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Unfortunate rise in obesity and inactivity in the US states

Unfortunate rise in obesity and inactivity in the US statesHawaii stands as the fittest state while the Americans in total are less active and more obese. It is revealed by annual Health Rankings of America in its new findings. The health of this nation in both short and long term basis including the highs & lows for last 25 years came out in state-wise analysis. It was reported by MNT and the report came out in UHF. This same report was also published in Partnership for Prevention and America’s Public Health Association.

For third time in a row, Hawaii emerged as the fittest state. It was followed by the states of Vermont and Massachusetts. It was Mississippi that stood as the lowest healthy state for third time consecutively. Arkansas came second as the lowest healthy state while Louisiana came third in the year’s report.

Hawaii’s ranking owes it to factors like lower prevalence in obesity and smoking. There are also lower rates of child poverty and preventable hospitalizations. Cardiovascular deaths and cancer deaths have also dropped down. Mississippi is facing challenges that include higher rates of child poverty, diabetes, physical inactivity, obesity, etc. It is also stuck with minimal availability for primary care physicians.

In totality, the rate of obesity in America stands at 29.4 % in the adults in 2014 from the 27.6 a year back. It is a jump of 153 % from 1990 figures. Life expectancy has recorded a historical high at 78.8 yrs. It ranks 34th all over the world and there was a rise in the chronic conditions for the last 25 years. Several of these are preventable which compromises the standard of life. The short term successes came in form of 3% drop in smoking prevalence among Americans. Infant mortality rate has dropped and immunization coverage has soared by five percent. On the other hand, there is 7% increase in drug deaths and obesity while physical inactivity has moved up by 3%.

The same report indicated successes and the challenges in long term. During the last 25 years, the smoking prevalence dropped by 36% and air pollutions levels have also come down. Infant mortality rate fell down by 42% while cardiovascular and cancer deaths reduced by 38% and 4% respectively. The study traced that from 1990; only eight of the challenges have been unchanged or deteriorated. There is 153 % rise in obesity and there is also an upward climb in physical inactivity and diabetes rate However, the date obtained after the past three years display a leveling of this prevalence.

According to Anna Schenck of Health Rankings Committee, the healt outcomes in US are worse compared to some developed countries. This is the scene despite exhausting a bigger percentage of economic resources in the field of health care compared to others. She said that it is the right time and opportunity to bring improvements on health by focusing on prevention. She also asserted that this kind of opportunity knocks the door just once in an entire generation.

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Clock your way to weight loss

Clock your way to weight lossKeep a check on the clock you have instead of calculating the calories for weight loss next time. United States Salk Institute researchers recently discovered that eating as per eight to twelve hour schedule each day helps in burning extra fats. According to an experiment conducted upon Mice, time controlled feeding benefitted the animal compared to those who had similar calorie intake within the same period. Confining the meals to twelve hour schedule like 8a.m. to 8 p.m. seemingly made a difference with regards to whether the fat is burned or stored in the body.

A common advice these days is to adjust the nutrition and have a healthy diet for weight loss. The outcome of the experiment was that the Mice gained lesser weight after accessing food for almost 12 hours a day. It was compared with the Mice that were given the freedom to consume irrespective of time and diet with sugar or fat content.  The same mice were able to inverse this effect by consuming food according to the nine hour schedule.  In the event these animals had the similar amount of calories as in the past, they underwent weight loss. They were able to drop at least 5% of the overall body weight in the span of few days.

According to the reports by Discovery news, after a 38 weeks study program the mice was weighing 25% below than the mice that was on unrestricted eating schedule. The researchers also discovered that occasion breaks or cheat days within the routine in week days couldn’t reverse the benefits of timely maintained feeding. However, food consumption on a regular basis at night could have affected weight loss. Results were identical even if the diet was composed of high fat, sugar and fruit sugar content.

