Stress Prevents Weight Loss

Stess Prevents Weight LossPeople are known to eat more due to stress. Most of the stressed people seek the comfort of fatty food to curb the mental condition. Thus, prolonged stress can make an individual overweight and even obese. However, according to a new study, stress does not only contribute to weight gain but also prevent successful weight loss.

Researchers have studied stress to find its impact on metabolism for the first time. The study was conducted on 2 groups of women – those who were stressed in the last 24 hours and those who were not. There were 58 women in total aged 53 years on average. Both the groups of women were given 3 standardised on the first day and were asked to fat for the next 12 hours. On the day they reported after 12 hours fast, they were given highly fatty food, which included gravy, biscuits, turkey sausage and eggs. The meal contained 60% fat in total.

After the meal, the ladies were asked to rest on partially reclined beds while the researchers observed their metabolism for the next 7 hours. Their rate of metabolism was monitored prior to the meal too. The normal rate of metabolism while at rest is the 65% – 75% of the body calories burned in 1 day period. Additionally, digestion causes 10% of calories to burn. Besides, the participants also went through DISE test to allow researchers measure their level of stress. Disagreement with spouse, work pressure and troubling children were the dominant stressful issues.

The test result showed that 31 women faced stress before the 1st round of experiment while 21 of them experienced stress before both the rounds. Ladies who faced at least 1 stressful factor burned 104 calories lesser than their counterparts. In other words, it is equivalent to gaining nearly 10 lb annually. Their bodies also produced higher level of insulin after the meal. Thus, this experiment reveals one of the mechanisms how depression and stress promote resistance towards insulin, as suggested by previous research.

The potential of stress generating factors towards negatively affecting weight loss is quite significant. It has tremendous impact on the ability of the body burn fat, as it was clear from the test conducted on the women. It can be significant even in those people who do not feel an equal degree of stress. Those who experience even one-third of the stress can have to bear extra 2 – 2 lb, which is considerable in terms of weight loss.

The effect of a highly fatty meal on metabolism was also analysed by the researchers during the experiment. The meal was prepared using saturated fat, and it was compared with the one that was rich in monounsaturated fat since the latter was prepared using sunflower oil. However, little difference was observed between the metabolic functions of the consumers of the 2 different kinds of fat. Thus, researchers conclusively stated that the result of the research should motivate people to keep healthy food items handy such as stored in the refrigerator and in the office draw.

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Myths About Gluten-Free Diet

Myths About Gluten-Free DietFood without gluten is the rage of the age. Largely, there are 2 categories of people – fitness conscious and those who have surrendered to their desires. The term gluten-free is more likely to be heard whilst in the company of the former type of people than latter. However, even health, fitness and diet-conscious people seem to follow perception more than reality. The result of a survey was partially published in a health magazine recently. Participants were served the 2 types of biscuits and chips – gluten-containing and gluten-free. The respondents vaguely claimed gluten-free food to be healthier even though all the 4 types of food served to them were gluten-free. It clearly reveals the myth that pertains to gluten-free food and the subsequent weight loss.

Bad Taste: Participants of the survey rated both the types of biscuits chips and similarly in terms of taste and flavour. They also rated the items similarly in terms of fat content, carbohydrate-content and calories. It means that food items without gluten are well-disguised in terms of flavour and meet everyone’s taste.

Better diet due to gluten reduction: Nearly 33% of the respondents in the survey stated that eliminating gluten from diet generally makes the overall diet healthier. In fact, the reality is almost exactly opposite. Those who completely eliminate gluten from their diet eliminate various nutrients that are vital for good health. Contemporary packaged food products contain certain minerals and vitamins but not folic acid. Thus, people get a few of the essential minerals and vitamins through such packaged food items as result of the government directive in many countries. However, eliminating gluten means lack of several essential nutrients such as folic acid, which necessary for proper development of foetus during the early periods of pregnancy.

Gluten-free items are healthier: Formulating packaged food items free of gluten compels producers to use alternatives for the same palatability, chewiness, texture, etc. Sugar and fat are handy substitutes for gluten and may be in higher concentration in such food items than those that contain gluten. Thus, the benefits are either neutralised or reversed.

