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The most surprising reasons impacting weight loss

The most surprising reasons impacting weight lossPeople trying to reduce the extra pounds often complain that even after they have lost a significant part of what they wanted to reduce, the few last pounds do not seem to go away. According to the experts, there are few things which most often escape notice and which have a tremendous impact on the process of weight loss. Here are few reasons which interfere with the weight loss process.

1.         You are deprived of sleep

Inadequate sleep causes the insulin, stress hormone, and blood sugar to shoot up causing hunger. Lack of proper sleep also leads to insulin resistance that leads to accumulation of fat.

2.         Using rigorous workout for an excuse for eating

People are often seen to take in calories after tremendous workout. This is improper. Excessive exercise often leads to weight plateau and overtraining.

3.         Thyroid goes out of control

Thyroid plays a significant role in metabolism and problems in thyroid can hinder the weight loss processes. Normally, the TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone should keep between 0.5 and 1. An abnormal level can lead to obesity.

4.         Eating small and frequent meals

Most people take small meals at short gaps with an intention of stabilizing the blood sugar levels and preventing overeating. This, however, causes the insulin level to rise inhibiting the use of stored fat and thus hindering weight loss.

5.         You don’t know that you are taking huge amounts of sugar

Blatant sugar is never a problem. Rather, sugar contained in yoghurt, smoothies, and other processed foods can have a negative impact on weight loss process.

6.         You are stressed

The recent studies have shown that under stress a woman gains eleven pounds in a year. Stress causes the cortisol level to shoot up. This lowers serotonin and breaks down muscles causing the individual to crave for food.

7.         Training hard

Doing excessive cardio exercises can backfire. The best way to losepounds is interval training. Also mild training in small time is appropriate for a consistent weight loss.

8.         Not taking adequate amount of fat

Human body requires fat for burning fat. However, what is crucial is the choice of the right kind of fat. The best kinds of fat are those in seeds, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter, avocado, and fish.

9.         You are deficient is Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a pro-hormone responsible for different functions in the body. Without this vitamin, it is difficult to burn down fat.

10.      Eating late

Bedtime snack can inhibit the process of fat burning at an ideal time of night. This is because the fasting period becomes small and fat accumulates in the body.

11.      Human body has toxins

There are environmental toxins everywhere and are disruptive for hormonal functions, besides lowering the body temperature and making the body hold fat. These toxins cannot be eliminated completely.

12.      Proper diet

Proper diet is the key to weight loss. However, including unnecessary and unhealthy food would only add to the weight. Improper diet can also cause cardiovascular  troubles

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How Slenderfruit 7 works to reduce weight

CollageSlenderfruit-7 happens to be one of the advanced fruit fat cutter based on Garcinia. It is the most easily and popularly chosen diet pill that you get in the market now. The product has supplied seven different anti oxidants and fat burners. Nexgen takes all these seven ingredients so as to grasp the advantage of synergy between them. It makes use of the extracts in the ingredients which are of high potency so as to achieve the utmost effectiveness. Mentioned below are the seven products:

Garcinia Cambogia– HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid is the main compound of Garcinia Cambogia. This compound is taken out from the fruit’s rind. The powerful chemical contained in this, functions by inhibiting carbohydrate intake and disrupting fat formation. It therefore prevents gaining of weight and works by suppressing appetite. The HCA compound of Garcinia Cambogia blocks enzymes from converting unused energy into fatty deposit.

Green coffee extracts– In order to maintain fat burning ability, controlling the level of glucose and blood sugar, is most effective. The extract from green coffee has a compound called chlorogenic acid. The compound neutralizes the excess amount of glucose-six-phosphatase in order to control the glucose levels. The compound works also by inhibiting absorption of excessive calories thereby triggering loss of weight.

Raspberry Ketone- Its a natural compound contained in Slenderfruit 7 to be seen in raspberries. This compound gives the fruit its taste and fruity odor. Raspberry Ketone regulates adiponectin which is a metabolism that regulates body protein. Its function is to help burn off the fat contained in the human body in a healthy and efficient way. This in turn helps in a faster loss of weight.

Green Tea– Weight loss property of green tea comes from the polyphenols contained in the plant. The polyphenols are also called catechins. Green tea or this compound contained in the green tea activates the thermogenic fat melting activity in the human body. This does not just reduce the fat contained in the human body but also cuts down subcutaneous fat.

African Mango- The extract of African Mango is an effective ingredient for weight loss improving the fat melting or burning and metabolic rate of the body. It works by promoting weight loss and restricts the storage of fat in body. It affects levels of 2 hormones, which are adiponectin and leptin. The extract from African Mango increases drastically the adiponectin levels. This in turn boosts the rate of burning of fat but does not affect the appetite.

