11 Foods To Be Avoided if You Are Depressed

11 Foods To Be Avoided if You Are DepressedFood soothes stress for many. Sweet, fatty and salty food-items typically trigger those brain-parts that respond to rewards. Thus, gorging on any food without consideration during stress is the stealthiest way of weight gain. There are some food-items that can be healthful replacement to some other dishes and drinks that only contribute to weight gain.

Avoid: Glazed doughnut, because confections are poor in fibre, which slows digestion. Rise of glucose-level in the body due to quick absorption of sweeteners and raises hydrocortisone.

Have: Oatmeal with honey and cinnamon. Carbohydrate-experience provided by oats raise serotonin-level. Honey satisfies the craving for sweet and strengthens immunity. Cinnamon eases frustration.

Avoid: Pretzels, which are simple carbohydrates that improve mood only temporarily.

Have: Dark chocolate-coated almonds. Dark chocolate is proven to reduce stress hormone-level and reduce blood pressure. Almonds boost energy and have mono-saturated fat.

Avoid: Potato chips, which are rich in trans-fat that causes weight gain.

Have: Homemade kale chips, which mainly provide kale and olive oil to the body. Kale is rich in Carotenoid, which is an antioxidant that makes people optimistic. Olive sates and raises serotonin-level.

Avoid: Mochaccino stimulates activity of dopamine in human-brain and lowers the chances of depression, but a single drink can supply enough sugar for the week. Thus, it is an agent of weight gain.

Have: Smoothie made of java, ripe banana, unsweetened cocoa powder and soy milk, which respectively contain blood-pressure-reducing Potassium, dopamine and serotonin-boosting folate.

Avoid: Granola bar, because most are disguised candy bars.

Have: Pumpkin-seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios, which help serotonin production, reduce blood-pressure, lower depression and elevate mood.

Avoid: French-fries, which contain trans-fat, carbohydrates and greasy fat that increase chances of depression and cause weight gain.

Have: Sweet potato, which is delicious and rich in fibre and carotenoid yet.

Avoid: Ice-creams, which raise glucose-level can adversely affect those with lactose-sensitivity.

Have: Berries with yoghurt. It satisfies desire for creaminess and provides energising calcium and protein, which stimulate neurotransmitters. Vitamin C in berries boos immune and antioxidants reduce stress.

Avoid: Veggie lo-mein. It is carbohydrate-laden and greasy. It can kick-start weight gain even in fit consumers.

Have: Vegetable curry. Spicy Indian curry stimulates endorphins that calm the mind and protect major brain-parts against stress. Spinach curry provides magnesium, which eases tension-headache.

Avoid: Soda. Even diet soda has been found to stimulate gut-bacteria that hinder weight-loss.

Have: Green tea. L-theanine, which is an amino acid, and caffeine provided by green tea cool down under-pressure consumer and provide focused calmness.

Avoid: Nachos. They only provide fat and simple carbohydrates.

Have: Carrots with guacamole. Creamy avocado provides potassium and mono-unsaturated fat that lower keep brain-receptors sensitive to serotonin and blood-pressure. Carrots reduce stress.

Avoid: Pina colada, mai tai, margarita and mudslide raise cortisol and glucose-level.

Have: Wine. It releases the mind from tension by lowering blood-pressure. It contains antioxidants and provides healthful flavonoid. However, excessive alcohol causes insanity, and may not be productive against weight gain either.

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