Dr OZ’s remedies for worrying and anxiety

640px-Mehmet_Oz_-_World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting_2012[1]Worries often take away the sleep from eyes at night. Be it the mortgage payment or health issues, worrying can haunt you anytime.  It is ingrained in the DNAs and could motivate you to make savings for long term future which is good. However, excessive worrying is not good for the health and becomes toxic at times. Dr. Oz suggests a series of anxiety natural remedy that could relieve your worries and stress.

Get rid of worries by starting with the brain

Amygdala is the structure inside the brain which is the centre of anxiety and fear. It sends warning alerts to the cortex whenever you experience a worry. This is the brain’s rational part which assesses the nature of the worry.  More and more alerting signals result in increased anxiety and fear. Take out 15 minutes every day to list down your worries and settle them one by one.

Profound belly breathing helps in dealing with irrational thoughts. You can practice it in yoga classes, office, or personal couch. Blow up a balloon as it requires taking long and slower breaths from your diaphragm. It slows down the heart rate and reduces your blood pressure. Thus, your body uses the available oxygen more effectively giving a calming feel.

Deal with stomach issues and gastro intestinal tract  

During a worrisome experience, many receptors embedded inside your gastrointestinal tract have reactions to fear. It accelerates or slows down the digestion process which may result in diarrhea, heartburn and nausea. Mentioned below are two step process of anxiety natural remedy related to stomach.

Lemon balm is a calming herb which is used from the middle age period. It is found in most of the drugstores. Consume up to 400 milligrams twice regularly to stop the stomach from reactions to worried thoughts. Iberogast is made from the mixture of herbs and plants. It also contains caraway, milk thistle, peppermint, licorice, and chamomile. Adding up to 20 drops in water soothes the stomach receptors during anxiety.

Consider a combined approach aiming mind and body functioning

Conventional medicine takes care on the physiological front. The integrative medication evaluates the connection of mind, body and soul taking care of energy imbalances. You can also try out the below mentioned approach for better results:

Prepare an anti anxiety potion by combining a single tsp of lemon juice, ginger and honey. Consume it for at least three times a day. It is known to balance our body by raising the energy levels of our digestive system. Some studies reveal that lemon juices can lower down the blood pressure via powering the capillaries. Ginger provides a calming effect to the stomach and honey maintains a blood sugar levels associated with worrying.

There is also the Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler which helps you to calm down. The aroma made from lavender, petitgrain, eucalyptus, jojoba and bergamot which go directly into amydgala. It gives away a sense of calmness and lowers your blood pressure levels. Thus, getting rid of worries and anxiety is quite easy.

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