Purpose of fitness trackers in weight loss

Purpose of fitness trackers in weight loss There are several wearable devices to monitor weight loss progress. They can singlehandedly count the total number of calories, monitor work outs and evaluate sleep. People involved in tracking their progress at each stage or level are likely to be more successful in losing weight. The fitness devices to help are Jawbone UP, FitBit Flex, BodyMedia FIT, and Nike+ FuelBand.

Track down every activity

According to America’s Council on Exercise representative Muth, it’s sufficient to be aware of total number of steps taken and minutes of activity per day. She suggests keeping it simple by moving as much as possible. For example, the workout to take 10000 steps per day up to 12,000 is a suitable aim for weight loss and fitness.

The device can be used for the following purposes:

  • To view the closeness to the target goal per day.
  • Setting small and short term goals to stay focused.
  • Setting reminders to be active after too much of no activity.

All of these can help in breaking the bad habits. The devices can be used to track the intensity of a workout. Check the total amount of calories burned, total duration and work upon shortening this time further.

There are many things to count

Calories are burned even without the involvement in running, swimming and cycling. Many people burn calories for weight loss via NEAT which means non-exercise activity thermogenesis. The activities such as gardening, vacuuming, folding laundry and casual walking aren’t exercise. However, it gets the person moving and helps burning calories. Exercising on a regular basis is significant but people often find it much easier to practice these activities.

Crunch the numbers

There are some devices with a location for logging on while eating or an application. It allows the user to find out the calories consumed compared to the calories burned. This procedure involves a large amount of data entry but it gets simpler with the passage of time. After figuring out the calories count for each food, the favorites can be tracked down.

Getting proper sleep

According to Muth, proper sleep reduces the vulnerability of overeating and helps in sticking to weight loss and fitness session. Little sleep is related to weight gain. A tried and tested method of getting a good night sleep is to fix a regular bedtime. One should do away with distractions and plan for a sleep of seven to eight hours.

Tracker machines show the total duration of sleep. In other wise cases, you may be sure of getting seven hours of sleep while the actual period is six and a half hours. Muth points out that the insight given by wearable devices may help the user in making certain changes for improving sleep duration and quality.

There are some devices which charts the workout intensity in a timely manner. Some of the available devices aren’t that accurate while tracking down exercises such as biking and strength training. Thus, some records are to be noted down in a different manner.  Many devices help in manually entering the information like exercise type, duration and intensity of pushing oneself.

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Carrying For Weight Control Or Weight Loss?

Carrying For Weight Control Or Weight Loss?People embark on weight loss plans by following a diet but also gain weight after a period of time. It shows that these so called plans are temporary and provide short term results. There are people who hope for permanent results with sincere plans which seem to overpromise. However, these plans fail to deliver and feelings of disappointment ensue. The question which puzzles the mind is regarding the ultimate goal. Is it weight control or simply weight loss? In case it is about the latter, the wiser approach should be giving away the mindset of temporary plan.  It should be like setting a certain period of time in order to cut down on a certain extent of weight.

People should focus more on learning the skills for weight loss or control. It is similar to learning to play tennis, read, speak a particular language, be an accountant or sew a button in a shirt. After learning this skill, you need to put it to work up to a certain degree to achieve what you’re looking for. There are many people around who are successful in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. The everyday body processes of these people support the kind of life they’re leading. People who fail to lead a healthy lifestyle face dissatisfying results and the best way is learning by doing. Sometimes, the hormones present inside the body are programmed to remain fit. Consequently, there is a need to practice and learn necessary skills for implementation of processes in overcoming certain things. It is possible to lose weight by focus, determination and conscious efforts.

Weight loss is a process similar to life’s marathon and not any sprint. Instead of depending on diet concepts or quick fix, it’s wiser to think about a long term solution. There are stages in life when people tend to go haywire and these experiences are normal for everyone. By remaining on track for most of the time in life, it is possible. You should make an effort to gain knowledge and information which is itself a source of power. Many people have already undergone quick fixes like liposuction and bariatric surgery. However, there is still a need to learn and incorporate life skills for supporting your body. There is no point in getting around with these essential skills. Some people who had undergone quick fixes end up with more disappointing results compared to what it was before surgery. It happens as they hardly learn a thing about controlling their weight.