Acai- One among the keys for loss of weight in Acai is that there are essential fatty acids along with fiber contained in it. They help in more efficient fat burning in the human body. It works also by controlling the urge for food and improving the metabolism.

Lychee- Apart from maintaining the digestive health, the extract in Lychee fruits in Slenderfruit 7 helps also in losing weight. It has natural diurectic that removes excess water from the body. This prevents water weight and bloating. Fatty acids in Lychee helps in proper digestion of food and fats thereby preventing them to accumulate in the body.

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Lose your weight naturally through proper diet and exercise

Lose your weight naturallyPeople who are overweight tirelessly continue to look for ways to shed those extra pounds. One need not necessarily be bullied or face a health scare for being overweight, in order to be initiated to lose weight. It may sometimes be just for the sake of looking good that they crave for weight loss methods. When the extra pounds are to be shed naturally, it requires bringing a change to the existing lifestyle. It is advisable to begin with small changes. It should be kept in mind that while the drastic and quick processes can be effective on few people, they are most often ineffective on others. Moreover, they leave back chances of obesity making comeback shortly after the process is completed. It is better to take time and go with the natural methods in order to ensure the pounds are gone forever and make further arrangements so that they do not come back.

The toughest of the tasks in the process of weight loss is exercising. Regular exercise also involves walking at moderate pace for at least thirty minutes. The pace should be increased gradually and not all of a sudden. When exercise is done religiously, a person can lose weight at fast enough. When irregular or short methods are followed for losing weight, it may only result in losing pounds from a particular portion of the body.

Setting a target period can help keep track of weight loss. Weighing after a specific period such as eight or ten weeks can help in tracking the progress of the procedure. The process is to be continued unless the desired weight is achieved. Walking can be mixed with jogging initially, which can then be turned into running. Cycling is a rigorous exercise that accelerates the process of weight loss. Cycling on a regular basis will also help maintain the weight at a healthy state and will keep it from shooting up.

Apart from a strict workout regimen, there is another factor on which the rate of weight loss depends. It is the food taken. Cutting down on the high calorie food is important. However, cutting down on calories completely will have an adverse effect on health. It is advisable to reduce the calorie intake rather than stopping it completely. The diet should be nutritious rather than being full of calories. Including good amount of green and leafy vegetables offers the essential nutrition to the body. Desserts should strictly be avoided as they are quite high on calories. Taking whole grains in balanced quantity is also helpful in reducing weight. Alcohol adds pounds and should therefore be avoided when losing weight.

Getting a food app to track the diet is a good idea. There are a number of food apps available that help ensure the right balance of nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be included in sufficient quantity into the diet which should be taken in six or seven servings throughout the day. The idea is to eat the same quantity but at regular gaps throughout the day.

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Facts and myths about Garcinia Cambogia and weight loss

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that is specifically found in Africa and the Southeast Asia, especially India. It has been traditionally used in Indian cuisines. Dishes that contain the fruit are more filling than those that do not. Garcinia Cambogia is used in Ayurvedic medicines for the production of digestive aids too. It is also known as blindberry, gambooge and Malabar tamarind. The extract of Garcinia Cambogia has Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is in significant demand in the American market. it is being targeted for the weight loss capabilities that it possesses. The popularity of the ingredient shot up significantly since the celebrity Dr. Oz advocated its use as cheap and fast-action fat buster that prevents formation of fat as well as suppresses appetite.

How Garcinia Cambogia works?

The carbohydrates that enter the human body are burned to release to energy or stored as fat by the relevant enzymes. Garcinia Cambogia is said to inhibit the storage of carbohydrates as fat by the enzymes. Thus, all the carbohydrates remain available to be burnt and are eventually utilised in the form of energy. In addition to facilitating burning of fat and carbohydrates, Garcinia Cambogia offers the advantage of appetite suppressant too. Thus, one ingredient has dual action towards weight loss.

Effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia

Taking separately the supplement containing Garcinia Cambogia extract can help reduce about 4 pounds in a month, according to Dr. Julie Chen, who is a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in integrative medicine. However, complementing the supplement with exercise or diet or both can double or even triple its effectiveness in weight loss. Studies have found that the consumption of Garcinia Cambogia supplements has connection with increase in serotonin and improves mood and sleep thus. So, it is more effective in case of emotional eaters.

Despite claims that the supplement reduces fat, suppresses appetite and enhances mood, the ground reality is not as impressive. Evidence that support its efficacy is based on research with inaccurate measurement of body-lipid alteration or small sample sizes or without placebo-treated groups, according to Journal of the American medical Association (JAMA). However, HCA failed to produce any significant result after a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomised 12-week trial. Therefore, as of now, there is no unanimous statement on the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia in weight loss.