Guaranteed weight loss: People think that gluten-free diet guarantees weight loss. Those who eat only gluten free food do lose weight but due to the significant reduction in carbohydrate consumption. However, increasing the quantity of vegetables, fruits and lean meat while eliminating fatty, oily, sugary and carbohydrate food items can yield similar effect. In fact, the latter may be more sustainable.

Improvement in digestion: A very common perception among people, especially those who advocate gluten-free diet, is that reduction in gluten consumption guarantees improvement in digestion. However, the reality is that gluten adversely affects digestive system of only those people who have genuine gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Apart from that, there is no other evidence of improvement in digestive system due to reduction of gluten consumption.

Conclusively, weight loss does not directly depend upon gluten, which can be reduced or even added to the diet according to the specific nutritional need of every individual.

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Students use ADHD medicines for better performance

Students use ADHD medicines for better performanceA new survey shows that nearly 20% of college students have admitted to have used stimulants in quest of better performance studies and/or sports. However, none of surveyed students have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The probability of using such medicines was higher in university students and athletes in sororities and fraternities than others. However, around 50% of those who used the medicines said that they had done so not more than 4 times. Thus, only a small population of students regularly use the medicines.

The revelations support findings of other surveys that concluded use of prescribed stimulants as a problem in/for American colleges. The improper consumption of these medicines needs to be reduced and students with ADHD need to be counselled about the health and legal risks involved in case they give their medicines to others. 616 college students were surveyed for the study, and none of them had ADHD. Online anonymous questionnaire about the consumption of stimulants like Adderall were used to receive response from the students.

The medicines are comparable to cocaine in terms of chemical composition. They charge the person who consumes them and enable them stay active for hours at a stretch. They provide alertness of higher level than provided by caffeine. However, medical risks involved with these medicines are various, especially when other drugs are used simultaneously or in cases of undiagnosed conditions.

Prescription stimulant medicines were used at least once by 13% of sophomores, 16% of seniors and 24% of juniors among the surveyed students. 67% of those who used it did so for writing an essay, 66% for an examination studies, 32% for engaging in research and 27% for taking a test. 28% of the surveyed students, who were involved with Greek system and played as athletics for their universities, used ADHD medicines in comparison to only 16% of other students. Those students use the medicines to cope with the dual responsibility of studies and sports. Interestingly, only 18% of the students who had used the medicines consider it cheating in comparison to 46% of those who had never consumed it.

There can be discussions on whether consumption of ADHD medicines should be considered as cheating because a significant population of students think it is. However, twist accompanies any assumption made about the medicines because the ability of the medicines in helping student achieve better grades seems more a myth than a reality. There is no uncertainty about the source of such medicines. Most of the students got it from their peers who have been prescribed with the medicines. In fact, majority of the respondents aged 18 – 22 years believe that the prescription stimulants can be “very” easily or “fairly” easily obtained.

The report of the survey kept the name of the campus anonymous in order to avoid negative backlash with the school. The reality is that the situation is not much different in other schools too. The findings of the research will be presented at the Paediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Vancouver.

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How to control different types of hunger?

How to control different types of hunger?Hunger and appetite are among the widely misinterpreted terms. Hunger refers to the feeling caused due to natural physical need of the body to eat, but appetite is the natural circumstantial desire to eat. The fluctuation in the quantity of food eaten by an individual can render his/her weight loss or weight control effort vain. Therefore, people need to understand the different types of desire of food, as well as the technique to control them.

Afternoon Hunger: It is very common and natural, especially among office goers. Preplanning for it is the best technique to maintain weight loss progress. Protein-rich snacks have been found to sate with a little quantity and keep the person filled for longer.

Boredom Hunger: When there is apparently nothing to do, munching passes time perfectly. It may be unintentional. Boredom should be transformed into relaxation in order to continue weight loss programme continuously. Listening to music, reading, dairy-writing, etc. are some of the different activities that relax different people.

Celebration Hunger: When indulgent eating becomes the only way of celebration, weight loss plans get severely affected. Searching for other means of celebration is the only way to get out of this habit.

Eye Hunger: It is the desire to eat just of the sight of desirable eatables. Seeking permission from own self often helps people avoid eating. Even if one wants to eats, enjoy the snack will content him/her with less. Thus, weight loss regime is not significantly affected.