The question that may arise here is that whether humans can also reap similar benefits by timely controlled feeding. Many individuals don’t have an access to healthy diet and it is questionable that without a healthy diet, weight loss is possible or not. Eating late at the night is likely to cause weight gain. This afore mentioned research study shows that by restricting the eating hours, one could find a way out obesity, diabetes and cholesterol.

It is no denying that adherence to a healthy diet on a regular basis promotes health on longer basis. There is something more which came out of the aforementioned experimental study. It was found out that 12 hours or more overnight fasting affected cholesterol and blood sugar in a positive way. According to some reports, it also reverses the effects of diabetes.

There is another school of thought that advocates skipping the midnight munching. As per some researchers, it affects the overall memory power. Thus, it isn’t only poor sleep which affects the memory strength but also the odd feeding hours which wreck havoc on the memory. People who want to lower weight can also take a note to be fit and healthy.

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Seven foods for a successful weight loss

SONY DSCWith some many obese people looking to weigh down, it is quite common these days to undergo weight loss. It starts off with deciding upon foods to include or cut out from diet. Instead of following some hardcore routine, you may proceed on your way with the below mentioned food items to make your journey more tasteful:


Including the blackberries in the diet could be a welcome change and consistency equating to large step in right direction. These contain lower amounts of fats and sodium, Vitamin C and the phyto nutrients for a better health. Blueberries usually are rich source of the dietary fiber which facilitates weight loss. There is no need to peel or chop it and you may add them with yogurt, oatmeal. Whole grains waffles etc.


The mushrooms can replace meat for your dishes and they do not contain fats or calories apart from offering many micronutrients. In a clinical trial extending a year, the mushroom eaters lost an average 7 pounds cutting 2.6 inches off their waist line. For a successful weight loss, you may grill up the Portobello mushroom in place of beef patty.


Egg_colours_wikipediaThe eggs could be great way of start to the day for it provides antioxidants and protein. According to research, breakfast with eggs may lower hunger and calorie intake. One of the useful choices could be Eggland’s eggs which are rich in minerals and vitamins and have low fat. No steroids, hormones and antibiotics are administered in these eggs. For an extra convenience, you may boil some much early in time for some healthy snack.


The nuts are a super food with large doses of fiber, potassium, healthy fats and proteins. It helps in slimming down. The pistachios could help you drop some kilos. According to research, consuming in shell pistachios may create a healthier snaking experience. Pistachios provide a unique blend of healthy fats, fiber and protein keeping your stomach occupied until the next meal.

Whole grains

The human body digests the whole grains a bit slower compared to refined grains. Fast absorbed and refined carbohydrates are related to heart diseases, weight gain and diabetes claims Harvard School of Public Health. For a weight loss, you may add Arnold, brown berry and orowheat that doesn’t contain trans fats and is a source of the fiber.


urlConsumption of even half grapefruit before a meal could be good weight loss exercise. According to researchers, those obese people that had half grapefruit before a meal lost 3.5 pounds in averages.  It can reduce the insulin which is a fat storing hormone that results in weight loss. Provided you are under medication, consult your doctor before consumption of grapefruit.


The beans are a rich source of slowly releasing carbohydrate, fiber and protein. They have minimal glycemic index which usually depicts how any foot influences insulin and blog sugar levels. It also slows up the digestion process for helping to stay fuller for a long time.

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New Study suggests switching to vegetarian diet could help in weight loss

New Study suggests switching to vegetarian diet could help in weight loss  In the runner’s world magazine, there was six months study published from Nutrition journal. It suggests that the switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet could be significant in weight loss. This study was mainly done on a group of overweight or obese adults after dividing these into five separate groups based on their respective diets.

First group of individuals was to follow a complete vegan diet without including meat product at any stage. The next group was told to follow Vegetarian diet without any inclusion of meat although eggs and dairy products were allowed. Group number three were allowed to follow pesco-vegetarian diet with the addition of fish as per preference. The fourthly positioned group followed a semi-vegetarian diet which only allowed red meat once every week and poultry chicken five times every week. Finally, the group number four was having an omnivorous diet without any limitations on food type as preferred.

