Five foods which helps to speed up metabolism

Five foods which helps to speed up metabolism
Food is good for health as long it doesn’t give sleepless nights due to digestion problems. Certain food items in the diet help in weight loss preventing such occurrences. Most importantly, these foods help to bolster metabolism. Given below is the name of five food items which favors the metabolism process immensely:

Citrus fruits 

Vitamin-C rich fruits such as lemons, oranges, lime and grapefruit help in metabolizing fats quicker. Thus, it allows weight loss to a great extent. The body needs 60 mgs vitamin C everyday to fulfill basic needs. However, taking it to 500mg helps increasing fat burning ability while exercising by up to 39%.  Scripps Clinic researchers discovered that many participants who consumed ½ grapefruit with every meal during 12 weeks time lost up to 3.3 pounds averagely. The right way to proceed should be consulting the doctor to know the adverse reactions associated with grapefruit consumption.


The berries have high dietary fiber content. When the body couldn’t digest fiber to facilitate weight loss, it burns calories during the process. A single cup of the raspberries have 8gms of fiber along with 60 calories. Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries contain fiber in medium proportions. There is another benefit of consuming berries. Fiber disappears calories and fats present in any meals or snacks. It soaks up and removes them via digestive tract prior to absorption by the body.

Cereals with high fiber

There is a research study on cereals publishing in Journal of American Dietetic Association. It says that women eating cereals are less likely to become overweight by up to 30% compared to those having other breakfasts. Apart from boosting metabolism, Fiber rich cereals digest a bit slow allowing the consumer to feel energized by several hours. The insulin levels are also maintained by fiber. It helps in weight loss and prevents the storage of fats.

Lean proteins

Chicken, turkey and lean beefs fall in the category of lean meats. They accelerate the process of metabolism burning more fats.  This is owing to the need of energy during complete digestion. Some studies portray that people on protein rich diet simply burn more calories compared to the ones on carbohydrate centric diet. Additionally, protein consumption helps preserving muscle mass in the weight loss stages. At the same time, it keeps metabolism functioning quite speedily. Skinless and boneless serving of 3 ounce lean turkey breast contains a total of 120 calories. It offers as much as 26gms of proteins which curbs the appetite, no saturated fats and 1gms of normal fats.


The vegetable is a powerhouse of nutrition, providing plenty of health benefits. Its boosts the immunity power, fights aging and comes with many more advantages. Including garlic in the diet would be a useful step towards losing weight. It can help in controlling the weight even if consumed in minimal proportions.  Garlic could rise the total calories burned in the regular activities. At the same time, it counters fat production.