Hangry Hunger: Feeling hungry when angry makes people ‘hangry’. Irritability and fuzzy-headedness caused due to decline in blood sugar can attract hangry person towards sugary snacks. But, wholegrain crackers and fruits are choices.

Head Hunger: The desire to take a break from the task at hand or procrastinate it may emerge as desire to eat. It is because eating, after all, seems productive. It is a psychological effect that makes one feel useful and doing something even when they are actually not.

PMS Hunger: One of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is increased appetite. Hormonal changes a few days prior to periods cause it. Ladies can control it by eating slightly more than usually. It counters the effect of hormonal changes and fades the symptom too.

Real Hunger: The feeling of weakness or discomfort due to lack of food is the real hunger. It is the desire to eat coupled with the increasing inability to maintain the same level of activity. Grumbling stomach, headache, shakiness due to declined blood-sugar, etc. are some of its symptoms.

Stress Huger: People are less choosy when stressed. Therefore, probability of indulgent eating is greater than healthy eating. The technique to override such impulses in the brain is to consider the long-term future impact of the desired eatables.

TV Hunger: The so-thought ideal business of munching something while watching a football match or a film on television can be referred to as TV hunger. People should rather busy their hands with knitting, paying bills, etc. as well as skip advertisements to avoid eating unnecessarily while watching TV.

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Flavour Food Items That Help to Lose Weight

Flavour Food Items That Help to Lose WeightThe flavours that we get from food are normally and broadly classified into:

  • Bitter
  • Salty
  • Sour
  • Sweet

These are common flavours that people know. However, there is another flavour called Umami, which has been concluded by a new research to have a unique impact on appetite of the consumer.

Umami mean ‘pleasant savoury taste’ and is described as meaty, soupy and mouth-watering sensation with aftertaste that lasts long and balances the overall flavour of the dish that contains umami-rich ingredients. Umami is referred to by many chefs as a synergizer of flavours and enhances the flavour when added into food items as monosodium glutamate or MSG, which is a food additive.

According to the study that was published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, MSG stimulates appetite while eating but boosts satiety after the meal too. MSG was added to a soup and served to volunteers, who ultimately ate less lately through the day. MSG should be avoided as a food additive. A research conducted in 1960s revealed that high quantity of MSG fed to laboratory mice destroyed their brain nerve cells. Breathing trouble and headache are the common side-effects experienced by people sensitive towards high quantity of MSG. However, Umami naturally occurs in many healthy items. Some of the natural sources of Umami are:

Green Tea

Regular use of green teas reduces aging and risk of osteoporosis, cancer, blood pressure and heart disease. It also helps in weight loss. Besides, brewed green tea can be used to marinade and whole leaves can be added to food too.


Each standard cup of mushrooms contains only 20 calories. Besides, mushrooms are the only Vitamin D source in the botanic world, which is a vital nutrient known to decrease the rates of certain cancers, osteoporosis, high pressure, certain heart diseases and type-II diabetes. It is favourable towards weight loss too. More fat in the belly and in total are linked to consumption of insufficient Vitamin D. Besides, recent research revealed that adequate level of Vitamin D in blood boosts energy in cells and thus improves strength of muscles and helps them function more efficiently.

Mushrooms contain special antioxidants that prevent hear diseases and aging. The elements found in mushrooms control the estrogen level in women and prevent breast cancer. Shiitake, which is a popular mushroom species in Japan, especially has high concentration of Umami. Mushrooms can be sauted with a little garlic in low-sodium organic vegetable broth and added to sandwiches, soups, salads, omelettes, etc. to be eaten.


The benefit of seaweed ranges from weight loss to heart-protection. Certain seaweed proteins have effect of blood-pressure medicine. Besides, its iodine regulate thyroid, magnesium improves sleep and enhances mood.


Ripe tomatoes contain higher level of Umami. Tomatoes prevent wrinkles, reduce risk of certain cancer and heart disease and provide higher amount of lycopene. Most importantly, tomatoes can be consumed in arguably infinite number ways.


There are 3 types of Umami substances present in truffles, which can be said to be the greatest delicacy in the World. This fungus is difficult to be cultivated. Thin slices of truffle and truffle oil can be used.

Right intake of these foods can really contribute towards a well-balanced weight loss plan of any individual.