Apart from limitations placed on specific groups, no other strict restriction was imposed on the participants of the research study. They had the freedom to eat as per their personal satisfaction and encouraged to choose lower fat foods. After following them for a period of six months with no restriction on calorie intake, average weight loss for every group was recorded and measured.

Participants in the vegetarian and vegan groups were the ones to lose maximum weight averaging

7.6 and 6.3 pounds each. Others groups could experience only half of this weight loss compared these groups. Semi vegetarian and pesco-vegetarians averaged as much as 3.2 pounds each. Participants in the omnivores group could add as much as 3.1 pounds.

The conclusion of this research didn’t surprise some health care specialists and nutritionist. They’ve been strongly advocating vegetarian, plant based and whole foods diet which yield promising health results. Its numerous benefits have made some of the athletes like wrestler Aries advocate a vegan diet’s health benefits. He has also challenged the youth to embrace vegan in the Peta 2 campaign. Some of reputed and prestigious athletes from the world also follow vegetarian diets. It includes names like U.S. triathlete Dave Scott, the basketball player Robert Parish, champion athlete Carl Lewis, and great footballer Joe Namath.

The debate on this topic of suitable foods for weight loss seems a never ending battle. Some experts keep on debating about the possible health benefits from pesco vegetarian diet and a complete vegetarian diet. In comparison, in terms of losing weight, it is the meat-free vegetarian diet that wins over meat eaters’ diet. There is a statement when most of the health care experts will completely agree on. It says that whether its losing weight or maintaining proper health, reduction in meat intake could have a massive impact.

Meat consumers and vegetarians can take a lesson or two from the aforementioned experiment. For achieving long term fitness, one needs to sacrifice certain things in diet. This research will undoubtedly go well with both the school of thoughts.

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Simple to follow diet tips for weight loss

Simple to follow diet tips for weight lossYou would come across advertisements, facebook posts and emails claiming to help you shed your kilos by following a special diet. To give you that perfect beach body, these diets more often fail to produce results. Weight loss experts say that there is no secret for shedding that extra weight. It is just time, determination and patience along with acceptance of the fact that weight loss is challenging that could bring the desired transformation. Five nutrition experts had their own take on methods for losing weight and get a healthy body.

According to Alan Aragon, burning more calories compared to what is consumed helps in weight loss. Arogon is of the view that planning cheat days to have whatever your want is okay but it should result in calorie deficit lasting that particular week. The nutrition experts believe that incorporating exercise would work out but over relying on it won’t be helpful. It is better to form a plan for following it on a consistent basis. If the schedule calls for twin days of anything extreme, it isn’t right.

David Katz urges the readers to focus on minimal processed foods including veggies for preventing diseases. After exploring the options ranging from Paleo up to vegan and weighing the positives and negatives of each, he could only discover a pattern. According to the Prevention Research Centre’s founding director from Yale University, higher is the nutritional score of a food, greater is its health value. He took the assistance of nutrition specialists to create a guide which explains the concept.

Another expert, namely Christopher Mohr says that while processing, grain and its nutrition value is taken off from refined carbohydrates. Foods like plain pasta, white bread and pretzels elevate the blood sugar level and later drop it making you feel hungrier. The right solution would be replacing them with a single cup of fatless cottage cheese with either wild salmon or fruit, expressed Mohr. A protein rich food keeps you filled up and prevents extra eating. It also helps in building and maintaining a leaner muscle mass.

Mike Roussell, a nutrition advisor says that the attempts for achieving too much in a short period could spell disaster. Aggressive goals like losing twenty pounds fat or achieving twenty pound of muscles during a month leads unto too much of calorie control referred as hyperbolic dieting. It gives unsustainable and limited term results, expressed the PHD holder. Roussell tells the readers to strive for reaching the averages in terms of daily meals for a healthy weight loss.

David Sarwer of Pennsylvania University advises to think and control whatever you are consuming. Plan for healthy food breaks during the day instead of going to the nearby vending machine to relive hunger, says the director of a weight management program. Go for a lower in calorie snack bar or may be some almonds instead of chips. By doing these things in our highly scheduled regular lives, losing weight would be easier.

