Establishing easy to follow habits for weight loss

Establishing easy to follow habits for weight loss It is important to change eating habits and exercise habits in order to ensure proper weight loss. However, the other choices throughout a full day can also impact the overall efforts and results. This includes the time spend sleeping, net surfing and involvement in other activities. Some of the habits discussed below can take you closer to your goal:

Set realistic goals and approach accordingly

Many people aim to be of similar weight as in high school or at the time of marriage. However, it may require getting rid of up to 50 pounds extra. Don’t rush into things and start off with short term goals. It may include losing up to 5% or 10% of total body weight. Spare some time to attain the flexibility of reaching your goal of weight loss. One should not forget that many people spend a minimum of six months for losing that much weight.

Make sure there are no random generalized weight loss goals. It could be something like eating less at dinner time or exercising more. You can start off with straight goals such as choosing the dinner recipes and shopping for food on Sunday. It may also include bringing a healthy and homely lunch as against visiting restaurant twice or thrice every week. Some of the other short term goals could be calling a friend for taking a walk during Mondays and Wednesdays. Decreasing exposure to the problematic food for avoiding temptation or stimulus control may be good. Try to keep cookies out of the sight while in kitchen. Thus, a clear and realistic approach is likely to give better dividends in future. Weight loss takes place at slow pace unlike weight gain in many cases.

Eat the morning breakfast slow and mindfully

Several people skip their breakfast in a hurry or disinterest. Make a habit of going to bed early and get up at least 15 minutes early. There is no need to sacrifice the sleeping time for preparing the breakfast. Eat slowly and practice it by sipping water or putting utensils down. While having coffee, tea or similar drink, do it slowly by sparing sometime between bites. You can also spend a minimum of 20 minutes with each meal. It could be far realistic throughout midday and evening meal. Choose any one to set on your path and fix a timer for checking yourself.

Habits in eating and exercise work in conjunction to provide results. You may select a habit which is suitable for you to prevent unnecessary weight gain. Monitor the outcomes and results on a regular basis to check the progress. Stick with something for almost a month or even a week. Fix a daily routine and practice the healthy habits regularly. After finding yourself on the flow with a particular habit, keep adding more one by one. You may later realize that some of these habits may be interconnected to a certain extent. Weight loss is not an easy achievement when you’ve gained a lot of weight over a course of time. However, it isn’t impossible either for most.

image credit: Vitaliy Vodolazskyy