Chisel away at that beach body in new, more effective ways this summer!

Chisel away at that beach body in new, more effective ways this summer!For those of us who work 9-5 and have family, educational, and other commitments, working out can seem like a real impossible hassle.

From bodybuilders, coaches, sports athletes, to nutritionists, the message is all the more or less the same: focus more on diet, and less on time in the gym. The average American is overworking in the gym, not allotting enough time for recovery, and not aligning their workout routine with an appropriate dieting routine.

Consider the importance of disqualifying ‘vices’ from your life.

May it be that Hershey Bar once a day, bag of delicious Doritos with your sandwich (I’m guilty), that diet Pepsi, or Hershey Kisses (Sorry Hershey!) that you snack on throughout the day, consider the damage and both short term to long term negative impacts it has on your body and mind. Although Coffee alone may not seem like a total disturbance or diet pushback, consider the caloric and sugar contents involved with each coffee, and how many of those are fatty and will only contribute to more weight-gain and loss issues in the near future.

Disperse to burn those calories!

Eating 4-6 (smaller) meals throughout the day, if feasible, is most desirable in weight loss and control, as it promotes a healthier, more active metabolism. Additionally, this may very well increase the likelihood that you’re getting all of your much needed daily nutrition since you’re expanding on the various food-groups and meals you are consuming. Did you know that depriving yourself of foods, or even eating only 1-2 huge meals per day can have negative effects? Just think, your body will crave the nutrients and chemical compounds that you’ve deprived it of in the simplicity of such little meals, and in turn will only shoot over hunger pangs later on that will ultimately cause more weight gain. Weight loss is about dedication and commitment, but also remaining true and fair to your body through healthy measures. Anything that seems too easy, most likely is—and isn’t good for you either.

Baking at home v. ‘Caking’ at McDonald’s.

As opposed to easily consuming upwards of 1,400 calories just from eating out, consider the benefits of eating-in. Allow yourself, body, and mind to enjoy the lack of chemicals, quality of fresh meat or vegetables, and increase of nutrients through preparing and cooking your own food. Why settle for food for example vegetables that have such a broad array of chemicals in them and are months old (think: preservatives) when you can go to the Farmers Market or the likes and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for so much less, on the dollar, and in greater quantity? Most people don’t realize it, but the quality of most TV Dinners match the quantity (poor, very tiny) and isn’t what’s really best for our bodies, though perhaps more convenient. Will you sacrifice your health and weight loss goals for ‘convenience? Just think, eating out and even at home, just two rolls with regular butter can easily equal up to 500 calories! For those of us that are ‘bulking’ that’s great, but for the rest who are cutting or aimed at weight loss, this is not good or recommended.

Image credit: lightwise