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Effectively Reduce the consumption of sugars to lose weight

Effectively Reduce the consumption of sugars to lose weight The holiday season of the year is heading closer and indulging oneself in some sugary food is more often unavoidable. These foods give you a short term pleasures as you enjoy their bite. Experts believe that sugar in any form whether natural or artificial could influence waistline and overall health. Apart from reducing on sugar rich desserts for weight loss, there is a need to check the consumption of natural sugar.

Nutritive less sugars such agave and honey also falls in the same category. It’s despite that these are natural and widely considered as healthy substitute for table sugar. They contain calories and so do nutritive sugars such as lactose and fructose. However, these have nutritional value as well. Fruit contains Vitamin C and fructose while milk contains protein, calcium and lactose.

According to Libby Mills, provided the sweetener has nutrients and vitamins for the healthy growth of our body, it isn’t much of an issue. She is a representative of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and a dietician nutritionist. Celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin says that although people are consuming lesser amount of table sugar, the overall sugar consumption is more. The Sugar Impact Diet’s author is of the view that Sugar is the largest drug at present.

Sugar is responsible for obesity among 35 % of adults. Sugar rich diets are harbingers of diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and osteoarthritis. It is also known to cause inflammation that is related to cancer, aging signs and cardiovascular disease working against weight loss.   As per a study, much of sugar intake may lead to non alcohol fatty liver complications. Nutritionist Virgin is of the view that energy levels, concentration, GI tract, self confidence and immune system   are also hit by daily sugar consumption.

About 80% of the processed food contains sugars and they are among the largest sources. Sweetened energy laden drinks also have sugar in them. Some of the highly preferred foods which are considered healthy also have surprising amounts of sugar. One of these is whole wheat breads which can boost the blood sugar even more than the table sugar. Certain non-gluten breads, fatless salad dressings, peanut butter, marina sauce, rice cakes and yoghurts also have sugar working against weight loss.

Mills says that sugar can form a part of any healthy diet plan. World Health Organization recommended that added sugars should be into daily calorie intake by up to 5% or may be 25 grams each day. Giving attention to sugar sources is the key. Reading the labels and slowly reducing the volume of sugar from diet is the way to facilitate weight loss. With the regular intake of proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs and reducing caffeine intake would help.

According to Virgin, make sure you are well informed of the food going inside for using steady, prolonged energy and facilitating weight loss. Mills is of the view that provided you appreciate the flavor, nuance and texture of the food, the craving should be checked after 2-3 bites.

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LeBron James’s current performance has no connection with his weight loss

LeBron James's current performance has no connection with his weight lossThe 29 years old Cleveland Cavalier player LeBron James is yet to justify his caliber in the ongoing matches. The four MVP trophies owner is looking fitter and leaner. However, he wasn’t playing like the holder of dual NBA titles as against the anticipation of fans after the weight loss.

James was on a 67 days low carbohydrate diet plan and was able to cut down on some weigh during the summer. He also shared the results of this diet by posting his picture in Instagram. There is no authentic information on the weight loss undergone by James. However, the player hinted of losing almost 15- 20 pounds to the CNN. Surprisingly, the six feet eight inches athlete said that his weight loss isn’t directly related with basketball. He stated that it was just a goal for him to achieve. LeBron James also shared the facts about his personal diet. The basketball player said that he was sticking to fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. He had removed foods like dairy products, sugar products and other carbs.

James mentioned that he was only challenging himself as against speculations of setting an example to follow among his teammates. According to his personal trainer Ravin, weight loss isn’t the cause of James’s lukewarm performance after four matches. In a telephone interview, he said that it is much to do alongside refining the physical energy and also the food that enters the body system.

Camelo Anthony of New York Knicks had shed some pounds during summer this year. Ravin stated that it might be beneficial in terms of scoring. According to Idan Ravin, top players such as James, Paul and Antony are very serious as per their training routines and the focus should be discovering the right balance between training and personal diet.

