Clock your way to weight loss

Clock your way to weight lossKeep a check on the clock you have instead of calculating the calories for weight loss next time. United States Salk Institute researchers recently discovered that eating as per eight to twelve hour schedule each day helps in burning extra fats. According to an experiment conducted upon Mice, time controlled feeding benefitted the animal compared to those who had similar calorie intake within the same period. Confining the meals to twelve hour schedule like 8a.m. to 8 p.m. seemingly made a difference with regards to whether the fat is burned or stored in the body.

A common advice these days is to adjust the nutrition and have a healthy diet for weight loss. The outcome of the experiment was that the Mice gained lesser weight after accessing food for almost 12 hours a day. It was compared with the Mice that were given the freedom to consume irrespective of time and diet with sugar or fat content.  The same mice were able to inverse this effect by consuming food according to the nine hour schedule.  In the event these animals had the similar amount of calories as in the past, they underwent weight loss. They were able to drop at least 5% of the overall body weight in the span of few days.

According to the reports by Discovery news, after a 38 weeks study program the mice was weighing 25% below than the mice that was on unrestricted eating schedule. The researchers also discovered that occasion breaks or cheat days within the routine in week days couldn’t reverse the benefits of timely maintained feeding. However, food consumption on a regular basis at night could have affected weight loss. Results were identical even if the diet was composed of high fat, sugar and fruit sugar content.

The question that may arise here is that whether humans can also reap similar benefits by timely controlled feeding. Many individuals don’t have an access to healthy diet and it is questionable that without a healthy diet, weight loss is possible or not. Eating late at the night is likely to cause weight gain. This afore mentioned research study shows that by restricting the eating hours, one could find a way out obesity, diabetes and cholesterol.

It is no denying that adherence to a healthy diet on a regular basis promotes health on longer basis. There is something more which came out of the aforementioned experimental study. It was found out that 12 hours or more overnight fasting affected cholesterol and blood sugar in a positive way. According to some reports, it also reverses the effects of diabetes.

There is another school of thought that advocates skipping the midnight munching. As per some researchers, it affects the overall memory power. Thus, it isn’t only poor sleep which affects the memory strength but also the odd feeding hours which wreck havoc on the memory. People who want to lower weight can also take a note to be fit and healthy.

Image credit: vitalli / 123RF Stock Photo