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Important Information About Anxiety Disorder

Important Information About Anxiety DisorderAnxiety and fear occur daily and are part of life for a normal human being. However, these emotions become debilitating for many people and significantly affect the quality and standard of their lives. Basically, it develops in the form either of the 3 main disorders, namely:

  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Phobia
  • Panic disorder

Moreover, there are 3 varieties of phobia too. They are:

  • Agoraphobia
  • Social phobia
  • Specific phobia

All the kinds are characterised by unique contributing factors and symptoms involving experiences of anxiety and fear that extends beyond usual response to stressful events.

Who are at risk?

Investigation on the exact causes of these disorders is still underway and there is no solid proof to pinpoint a specific cause for the disorder. However, studies have raised the speculation that the parts of the brain that generate fear responses in people who have developed any of the disorder varieties are considerably different from that of a regular person. People who belong to families in which one or more members have or have had any disorder face greater risk of developing one of these disorders. Thus, it indicates that there genes may have a role to play in development of the anxiety disorders in a person too.

Anxiety disorders symptoms

There are unique and separate sets of symptoms for the 3 anxiety disorder types. The acuteness of symptoms, the duration for which the symptoms persist (typically 6 months) and the degree of damage that they cause are taken into consideration for diagnosis of the disorder.

Types of disorders

Panic Disorder: Panic attack is the main symptom of panic disorder. Panic attack can be described as irrepressible experience of psychological and physical distress. A person in the state of a panic attack may experiences a combination of 2 or more of the following effect:

  • Fear of death
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Feeling disconnected to unreal
  • Hot flashes or chills
  • Numbness
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal pain or nausea
  • Choking sensation
  • Trembling
  • Sweating
  • Short breath
  • Racing or pounding heart

While in the state of panic attack, many people perceive that they are in some kind of life threatening situation such as heart attack. The symptoms and the perceived cause of the symptom can be strong and convincing enough to trigger second panic attack. Thus, most of the sufferers evade being in certain situations as an attempt of prevention.

Phobias: Phobia can be described as persistent and excessive fear of specific activities, situation and/or objects. Therefore, people tend to avoid those activities, situation and/or objects that they fear. Thus, it prevents its sufferers from engaging in regular activities.

General Anxiety Disorder: The continuous and simultaneous worry in a person about different facets of his life and its impact on the day-to-day function of that person is classified as general disorder. Lack of concentration, chronic headache, irritability and sleep issues are common symptoms.

What to do?

Proper diagnosis is essential for anxiety treatment, if any symptom occurs in anyone. Psychotherapy and medication have been found encouragingly effective against the disorders.

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The most surprising reasons impacting weight loss

The most surprising reasons impacting weight lossPeople trying to reduce the extra pounds often complain that even after they have lost a significant part of what they wanted to reduce, the few last pounds do not seem to go away. According to the experts, there are few things which most often escape notice and which have a tremendous impact on the process of weight loss. Here are few reasons which interfere with the weight loss process.

1.         You are deprived of sleep

Inadequate sleep causes the insulin, stress hormone, and blood sugar to shoot up causing hunger. Lack of proper sleep also leads to insulin resistance that leads to accumulation of fat.

2.         Using rigorous workout for an excuse for eating

People are often seen to take in calories after tremendous workout. This is improper. Excessive exercise often leads to weight plateau and overtraining.

3.         Thyroid goes out of control

Thyroid plays a significant role in metabolism and problems in thyroid can hinder the weight loss processes. Normally, the TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone should keep between 0.5 and 1. An abnormal level can lead to obesity.

4.         Eating small and frequent meals

Most people take small meals at short gaps with an intention of stabilizing the blood sugar levels and preventing overeating. This, however, causes the insulin level to rise inhibiting the use of stored fat and thus hindering weight loss.

5.         You don’t know that you are taking huge amounts of sugar

Blatant sugar is never a problem. Rather, sugar contained in yoghurt, smoothies, and other processed foods can have a negative impact on weight loss process.

6.         You are stressed

The recent studies have shown that under stress a woman gains eleven pounds in a year. Stress causes the cortisol level to shoot up. This lowers serotonin and breaks down muscles causing the individual to crave for food.

7.         Training hard

Doing excessive cardio exercises can backfire. The best way to losepounds is interval training. Also mild training in small time is appropriate for a consistent weight loss.

