Five natural ways to cope with anxiety

Meditation and relaxationAlmost everyone has experienced the feeling of anxiety more than once in life. Anxiety comes along with such symptoms as feelings of nervousness, stress, and fear. Mentioned below are five ways in which to manage them:

1.         Become an expert in relaxation

Most of us are in the wrong when we think that we know what relaxation is. Sitting at the computer surfing the internet, or sitting in before the television can hardly be relaxing. These cannot be considered to be relaxation in the real sense. Relaxation is an extremely relative term that depends on the kind of show that you are watching. The effect can be just contrary and could end up causing more anxiety. This goes for tobacco, alcohol, and drugs too. While they may appear to be relieving, the effects are short termed. What is actually needed is a proper technique of relaxation, such as yoga, tai chi, or deep breathing. These have an effect on the mind. For instance, deep breathing would help you relax the nerve running between the brain and the diaphragm which sends a message to the body to loosen up and let go.

2.         Get enough nourishment, sleep, and exercise

The body and mind should have both strength and peace to go through the ups and downs that life has to offer. The amount of sleep should be adequate and should be filling for your requirements. It should neither be too much nor too little. You should take a well balanced diet. Pick up vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins which impart long lasting energy. Caffeine and sugar can only offer short lived energy. Exercise awakens the cells by sending oxygen to each cell. This helps both the body and the brain to deliver the best performance.

3.         Connecting with others

Connecting with others is really important. It is important to spend quality time with family and friends. Organized activities have great effect in reducing stress. You can also feel relaxed when hanging out simply. When you organize activities with people close to you, it helps you feel relaxed and secure. The sharing and fun would only make us happier and help us feel lighter. This reduces the stress and anxiety to a great extent. When you are worried about something, you will feel relieved when talking to the closed ones. This will help you cope with severe levels of stress. This is because when you communicate you will get to know that the causes of anxiety are common enough.

4.         Connecting with nature

Going to the park for a walk or hiking in the woods is a great solution to anxiety and stress. It will help you be at peace as nature has an embalming effect on both physical and mental pains.

5.         Positive thinking

The best way of keeping ourselves from stress is keeping away all worries and negative thoughts. The key idea consists in thinking positively. You can always dream and hope for the best to happen.

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