Foods to Eat When You’re on a Diet

Weight lossWhen attempting weight loss the emphasis is usually on all the foods you shouldn’t be eating. After all, eating fattening foods will make it hard to lose those pounds. However, did you know that some foods could actually aid in weight management and hasten the rate at which you lose weight? These foods are healthy choices that should be included in any well-balanced diet and can be eaten in a variety of preparations.

There’s been so much emphasis in recent years on lowering your carbohydrate intake, but they can actually help you slim down. Whole grain bread, for instance, can fill you up faster and prevent overeating. Eating cooked pasta or rice also helps you to fill up quicker since they have high water content. This means you eat less of them and you feel fuller for longer after consuming them.

Starches like potatoes are also helpful. Boiled or baked potatoes (without all the fattening toppings) contain a starch that is slow to digest, forcing your body to burn fat instead. Hate the thought of eating a baked potato with nothing on it? You can put a small serving of cheese on top, if you like. Its high calcium content helps burn fat. So long as you opt for low calorie types of cheese, you should be able to reap the benefits without packing on the pounds.

Another food that helps with weight loss is peanut butter. It’s high in healthy fatty acids that are good for your heart and help you burn calories. Specifically, peanut butter can help you burn fat around your middle, which is often a place where the fat hangs on for a while. Peanut butter is nutrient-dense, so you don’t need to eat a lot of it to get the full benefit. Two tablespoons constitutes a full serving.

One of the more obvious foods on our list is fruit. Every one knows fruit is good for you, but it’s especially helpful when trying to lose weight because it’s sweet and helps satisfy cravings without adding a bunch of sugar to your diet. It’s also a great choice for diabetics, since fruit sugar won’t raise your blood sugar like refined sugar will.

There are other healthy food options out there, of course, but these are a few that can speed up the process by which you shed pounds and act as functional weight management tools.