Ultimately, it is not about weight loss but weight control. It is the newly found and approved paradigm. People are in pursuit of weight control these days more than anything. It seems to be the only way out as many people from diet industry make a fool of people by duping them into false hopes of losing weight by following plans. Proper learning comes over time by practicing with commitment and stays with the learner for a long time.
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New Findings Related To The Anxiety Disorder

New Findings Related To The Anxiety DisorderOne person among five Americans has suffered some kind of anxiety disorder in his or her lifespan. It ranges from obsessive compulsive to post traumatic disorders. There are also people who have been affected with social phobia and panic attacks. All the symptoms which appear in everyday life can be countered by antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Presently, these drugs have turned out to make huge money. It is evident from the fact that prescriptions up to 48 million were filled by Americans for benzodiazepine drug called alprazolam or Xanax. Another anti-depressant drug called Setraline or Zoloft were also demanded by patients through 27 million prescriptions.

Many people suffering from anxiety disorder benefit from these drugs but they hardly work on everyone. Benzodiazepine has the capacity to interfere with the normal thought process and incites drowsiness. Doctors never refer them to all those people with any history of some form of substance abuse as they tend to be increasingly addictive. Everyone cannot benefit from Zoloft and specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors aggravated as SSRIs. It can give rise to insomnia, libido loss, suicidal thoughts, jitters, nausea, etc.

Neuroscientist Gray points out that if people target specific enzymes, the side effects can be minimized. Researcher team has carried an investigation to understand the clash between a brain chemical which keeps the stress levels in control and another one associated with flight or flight responses of body. They have also shared their recent findings during a neuroscience conference at Washington, DC.

Endocannabinoids are molecules assisting in regulation of mood, stress response and appetite. Their supply in ample amount ensures a controllable level of anxiety. Human and few animal brains synthesize it naturally and Gray along with his team desires to boost it. New Drug is aimed at boosting endocannabinoids levels to counter the anxiety disorder action of corticotrophin releasing hormone. After degrading these endocannabinoids, the hormone is known to accelerate anxiety.

According to a new research outcome, different people have varying concentrations of endocannabinoids. People with more endocannabinoids can manage their stress better than those with less. Researchers point out that some kids are fine after going through stressful events during early life. There are also some kids who are prone to anxiety disorder even after undergoing minor disturbing events.

Rats were experimented with varying levels of endocannabinoids to note the outcomes. Those with high levels were less anxious in handling stress. The fearful rats avoided tainted areas of maze for seven days after laying down the scent.

Two different research groups in Colorado and Ohio worked independently to monitor the manipulated corticotropin releasing hormone levels. Neuroscientist Gilman blocked these hormone receptors inside mice allowing them to face unfamiliar mice. Lowery, another neuroscientist inserted a male rat inside a cage with another male partner. In the outcome, rats producing extra CHR every time facing social defeat were fast immobilized with fear in later encounters.

Both Gilman and Lim observed that pause on anxiety were for greater duration in some animals. A probe has been made to find out about the different manifestations inside the brain. Many people are born as prone to anxiety disorder more than others.

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The Diet May Affect Your Mood

The Diet May Affect Your Mood 123rfEating the right food has opened up doors to better research and studies. Latest studies reveal that your mind works according to what you eat. Different food gives out different chemicals and bacteria that are taken up by the brain to generate various feelings and emotions.

The mood and temperament in a person seems changed under the influence of a certain variety of food that emit natural bacteria. This has opened up doors to many scientific researches and new horizons of treating with brain development and issues. Taking the right amount of food in proportions can also lead to subsequent weight loss as known from previous records. Obesity is a major worry as it increases the risk of many serious health issues. Doctors and researchers have worked extensively in developing the right fundamentals that can result in weight loss and proper diet.