8.         Not taking adequate amount of fat

Human body requires fat for burning fat. However, what is crucial is the choice of the right kind of fat. The best kinds of fat are those in seeds, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter, avocado, and fish.

9.         You are deficient is Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a pro-hormone responsible for different functions in the body. Without this vitamin, it is difficult to burn down fat.

10.      Eating late

Bedtime snack can inhibit the process of fat burning at an ideal time of night. This is because the fasting period becomes small and fat accumulates in the body.

11.      Human body has toxins

There are environmental toxins everywhere and are disruptive for hormonal functions, besides lowering the body temperature and making the body hold fat. These toxins cannot be eliminated completely.

12.      Proper diet

Proper diet is the key to weight loss. However, including unnecessary and unhealthy food would only add to the weight. Improper diet can also cause cardiovascular  troubles

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How Slenderfruit 7 works to reduce weight

CollageSlenderfruit-7 happens to be one of the advanced fruit fat cutter based on Garcinia. It is the most easily and popularly chosen diet pill that you get in the market now. The product has supplied seven different anti oxidants and fat burners. Nexgen takes all these seven ingredients so as to grasp the advantage of synergy between them. It makes use of the extracts in the ingredients which are of high potency so as to achieve the utmost effectiveness. Mentioned below are the seven products:

Garcinia Cambogia– HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid is the main compound of Garcinia Cambogia. This compound is taken out from the fruit’s rind. The powerful chemical contained in this, functions by inhibiting carbohydrate intake and disrupting fat formation. It therefore prevents gaining of weight and works by suppressing appetite. The HCA compound of Garcinia Cambogia blocks enzymes from converting unused energy into fatty deposit.

Green coffee extracts– In order to maintain fat burning ability, controlling the level of glucose and blood sugar, is most effective. The extract from green coffee has a compound called chlorogenic acid. The compound neutralizes the excess amount of glucose-six-phosphatase in order to control the glucose levels. The compound works also by inhibiting absorption of excessive calories thereby triggering loss of weight.

Raspberry Ketone- Its a natural compound contained in Slenderfruit 7 to be seen in raspberries. This compound gives the fruit its taste and fruity odor. Raspberry Ketone regulates adiponectin which is a metabolism that regulates body protein. Its function is to help burn off the fat contained in the human body in a healthy and efficient way. This in turn helps in a faster loss of weight.

Green Tea– Weight loss property of green tea comes from the polyphenols contained in the plant. The polyphenols are also called catechins. Green tea or this compound contained in the green tea activates the thermogenic fat melting activity in the human body. This does not just reduce the fat contained in the human body but also cuts down subcutaneous fat.

African Mango- The extract of African Mango is an effective ingredient for weight loss improving the fat melting or burning and metabolic rate of the body. It works by promoting weight loss and restricts the storage of fat in body. It affects levels of 2 hormones, which are adiponectin and leptin. The extract from African Mango increases drastically the adiponectin levels. This in turn boosts the rate of burning of fat but does not affect the appetite.

Acai- One among the keys for loss of weight in Acai is that there are essential fatty acids along with fiber contained in it. They help in more efficient fat burning in the human body. It works also by controlling the urge for food and improving the metabolism.

Lychee- Apart from maintaining the digestive health, the extract in Lychee fruits in Slenderfruit 7 helps also in losing weight. It has natural diurectic that removes excess water from the body. This prevents water weight and bloating. Fatty acids in Lychee helps in proper digestion of food and fats thereby preventing them to accumulate in the body.

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Is General Anxiety Disorder a common disease?

Is General Anxiety Disorder a common disease?GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder has the characteristic of exaggerated and excessive anxiety. It also involves worry about the regular life habits, despite there not being any probable reason to cause the worry or anxiety. People who show characteristics of GAD have a tendency expect disastrous events. They cannot stop themselves from worrying about factors like health, work, school, family, and money. People who have GAD the anxiety is most often illogical or even out of context at certain times. For them, regular life becomes an anxiety which they dread and fear. Eventually, it so happens that, this anxiety or fear dominates the thoughts of the person and interferes with regular functions of life such as relationships, social activities, school, and work.

