Contribution of Carrot app in weight loss efforts

Contribution of Carrot app in weight loss effortsCarrot hunger is a newly arrived smart phone app aimed at helping users in their weight loss efforts uniquely. It welcomes the users and greets them with quirky messages by calling them meat bags. The creator Mr Brian Mueller points out how he made it to be both judgmental and funny. It is primarily meant to help the users in cutting down on calorie intake.

According to Mueller, the personality traits of the app match with the sarcasm displayed by his wife, sister and mother. This app is same as other available calorie counting apps. Users insert their own food log info and it’s deducted from his regular calorie intake. Those who want to just cheat and move above the limit should pay up through in-app purchase for getting the extra calories. However, in case they are cheating without making payments, there is a social shaming feature. It tweets from the concerned user’s account and informing the followers about the person’s overeating activities. Mueller said that he had received positive feedback from many users considering it a useful deterrent from overeating.

However, some dieticians are concerned about the app not doing much in weight loss. They believe fat shaming is not a healthy means to monitor weight. A study reveals that people who receive negative feedback or experience discrimination depending on weight aren’t inspired to go for weight loss. Clinical dietician Paulson believes she won’t suggest the hunger app to her patients.

According to Kate Paulson, people aren’t motivated in the best way through shames. The patients whom she and her team works with gives them a real hard time as people tend to be their own enemy most of the times. Paulson points out that consistent and positive encouragement only gives the best possible results in most of the cases. She believes that such an app can work out for those individuals who take it sportingly and aren’t quite serious about its critical comments. Paulson believes that few people are likely to get a kick and consider it as a motivation more out of a joke.

The creator Mueller expressed that many users have communicated how the app has worked out from them. However, it isn’t suitable for all kinds of users in any way. According to Mueller, he has come across people claiming to lost somewhere from 5 to 20 pounds. This new app is undoubtedly a snarky twist for dieting with those who aren’t that serious about their own weight loss. With a unique approach, it shames users to push the extra mile in their weight loss efforts.

There are other apps which have similarities with Mueller’s hunger app. These are known as alarm, to-do, and fit. All of them are using the snarky character of Carrot for motivating the respective users. Throughout the years, there have been many ways devised to aid people in dropping the kilos. It is doubtful how many of them can boast of a genuine success rate so far in helping the users.

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