ADHD natural remedies for children suffering from the disorder

ADHD natural remediesIn the year 2004, the physicians in America wrote more than twenty million prescriptions for children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). By the end of the year 2008, the number increased to go over thirty nine million. The medicines prescribed consist of psychiatric drugs. Studies that have been carried out have revealed that the difference between the state of health of children that are on long term medication and who are not on medication is zero. The most commonly cited psychiatric illness among the American children is that of ADHD and the related disorders. One among the much common drugs with which the children having the condition are generally treated is Ritalin. Use of this drug is so common that it is termed “Vitamin R”.

It is not just surprising but confusing as well to consider Ritalin a drug like amphetamine. The general thinking is that drugs as Ritalin would make children with hyperactive disorder all the more hyperactive. But when Ritalin is given to such children, the medicine has a tendency to slow them down. The prime principle of homeopathy is treating children with medicines that would cause symptoms which are same as those experienced by the patient. Ritalin, along with some other conventional drugs that include colchicine, nitroglycerine, digitalis, vaccination and allergy shots can cause these symptoms which can treat. However, none among the drugs are thought of as being a good homeopathic medicine. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are generally individualized to a particular individual and the symptoms of the disease experienced by the patient.

The side effects which are most commonly noticed in children prescribed on ADHD treatment include tremors, anxiety, restlessness, dizziness, allergic reactions, headache, psychosis, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia and abdominal disorders. Children prescribed on the drugs experienced low appetite and this also causes a reduction in weight and stunted height. As it that the drugs come with such side effects, it makes quite sense if parents consider treating their children with other alternatives available. A viable alternative is ADHD natural remedies. A number of studies have been carried out which show that these alternative homeopathic procedures are not just effective but are safer too. As it is that the medicines have proved to be working and effective, it is quite reasonable considering homeopathic treatment rather than going for risky therapeutic procedures.

Homeopathic treatment is done in a number of different methods. However, if one out of the several methods is shown to work and is effective, it does not imply that all of the methods would be effective. Similarly, when one method does not respond, it does not prove the failure of the complete homeopathic system of medication. To sum it up, if one medicine is unable to give positive results, it does not suggest that another would have the same results. ADHD natural remedies are dependent largely on the physician and his knowledge about the healing method. It also depends on the diagnostic procedure of a particular physician and the idiosyncratic illness of the patient.

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