Thus, it is all about James hitting form with the newly prepared body and this game. Heidi Skolnik, a sports nutritionist and writer said that it will come out if James’s new weight proves good for his individual game or otherwise. The key would be finalizing the right energy sources for his newly developed physique. Skolnik predicted that James might discover the need of adjusting his diet for maintaining the same level of energy output. She asserted that it would be an interesting sight if the things that worked for him in off season would also favor during the present season or not.

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Weight loss rate has little relevance to successful maintenance of weight

Weight loss rate has little relevance to successful maintenance of weightIn a study of the weight loss rate, researchers found that the time taken by people to lose weight does not have any significant influence on the successful maintenance of the new weight. The participants were studied over a span of 3 years, during which they regained certain percentage of the lost weight irrespective of how long they took to lose it. The study was carried out by a team of researchers from Australia, and the lead author of the report was Joseph Proietto.

The researchers say that the study reveals the need for the revision of the current guidelines that advise slow weight loss for sustainable result. Instead, improvement of the methods for maintenance of weight-loss has to be the focus. Obesity or overweight is perceived as a behavioral issue by many, and the belief that steady and gradual achievement of weight-loss is more sustainable seems to have originated from that perception. Indeed, habits change slowly and the more graduated the process is the greater it sustainability is. However, obesity is caused not just because of inappropriate lifestyle, it is significantly genetic too.

Scientific evidence does not back the claim that slow weight loss makes maintenance of weight more sustainable, according to Proietto. Irrespective of how the weight is lost, individuals generally have difficulty in maintaining the new weight as many of them regain much of it.

A trial was chalked out by Proietto to test the influence of the weight-loss rate on sustainability. The study was divided into 2 parts – weight loss and weight maintenance. There were 2 weight-loss programs – rapid and gradual. The study was carried out on two hundred obese adults equally divided into the 2 weight-loss programs. The 1st part lasted for 36 weeks. In the 2nd phase of the research, the participants were provided with individualized diet plans and instructed to consult a dietician after every twelve weeks.

The researchers found that 81% of the participants, who were on the quick weight-loss program, achieved the target-weight in comparison to only 50% of their counterparts. In the 2nd phase of the research, most of the participants from both the groups regained around 71% of the lost weight. Thus, it was concluded that the time required to lose weight had no significant influence on the maintenance of the new weight.

The study made some other significant revelations. Only about 15% of the people may actually be able to lose their weight as well as maintain it with the help of exercise and diet. The exercise that is needed to maintain the weight post weight loss is extremely tough to be incorporated into the contemporary lifestyle. Pharmacotherapy may be a considerable option for those who are regaining weight despite rigorous effort. However, there is no strong evidence to establish that pharmacotherapy does offer sustainable success. The weight-loss rate did not affect appetite and hunger of the participants either.

Proietto said that appetite suppression may be considered after successful achievement of weight-loss, none of the many effective medicines have been properly tested.

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Study reveals that breakfast may not be that significant for weight loss

Study reveals that breakfast may not be that significant for weight lossBreakfast has always been known to be the most significant meal of the day. Breakfast revives metabolism and provides early nutrition which plays a significant role in sustaining the human-body through the day. It also prevents people from overeating at lunch, having a partial lunch earlier and then another semi-meal later in the afternoon, etc. Therefore, having breakfast has always been described a very important towards weight loss. However, a new research that has been published in an American journal on clinical nutrition has raised considerable questions on the belief. The research revealed that the success for those who had breakfast in the morning was virtually the same as that for those who did not.

Why breakfast has the credit?

Research carried out earlier have always focused on the possibility of being obese or overweight among those who missed breakfast. However, there has hardly been any study that proved it to a substantial cause for weight-gain. The misinterpretation of correlation as causation was pointed out by Emily Dhurandhar, who is the Assistant Professor of Health Behavior at The University of Alabama in Birmingham and was the lead author of the research. However, Michelle Cardel, the co-author, notes that breakfast may not have much significant role in weight loss, it is still important otherwise.