Dosage & side-effects of Garcinia Cambogia

There is no hard and fast dosage recommended by experts. However, there are a few confirmed limitations. Though short-term use of the supplement is confirmed safe for weight loss, its effect in the long-term use is not established yet. Digestive tract discomfort, nausea and headache have been reported as common side-effects of HCA supplements. Moreover, certain brands of supplement containing HCA can be more dangerous than others. In fact, there were 23 reports of cardiovascular problems, seizures, liver issues and even a death in 2009. FDA issued a safety warning against the brand, which was effectively pulled out of the market. HCA supplements are inappropriate for patients of dementia, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. It is unsafe for pregnant and/or lactating women too. So, extra research before consumption of controversial weight loss supplements is the safest bet for all.

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Natural sweeteners and their effect on weight loss



The regular sugars are being discarded for health reasons. The artificial sweeteners too are not able to shake off their synthetic connotations together with their much unpleasant aftertaste. There is absolutely no wonder in the fact the newcomers such as agave and stevia are taking the market for these are what people prefer in their morning coffee. These are also used in the packaged foods. These are new sweeteners that contain low calories and therefore have weight loss properties. These sweeteners are made from natural ingredients and not from synthetic substances like saccharin and aspartame. Thus the sweeteners are healthier than both the regular sugars as well as synthetic sweeteners.

Some of the above mentioned natural sweetening products are new. It is thus that they have not yet been studied much extensively like sugar as well as the artificial substitutes. It is rather normal to expect that there is nothing artificial contained in a product that claims to be natural. However, some of the new sweeteners that claim to have been made of natural substances also contain a percentage of artificial substances. These products have to undergo some amount of chemical processing such as to aid in their extraction from the original sources. The composition of these products has been studies by the experts in the field. While these products contain low calories, no research has yet been carried out that should prove that these can initiate weight loss.

The data provided have been reviewed by the FDA and most of these have been Steviarecognized generally as being safe. There are not much details offered by the manufacturer. However, the group of watchdogs taking care of the safety of food has investigated and found out that these new generation of sweeteners are safer as compared to saccharin and aspartame which can increase the risk for cancer manifolds. CSPI is another new sweetener which contains monk fruit extract that is found in such products as Nectresse.

Except for the agave syrup new natural sweetening products either contain very low calories or are complete free of calories. These are a good way to control the intake of calories which is important for weight loss. Recent studies about dieting are focused on the artificial additives. The researches show that these new sweeteners do actually accelerate weight loss in those that are obese. The only condition is that these should be taken along with a diet that is proper and balanced.

There are studies that show that the artificial sweeteners taken even in the smallest amount would are more likely to gain weight. The artificial sweeteners can interfere with physiological responses which help in the regulation of body weight and weight loss and also control diabetes. When anything that is sweet is tasted, the tendency of the body is to expect actual calories which would add to weight. In order to prepare for this insulin is released by the body and there are hormones for reacting to its influx. When the calories are absent, the hormones and insulin would cause diabetes to plunge.

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Tips on weight loss that should work

weight lossWeight loss is the most common obsession among people now. Studies have been carried out and are still being carried out to understand the process of metabolism and the process of weight reduction. People are increasingly concerned about losing weight and they opt for various methods that promise weight loss. Few of the most recent journals and magazines contain various articles on the process and consequence of losing weight. Most of the recent articles on reducing weight seek to bust the myths on losing weight and individual diets. The entire medical team is tired of this hype and unfounded assumptions which permeate discussion among people.

When it really concerns losing weight, what we know of the principles and methods of weight loss are simple enough. And these are few in number. They are also highly effective on being carried out. There are researchers who are studying all these stuffs since decades and they have helped us have a good knowledge into the process of weight loss in the present times. They have come up with studies that show the process in which the body gains weight, loses weight, and maintains weight.

People that are enthusiastic about losing weight must surely have heard that exercise plays the most crucial role in the reduction. For instance, it would be beneficial if an obese individual takes stairs instead of opting for the elevator. However, cutting down the calories is better and more efficient procedure. The experts in the medical field are of the view it is much effective to reduce the intake of food than rigorous physical activity. A number of studies have been carried out that suggest that people who follow are restricted diet see better results in weight loss than people who resort to physical exertion and exercise. People who follow a rigorous schedule for exercise do not follow proper diet which becomes quite tiring.

Though exercise is important for maintenance of the health of an individual, it needs proper quantity and quality of diet. Once weight is lost, people should keep up with daily exercise routines to keep themselves physically active and to prevent weight gain. If a person had been overweight, he would naturally have to put in more effort after losing weight so as to avoid getting back to his previous state of health. Muscle building exercises are helpful in burning down the added calories.

As the overweight people most often consider, there is no such magical combination as far as food is concerned, which might help in a miraculous reduction of weight. Diets which can be followed include those that have low calories, low carbohydrates, Paleo diets, low glycemic diets, etc. There is no substantial evidence to prove any particular diet that should have definitive effect on the individual seeing weight loss.