Diet uplifts the mood systems as reports suggest and the change can be brought about by various bacteria naturally infused food like yoghurt or spices. The diet control in an individual should be checked under immense control to maintain a proportionate weight loss program. It is always advised to eat the right food at the right time to stand guard against obesity. It is very to gain weight but losing it can be a tough procedure. Excess weight problems are being faced by the recent generation of students and professionals as they tend to drift away way too much towards artificial food. It also leads to unwanted thoughts and irrelevant brain process.

The diet control in a person should be kept under strict control to keep the brain free from loose variations that happens after the brain extracts the bacterial parts from the food that we intake. Keeping a healthy food diet has many reasons that can make up for a healthier body and food regimen. Reports suggest that people who eat healthy have a brighter brain and their mood sways by it as compared to fat overweight people. Research also reveals that slim people think faster and in a swifter way as compared to fat people. Their brain gets clogged too easily and they are emotionally more weal and insecure.

Weight loss can be considered as a boon as it not only makes up for a lighter and beautiful body but it also makes it to lead a healthy more smooth life. The personality and working capacity also increases as it does to the confidence value and self esteem. The right food intake is the route to a healthier lifestyle and less mental complications. As the mind associates the mood through the food intake it gets essential points for choosing and eating the right food. Doctors always mention to intake the right food before jotting down a weight loss program for any individual. Following a strict food regimen will make it possible to have a change in the mindset as well help the body to avail a better shape in life.


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Dr OZ’s remedies for worrying and anxiety

640px-Mehmet_Oz_-_World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting_2012[1]Worries often take away the sleep from eyes at night. Be it the mortgage payment or health issues, worrying can haunt you anytime.  It is ingrained in the DNAs and could motivate you to make savings for long term future which is good. However, excessive worrying is not good for the health and becomes toxic at times. Dr. Oz suggests a series of anxiety natural remedy that could relieve your worries and stress.

Get rid of worries by starting with the brain

Amygdala is the structure inside the brain which is the centre of anxiety and fear. It sends warning alerts to the cortex whenever you experience a worry. This is the brain’s rational part which assesses the nature of the worry.  More and more alerting signals result in increased anxiety and fear. Take out 15 minutes every day to list down your worries and settle them one by one.

Profound belly breathing helps in dealing with irrational thoughts. You can practice it in yoga classes, office, or personal couch. Blow up a balloon as it requires taking long and slower breaths from your diaphragm. It slows down the heart rate and reduces your blood pressure. Thus, your body uses the available oxygen more effectively giving a calming feel.

Deal with stomach issues and gastro intestinal tract  

During a worrisome experience, many receptors embedded inside your gastrointestinal tract have reactions to fear. It accelerates or slows down the digestion process which may result in diarrhea, heartburn and nausea. Mentioned below are two step process of anxiety natural remedy related to stomach.

Lemon balm is a calming herb which is used from the middle age period. It is found in most of the drugstores. Consume up to 400 milligrams twice regularly to stop the stomach from reactions to worried thoughts. Iberogast is made from the mixture of herbs and plants. It also contains caraway, milk thistle, peppermint, licorice, and chamomile. Adding up to 20 drops in water soothes the stomach receptors during anxiety.

Consider a combined approach aiming mind and body functioning

Conventional medicine takes care on the physiological front. The integrative medication evaluates the connection of mind, body and soul taking care of energy imbalances. You can also try out the below mentioned approach for better results:

Prepare an anti anxiety potion by combining a single tsp of lemon juice, ginger and honey. Consume it for at least three times a day. It is known to balance our body by raising the energy levels of our digestive system. Some studies reveal that lemon juices can lower down the blood pressure via powering the capillaries. Ginger provides a calming effect to the stomach and honey maintains a blood sugar levels associated with worrying.

There is also the Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler which helps you to calm down. The aroma made from lavender, petitgrain, eucalyptus, jojoba and bergamot which go directly into amydgala. It gives away a sense of calmness and lowers your blood pressure levels. Thus, getting rid of worries and anxiety is quite easy.

