of weight loss achievement is of Kathy Pieper of Dallas. She reduced more than 54 kg. She did not even undergo any real hypnosis programme but taught hypnosis to herself by only using CDs of Greenberg rather.

Barbara Cox is another happy client of Greenberg. She has reduced more than 53 kg with the help of the hypnosis therapy. In fact, there is a long list of such weight loss achievers.

Typically, Greenberg needs only 7 sessions to enable a person kick-start a lifestyle that is healthy. She recommends her CDs and books series to her clients in order to help them maintain their success.

Notably, Greenberg closely works with hospitals and doctors throughout the country. However, you should research about the qualification of the person who you are working with before you take a decision on hypnosis treatment for weight loss.

Image source: jgroup / 123RF Stock Photo