A few good things that people should not have or consume excessively

A few good things that people should not have or consume excessivelyThe science of nutrition seems uncertain about what is good and what is bad. Many people must have been confused as some things are said to be beneficial once and then they are declared harmful. Those who are under a regime for weight loss may have felt frustrated the most. It is because the research reports are read one at a time. However, when all the data are studied together, the general rule becomes apparent – moderation. The measure for different items is different. However, there are some things that science licenses people to have in more quantity or number than any other food-items.

Apples, Oranges & Tomatoes

They are among the healthiest food-items that are commonly available to people. But they are highly acidic and can damage stomach-lining and oesophagus, if consumed excessively. It may develop ulcers and precancerous lesions. They may cause reflux and tooth-enamel erosion too. Two servings daily are sufficient.


Exercise is unanimously considered healthful and beneficial for all. However, too much of exercise can have negative effect on the body and weight loss. There are numerous virtues of working-out and few cases of over-exercising, and that is why the side-effects of workout are hardly discussed. But reports of obsession with exercise are not rare. Like extending diet to starvation causes Bulimia and Anorexia, exercising too much can cause fatigue, moodiness, lack of concentration and performance downgrade.


Sunshine offers numerous benefits. It converts a skin-chemical into Vitamin D. When the level of Vitamin D present in the body is normal, the absorption of calcium by the body exceeds double the amount that is absorbed when the Calcium is below normal level. Besides, deficiency of Vitamin D has been recently linked to pregnancy complications, schizophrenia, prostate cancer, autoimmune disorders and heart diseases. However, everything is under research and not 100% confirmed. What is confirmed is that excessive exposure to sunshine causes Melanoma and other skin cancers.


Juice has become a fad for many reasons; it is easy to consume different vegetables and fruits in liquid state. On the other hand, the weight loss industry is campaigning strongly to promote juice as natural body cleanser. It is far from reality. Taking only juice deprives body of fibres and, thus, may seriously affect the digestive system.


Soy is considered healthful alternative to animal protein. It can control levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. But too much consumption of the food-item prevents absorption of iron in the body. It can cause Anaemia. It has oestrogen-like compound, which can cause uterine cancer if present in excess in the body.


Sleep is essential for all the organ systems of the body towards function properly. Brain ultimately begins to shut down gradually if sleep is delayed too far. Sleep-starved person suffers to perform normally. However, excessive sleep is also bad, especially for weight loss. It increases risk of heart diseases and other chronic diseases. Unlike many, there are some people who get excessive sleep.

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