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Ways to Keep The Weight In Check

Ways to Keep The Weight In CheckThe desire for weight loss is there with overweight people irrespective of gender. It is not an easy thing to cut down on weight. However, the following methods will guide you into the right direction:

Begin with strength training

Even at rest, your muscles burn more calories than the fats. Pursue strength training for at least twice or thrice a week. It works in your favor by improving your strength, expressed Jim White, a registered dietician and personal trainer.

Stay away from tempting foods

According to author Cynthia Sass, people in general are attracted to foods which are easy to reach. So store them at a location which is strenuous to reach for weight loss practice. Foods like fresh fruits and popcorn should be more visible and placed at arm’s length. Have a water bottle to avoid searching for water in the refrigerator or somewhere else.

Make a note

People tend to overestimate their state of activeness and underestimate their food consumption levels. According to some studies, making a note of everyday consumption could double the targeted weight loss. Putting down everything on writing for even a short while is the right way to remain mindful.

Personalize the food portions

Women who consume food in the company of a man should customize their portions as per bodily needs. It might involve including extra veggies and minimizing on protein rich and fat foods.

Get rid of irresponsible eating habits

According to author Pamela Peeke, it is important to check the reason of your food craving. She has written a book which deals with recovering from food addiction and overeating. She advises to be aware of inner emotions to find out the reasons for abnormal cravings.

Get a good sleep

To help your weight loss efforts, it is important to have a sleep of seven or eight hours regularly at night. Never compromise on sleep and don’t ever go below six hours. Failing to do so would activate the hunger hormones and appetite. It will steer out of control and make you vulnerable to overeating.

Practice meditation regularly

Author Peeke says that it is significant to be aware of your inner feelings and adapt to stress. Indulging oneself in some kind of introspective activity on a daily basis should be more than handy.

Make plans for the future

Whenever you are out of home, make sure that you are packing the food by yourself. As result, you won’t be vulnerable to end up eating unhealthy foods or oversized portions. Thus, planning ahead will be more often helpful in your weight loss efforts.

Keep your hunger in check

Make sure that you are eating after three or four hours of break. However, if you are feeling hungrier, you may be prone to all cues and triggers which causes overeating, believes food writer Peeke.

Avoid sitting idle through the day

Make sure that you are not staying sedentary throughout the day. Even the activities which are moderate in intensity would be helpful. For instance, walking helps to rein in appetite and keeps you energized.

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Simple breathing exercise to fight anxiety

Simple breathing exercise to fight anxiety Clinical psychologist Dr. Vranich is teaching many government officials, organization and private agencies for 15 years. She anxieyteaches the use of respiratory techniques for lowering anxiety.  It goes beyond mere eye closing inhales and exhales. She aims to overhaul the involuntary respiratory system patterns. It is related to the subconscious intake of oxygen as much as possible which is known to increase stamina, reduce stress and anxiety.

Dr. Vranich offers the lung workout session at NYC’s Willspace fitness studio. These classes take place for 55 to 90 minutes when she is found to be busy. She wraps some measuring tapes over the torso of her clients. Their stomachs are also pushed assuring them the freedom cry or pass out.

However, Dr Vranich is not the only medical professional who uses such respiratory techniques for lowering stress and anxiety. Other physicians have discovered breathing methods like Buteyko Breathing Normalization and Holotrophic Breathing. The former trains the doer against the hyperventilation while the latter involves marathon sessions including more than three hours of deep breathing. Conscious connected breathing is a method which eliminates negative emotions through continuous and rhythm based inhales and exhales.

According to Vranich, providing your system with a massive concentration of oxygen equals to getting purest form of energy. She points out how students go out her sessions with a mini vacation like feeling. Brain is more focused and cleared keeping your optimistic and evenly keeled by disappearing yawns and sighs.