Symptoms and signs of GAD

GAD can affect the thoughts of a person. However, anxiety can cause physical symptoms that include:

·           Muscle tension

·           Irritability

·           Unrealistic and illogical view of things

·           Tiredness

·           Nausea

·           Difficulty concentrating

·           Headaches

·           Trembling

While the above mentioned are the main symptoms, there are other symptoms too. Additionally, people suffering from GAD are seen to suffer from other anxiety problems as well such as phobias or panic depression. They can also be seen to suffer from other related problems like clinical depressions or obsessive compulsive disorder.

What can be the causes of GAD?

The cause or reason of GAD isn’t exactly known. However, there are quite a number of factors such as environmental stresses, brain chemistry, and genetics that form reasons for its development.

Environmental factors– GAD can be caused by such reasons as changing school or jobs, divorce, loved one’s death, or abuse. GAD can become worse in stressful conditions. This may also be caused due to cutting down on addictive substances such as nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol. This can worsen the anxiety too.

Brain chemistry- This GAD is said to be caused due to abnormal function of nerve cell paths which connect specific regions in the brain that are responsible for thoughts and emotions. There are chemicals known as neurotransmitters on which are dependent the nerve cell connection. Information is transmitted from one nerve cell to the other. When pathways connection the specific regions in the brain fail to function properly, they lead to troubles relating to anxiety and mood. There are medicines, psychotherapies and other treatments which can ‘tweak’ the neurotransmitters. This can improve signaling between the circuits helping to improve the symptoms that are associated with depression or anxiety.

Genetics– Few research shows that a major role is played by family history. This indicates that this tendency of developing GAD is something which may also occur due to heredity.

Approximately four million adults in America are observed having symptoms and signs of GAD. This starts with the setting in of adolescence. However, it can start at adulthood. This can be said to be more prevalent in females than in males. When a patient with GAD is checked, the doctor would check out the psychiatric and medical history.

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Symptoms and cause of ADHD

ADHDADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is much similar to the hyperkinetic disorder. ADHD is said to be a psychiatric trouble or disorder that belongs to neuro-developmental type. ADHD is characterized or featured by several problems that include impulsive action, hyperactivity, and attention disorder which are inappropriate for the individual’s age. The symptoms and signs of this disease begin between the ages of 6 and 12. It lasts for at least 6 months in order that a diagnosis is done. When the disease is seen in school going children, it causes inattention symptoms that lead to poor performance.

Although ADDH is the most usually diagnosed and studied psychiatric disorder in adolescents and school children, in most of the cases the cause is not known. The disease affects 6 to 7 percent of the children when the diagnosis is done through DSM IV criteria and 1 to 2 percent when the diagnosis is done through ICD 10 criteria. Studies show that boys are more prone to the disease than girls. Almost thirty to fifty percent of the people who have been observed to show the signs of ADHD during childhood continue showing symptoms well into adulthood.

Symptoms and signs of ADHD

The common characteristics observed in ADHD are impulsivity, disruptive behavior, hyperactivity leading to restlessness in the adults, and inattention. Academic difficulties and inattention are as much common as is difficulty in handling relationships. It can really be hard to define such symptoms because it is difficult to determine the exact point at which the normal or usual levels of impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention end followed by the beginning of significant levels. Here are few of signs of inattention shown by an individual:

  • Find it difficult focusing on a particular task
  • Not listening to being spoken to
  • Struggling to follow the instructions
  • Difficulty in completing an assignment
  • Daydreaming and becoming easily confused

The hyperactivity symptoms which are generally shown include

  • Talk nonstop
  • Fidget
  • Be in motion constantly
  • Difficulty in sitting still

These symptoms of hyperactivity which are commonly seen among children become less apparent with age as they change into restlessness in the adults and teens suffering from ADHD.

Here are few symptoms that a person having impulsivity may show:

  • Become abnormally impatient
  • Frequently interrupting the activities and conversations of others
  • Being impatient while waiting for their turn in games or for what they want
  • Blurt out comments that are inappropriate, showing emotion without restraint, or acting regardless of consequences


What exactly causes ADHD is yet not known. However, the factors are said to be both environmental and genetic. Few cases may also result from a traumatic incident. ADHD is some cases can be seen to be genetic. This is inherited from one of the parents suffering from the disease. Though small enough, but the environmental factors play an important role too. Intake of alcohol at time of pregnancy leads to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that has similar symptoms like that of ADHD.

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