As for the proper balance of energy, calories do matter. The sources of calories matters the least and the number matters the most. The metabolic profile is affected by the kinds of foods which are taken.

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Appetite suppressants with confirmed effect

appetite suppressanrsObesity and overweight has become a significant cause of concern especially in many countries, especially the developed nations like the United States. The more people get concerned about it, the greater variety of weight-loss techniques seem to get discovered. Unfortunately, evil business practices have victimised the healthcare and fitness sector too. From various strange diets to numerous magical appetite suppressant supplements and many unorthodox treatment, the discoverers and inventors claim their products to be the best.

There is little research material available. Therefore, the safest and the most economical bet for people is to try various methods that have proven effect on weight-loss including natural appetite suppressants. The best way to prevent body from harm and lose weight is to control what one eats and utilise normal meal-cycle to their advantage by including beneficial food and habits and refraining from harmful ones.

Breakfast: Skipping breakfast is forbidden and prohibited in weight-loss regime. People who miss breakfast eat 30% less fruits, 40% more sweets, 45% less vegetables and 55% more soda on average and face 4.5 times greater chances of being overweight.

Dining Mood: Dining in appropriate environment with soft music and dim lights lets people fully enjoy their meal, which thus makes them feel content with smaller meals.

Eating Healthy Fat More: A research by UC Irvine revealed that oleic acid is a beneficial fat that triggers production of oleoylethanolamide in the intestines. The compound transmits hunger-curbing signals to the brain and thus suppresses appetite. Besides, it also prolongs emptying of stomach. Extra virgin olive oil, avocado and nuts are great sources of oleic acid.

Eating Slow: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism published a study that revealed that eating slowly sates people quickly with lesser intake. A study by University of Rhode Island revealed that people who eat slowly consume fewer calories per meal.

Exercise: Even a walk for a few minutes is an effective exercise. A research in Brazil revealed that walking around instead of sitting during breaks increases satiety and reduces snacking by up to 50%, especially in case of office workers.

Remembrance of Meal: It is an effective psychological trick. People who recall their last meal or snack intermittently feel hungry or urge for snack later than those who do not do so, according to scientists at University of Birmingham.

Rye: Although most of the wholegrain food items are good, those made of rye have been found to provide greater degree of satiety with lesser consumption.

Scented Food: Meals containing fragrant ingredients such as fresh basil, rosemary, cinnamon, mint and freshly grated ginger make consumer feel sate with lesser portion of servings. Besides, their aroma lasts long and delays feeling of hunger. Such items are great source of antioxidants too.

Taking Food in Smaller Parts: A research by Arizona State University revealed that food consumed in smaller parts provides greater satiety with overall lesser intake. The trick can be applied in daily life by using seeds, nuts, popcorns, grapes, berries and similar food items that are naturally available in small parts more often as meals or for munching.

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Foods to Eat When You’re on a Diet

Weight lossWhen attempting weight loss the emphasis is usually on all the foods you shouldn’t be eating. After all, eating fattening foods will make it hard to lose those pounds. However, did you know that some foods could actually aid in weight management and hasten the rate at which you lose weight? These foods are healthy choices that should be included in any well-balanced diet and can be eaten in a variety of preparations.

There’s been so much emphasis in recent years on lowering your carbohydrate intake, but they can actually help you slim down. Whole grain bread, for instance, can fill you up faster and prevent overeating. Eating cooked pasta or rice also helps you to fill up quicker since they have high water content. This means you eat less of them and you feel fuller for longer after consuming them.

Starches like potatoes are also helpful. Boiled or baked potatoes (without all the fattening toppings) contain a starch that is slow to digest, forcing your body to burn fat instead. Hate the thought of eating a baked potato with nothing on it? You can put a small serving of cheese on top, if you like. Its high calcium content helps burn fat. So long as you opt for low calorie types of cheese, you should be able to reap the benefits without packing on the pounds.

Another food that helps with weight loss is peanut butter. It’s high in healthy fatty acids that are good for your heart and help you burn calories. Specifically, peanut butter can help you burn fat around your middle, which is often a place where the fat hangs on for a while. Peanut butter is nutrient-dense, so you don’t need to eat a lot of it to get the full benefit. Two tablespoons constitutes a full serving.

One of the more obvious foods on our list is fruit. Every one knows fruit is good for you, but it’s especially helpful when trying to lose weight because it’s sweet and helps satisfy cravings without adding a bunch of sugar to your diet. It’s also a great choice for diabetics, since fruit sugar won’t raise your blood sugar like refined sugar will.

There are other healthy food options out there, of course, but these are a few that can speed up the process by which you shed pounds and act as functional weight management tools.

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