By following few simple techniques you can derive maximum benefits from these breathing exercises. According to her, oxygen is the cell fuel and breathing via shallow and unbalanced manner will not help. The cells will not receive the most crucial things which they need. Stress, time spent through sitting and rough fitting trousers compresses the stomach. It habituates people to respire with their chests. Consequently, the ratio of oxygen to carbon-dioxide goes for a toss. It slows down the nervous system bringing brain fogs and anxiety. This leads to cancer, insomnia and chronic fatigue. Additionally, by lifting the chest each time, you are inhaling spurs muscular imbalances and bad posture.

You can lower the diaphragm and involve the intercostals. It refers to the muscle which is present within your ribs which help in expanding the rib cage. Human beings are designed in way to breathe with their both lungs. It also reaches inside the abdomen and not only at the part located in chest as mostly done by people. It helps in giving extra oxygen to your cells and taking away the carbon dioxide. Breathing in this fashion also helps in maintaining a balanced heart rate. It prevents this rate from fluctuating too rapidly under any overwhelming circumstances.

Regular respiratory practices could also set in the high pressure circumstances. The practices and exercises done by Vranich aren’t as easy as taking in the oxygen through nose and giving away the carbon dioxide through the mouth. It isn’t very hard either for some simple exercise can do wonders to your mind by reducing anxiety.

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Unfortunate rise in obesity and inactivity in the US states

Unfortunate rise in obesity and inactivity in the US statesHawaii stands as the fittest state while the Americans in total are less active and more obese. It is revealed by annual Health Rankings of America in its new findings. The health of this nation in both short and long term basis including the highs & lows for last 25 years came out in state-wise analysis. It was reported by MNT and the report came out in UHF. This same report was also published in Partnership for Prevention and America’s Public Health Association.

For third time in a row, Hawaii emerged as the fittest state. It was followed by the states of Vermont and Massachusetts. It was Mississippi that stood as the lowest healthy state for third time consecutively. Arkansas came second as the lowest healthy state while Louisiana came third in the year’s report.

Hawaii’s ranking owes it to factors like lower prevalence in obesity and smoking. There are also lower rates of child poverty and preventable hospitalizations. Cardiovascular deaths and cancer deaths have also dropped down. Mississippi is facing challenges that include higher rates of child poverty, diabetes, physical inactivity, obesity, etc. It is also stuck with minimal availability for primary care physicians.

In totality, the rate of obesity in America stands at 29.4 % in the adults in 2014 from the 27.6 a year back. It is a jump of 153 % from 1990 figures. Life expectancy has recorded a historical high at 78.8 yrs. It ranks 34th all over the world and there was a rise in the chronic conditions for the last 25 years. Several of these are preventable which compromises the standard of life. The short term successes came in form of 3% drop in smoking prevalence among Americans. Infant mortality rate has dropped and immunization coverage has soared by five percent. On the other hand, there is 7% increase in drug deaths and obesity while physical inactivity has moved up by 3%.

The same report indicated successes and the challenges in long term. During the last 25 years, the smoking prevalence dropped by 36% and air pollutions levels have also come down. Infant mortality rate fell down by 42% while cardiovascular and cancer deaths reduced by 38% and 4% respectively. The study traced that from 1990; only eight of the challenges have been unchanged or deteriorated. There is 153 % rise in obesity and there is also an upward climb in physical inactivity and diabetes rate However, the date obtained after the past three years display a leveling of this prevalence.

According to Anna Schenck of Health Rankings Committee, the healt outcomes in US are worse compared to some developed countries. This is the scene despite exhausting a bigger percentage of economic resources in the field of health care compared to others. She said that it is the right time and opportunity to bring improvements on health by focusing on prevention. She also asserted that this kind of opportunity knocks the door just once in an entire generation.

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Omega fatty acids may cure ADHD among children and adults

Omega fatty acidsAccording to fresh findings, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids may help in curing children and also the adolescents suffering from ADHD. The findings related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder surfaced from a dissertation paper by Sahlgrenska Academy. Conclusion of the study at Gothenburg University indicates that any specific cognitive training programs may improve the problem behavior among the children affected with this hyperactivity disorder. This disorder entails complexities in controlling the impulse and temper or sitting still or attentive over short span at a given period of time.

