Effectively Reduce the consumption of sugars to lose weight

Effectively Reduce the consumption of sugars to lose weight The holiday season of the year is heading closer and indulging oneself in some sugary food is more often unavoidable. These foods give you a short term pleasures as you enjoy their bite. Experts believe that sugar in any form whether natural or artificial could influence waistline and overall health. Apart from reducing on sugar rich desserts for weight loss, there is a need to check the consumption of natural sugar.

Nutritive less sugars such agave and honey also falls in the same category. It’s despite that these are natural and widely considered as healthy substitute for table sugar. They contain calories and so do nutritive sugars such as lactose and fructose. However, these have nutritional value as well. Fruit contains Vitamin C and fructose while milk contains protein, calcium and lactose.

According to Libby Mills, provided the sweetener has nutrients and vitamins for the healthy growth of our body, it isn’t much of an issue. She is a representative of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and a dietician nutritionist. Celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin says that although people are consuming lesser amount of table sugar, the overall sugar consumption is more. The Sugar Impact Diet’s author is of the view that Sugar is the largest drug at present.

Sugar is responsible for obesity among 35 % of adults. Sugar rich diets are harbingers of diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and osteoarthritis. It is also known to cause inflammation that is related to cancer, aging signs and cardiovascular disease working against weight loss.   As per a study, much of sugar intake may lead to non alcohol fatty liver complications. Nutritionist Virgin is of the view that energy levels, concentration, GI tract, self confidence and immune system   are also hit by daily sugar consumption.

About 80% of the processed food contains sugars and they are among the largest sources. Sweetened energy laden drinks also have sugar in them. Some of the highly preferred foods which are considered healthy also have surprising amounts of sugar. One of these is whole wheat breads which can boost the blood sugar even more than the table sugar. Certain non-gluten breads, fatless salad dressings, peanut butter, marina sauce, rice cakes and yoghurts also have sugar working against weight loss.

Mills says that sugar can form a part of any healthy diet plan. World Health Organization recommended that added sugars should be into daily calorie intake by up to 5% or may be 25 grams each day. Giving attention to sugar sources is the key. Reading the labels and slowly reducing the volume of sugar from diet is the way to facilitate weight loss. With the regular intake of proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs and reducing caffeine intake would help.

According to Virgin, make sure you are well informed of the food going inside for using steady, prolonged energy and facilitating weight loss. Mills is of the view that provided you appreciate the flavor, nuance and texture of the food, the craving should be checked after 2-3 bites.