The Study

The research was carried out on 309 people, divided into 3 groups. All the 3 groups were given the same USDA pamphlets that described nutritious habits. The pamphlets of 1st group had no mention of breakfast while that of the 2nd group additionally instructed to have breakfast before 10 o’clock in the morning, and the 3rd group was told not to have anything solid until 11 o’clock in the morning. The groups were observed for 112 days, after which the conclusion was derived.

The Result

The study was completed by 283 participants, who accomplished the same average weight loss. Thus, breakfast was found to have no crucial effect on weight loss of the volunteers. The result also highlights the need for evidence along with the beliefs that prevail regarding nutrition today.

Limitations to the Study

According to Cardel, the study was not free of limitations. First, the volunteers had the liberty to choose the food-items that they wanted to have for breakfast. So, there is no conclusion on the quantity and type of food that people. It cannot be said whether prescribing the type and amount of food for breakfast could have yielded different result. The study did not take into account the appetite of the participants. So, it is not known who ate how at breakfast and other meals. Thirdly, the study spanned a period of only 112 days, which might be too small a time to observe the nutritional effect of breakfast in weight loss.


Although the research had limitations, it signified at the need for evidence in support of the claims that are widespread in the world today. The study has not diminished the significance of breakfast as the first meal of a day but revealed that it is not crucial towards losing weight.

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A few good things that people should not have or consume excessively

A few good things that people should not have or consume excessivelyThe science of nutrition seems uncertain about what is good and what is bad. Many people must have been confused as some things are said to be beneficial once and then they are declared harmful. Those who are under a regime for weight loss may have felt frustrated the most. It is because the research reports are read one at a time. However, when all the data are studied together, the general rule becomes apparent – moderation. The measure for different items is different. However, there are some things that science licenses people to have in more quantity or number than any other food-items.

Apples, Oranges & Tomatoes

They are among the healthiest food-items that are commonly available to people. But they are highly acidic and can damage stomach-lining and oesophagus, if consumed excessively. It may develop ulcers and precancerous lesions. They may cause reflux and tooth-enamel erosion too. Two servings daily are sufficient.


Exercise is unanimously considered healthful and beneficial for all. However, too much of exercise can have negative effect on the body and weight loss. There are numerous virtues of working-out and few cases of over-exercising, and that is why the side-effects of workout are hardly discussed. But reports of obsession with exercise are not rare. Like extending diet to starvation causes Bulimia and Anorexia, exercising too much can cause fatigue, moodiness, lack of concentration and performance downgrade.


Sunshine offers numerous benefits. It converts a skin-chemical into Vitamin D. When the level of Vitamin D present in the body is normal, the absorption of calcium by the body exceeds double the amount that is absorbed when the Calcium is below normal level. Besides, deficiency of Vitamin D has been recently linked to pregnancy complications, schizophrenia, prostate cancer, autoimmune disorders and heart diseases. However, everything is under research and not 100% confirmed. What is confirmed is that excessive exposure to sunshine causes Melanoma and other skin cancers.


Juice has become a fad for many reasons; it is easy to consume different vegetables and fruits in liquid state. On the other hand, the weight loss industry is campaigning strongly to promote juice as natural body cleanser. It is far from reality. Taking only juice deprives body of fibres and, thus, may seriously affect the digestive system.


Soy is considered healthful alternative to animal protein. It can control levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. But too much consumption of the food-item prevents absorption of iron in the body. It can cause Anaemia. It has oestrogen-like compound, which can cause uterine cancer if present in excess in the body.


Sleep is essential for all the organ systems of the body towards function properly. Brain ultimately begins to shut down gradually if sleep is delayed too far. Sleep-starved person suffers to perform normally. However, excessive sleep is also bad, especially for weight loss. It increases risk of heart diseases and other chronic diseases. Unlike many, there are some people who get excessive sleep.

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