School going children within 3 to 6 percent are to be suffering from ADHD. It is normally treated with the stimulant medicines that are useful in most case but not every time. During the research study, 75 adolescents and children were treated with either omega fatty acids 3 & 6 or placebo for three months. This experiment was done by double blinding researchers and participants and they were both unaware of receiving active medicines until later.

Sahlgrenska Academy’s doctoral student Johnson found that up to 35% of adolescents and children suffering from ADHD subtype called ADD displayed improved symptoms. It was to the extent that they could reflect on a clinically similar improvement. Concentration of Omega fatty acids 3 & 6 were calculated in the blood samples. All of those with a reasonable improvement in their symptoms displayed the right balance of the dual fatty acids within their blood levels.

This dissertation revealed that Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) acts as useful alternative in treating this disorder and ODD (oppositional deficit disorder). Through the CPS method families and children receive help for training cognitive capability and solving difficult situations. This research study included up to 17 children and their families received 10 weeks of CPS treatments. Later, they were questioned on the improvements in behavioral disorders.

According to Mat Johnson, all of the families in their study had finished the treatment and a half experienced massive relief from behavioral problems. Their study on CPS as a way of treating ODD and ADHD was only of its kind in Sweden.

However, there was something for patient group suffering from the disorder symptoms after complete CPS treatment. They were provided the chance of supplementing their treatment with the stimulant medication. Later during the follow for six months, up to 81% of these participating families had experienced big or quite big improvements.

Doctorate student of Sahlgrenska Academy from Gothenburg University, Mat Johnson, had a take on this. He said that it is an indication of CPS useful in improving problematic behavior among the children suffering from ODD and this hyperactivity disorder. He also noted that those children showing extreme symptoms could be also cured by combining medications of ADHD and CPS.

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Clock your way to weight loss

Clock your way to weight lossKeep a check on the clock you have instead of calculating the calories for weight loss next time. United States Salk Institute researchers recently discovered that eating as per eight to twelve hour schedule each day helps in burning extra fats. According to an experiment conducted upon Mice, time controlled feeding benefitted the animal compared to those who had similar calorie intake within the same period. Confining the meals to twelve hour schedule like 8a.m. to 8 p.m. seemingly made a difference with regards to whether the fat is burned or stored in the body.

A common advice these days is to adjust the nutrition and have a healthy diet for weight loss. The outcome of the experiment was that the Mice gained lesser weight after accessing food for almost 12 hours a day. It was compared with the Mice that were given the freedom to consume irrespective of time and diet with sugar or fat content.  The same mice were able to inverse this effect by consuming food according to the nine hour schedule.  In the event these animals had the similar amount of calories as in the past, they underwent weight loss. They were able to drop at least 5% of the overall body weight in the span of few days.

According to the reports by Discovery news, after a 38 weeks study program the mice was weighing 25% below than the mice that was on unrestricted eating schedule. The researchers also discovered that occasion breaks or cheat days within the routine in week days couldn’t reverse the benefits of timely maintained feeding. However, food consumption on a regular basis at night could have affected weight loss. Results were identical even if the diet was composed of high fat, sugar and fruit sugar content.

The question that may arise here is that whether humans can also reap similar benefits by timely controlled feeding. Many individuals don’t have an access to healthy diet and it is questionable that without a healthy diet, weight loss is possible or not. Eating late at the night is likely to cause weight gain. This afore mentioned research study shows that by restricting the eating hours, one could find a way out obesity, diabetes and cholesterol.

It is no denying that adherence to a healthy diet on a regular basis promotes health on longer basis. There is something more which came out of the aforementioned experimental study. It was found out that 12 hours or more overnight fasting affected cholesterol and blood sugar in a positive way. According to some reports, it also reverses the effects of diabetes.

There is another school of thought that advocates skipping the midnight munching. As per some researchers, it affects the overall memory power. Thus, it isn’t only poor sleep which affects the memory strength but also the odd feeding hours which wreck havoc on the memory. People who want to lower weight can also take a note to be fit and healthy.

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