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Some super interesting things related to weight loss

Some super interesting things related to weight lossLosing weight gives a kind of satisfaction which is not even found in buying new clothes. Cutting down on 5 to 10 percent of entire body weight may bring improvements in health and lifestyle. Weight loss will significantly reduce the risk for diabetes and heart diseases. However, shedding the extra kilos come with its set of unwanted things which may not be good all the time. Explained below are few things both good and bad which may not be popular on weight loss.

Skyrocketing energy levels

People instantly notice a boost in energy levels after dropping that extra weight. As per experts, while carrying a few pounds, people are likely to use lesser energy throughout the whole day. After weight loss, oxygen efficiency is improved which means you’ll not be out of breathe easily while going up the stairs.

Memory power can improve

Aged women scored more during memory tests following their weight loss efforts for six months. Brain scans revealed extra activities at encoding procedure when the memories are shaped. There was lesser activity at memory retrieval which suggests higher recall efficiency. According to experts, the brain turns out to be more active in storing fresh memories. It needs minimal resources for the recollection of stored information.

Relationships may feel the heat

Although weight loss gives a confidence which cannot be compared, it may not be always good at relationship front. One of the studies revealed that couples relationship improved when a partner lost above or equivalent to 60 pounds. On occasional basis, the partner of dieter felt jealous or insecure.  Body transformation of one partner may force the other to bring changes in their food choices.

Cancer risk will go down

Obesity is also linked to different cancers apart from smoking, radiation and sun exposure. Cell changes inside the body are triggered due to inflammation caused by obesity. Harmful levels of inflammation may be reduced by losing up to 5% of normal body weight.

There may be no impact on depression

Depression may come out of being overweight and the reverse process is also possible. It isn’t always okay to predict which comes first. Although many people feel happy after weight loss, it may not be the complete medicine.

Food tastes may differ

Taste buds can make the food tastes duller or sharper after losing a fair amount of weight. As per a study from Stanford University, more than 85% patients reported change with their sense of taste.

Workout can be greater fun

Exercising could be a painful experience to those with extra pounds which can burn the lungs and hurt the joints. After growing slim, exercise could turn out to be fun and less of a burden or daily routine to repeat. Being lighter can also make you stronger and faster than before.

Bones may undergo change

Losing weight also leads to bone loss but the benefits always outweigh the associated risks. Although extra weight strengthens the bones, it also weakens the joints. As per a research, the visceral fat on the belly is harmful for both genders.

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Simple reasons for belly fat retention

Simple reasons for belly fat retentionBelly fat is good in small measures for its safeguards the intestines, stomach and few delicate organs. Too much of anything is not good and the same goes with fat which is unhealthy. Visceral fat generates hormones which are chemical troublemakers inside the body. They travel inside blood vessels causing inflammation which may bring diabetes and heart problems. The food choices people make may alter their ability to get rid of belly fats. Mentioned below are common pits which should be undone:

Pursuing a lower fat diet

For weight loss and shedding belly fats, it is better to consume monounsaturated fats. As per a research, women who had monounsaturated fats rich diet clocking 1600 calories were able to shed one third of belly fats within a month.

Depressive feeling isn’t good

As per a current study, depressive feeling among women can raise their belly fats. Depression is connected to bad eating habits and lower physical activities which are against weight loss. Exercise improves the standard of brainy chemicals which regulates the fat metabolism.

Junk food should be avoided

Foods like the chips and sweetened drinks raises the blood sugar levels. Consequently, the insulin hormone encourages the liver to store around abdomen. Add the healthy mix of extra servings for vegetables with each meal would work out.

 Add more of magnesium into diet

According to a study, people consuming more magnesium recorded low insulin and reduced blood sugar levels. High magnesium foods include soybeans, bananas, and leafy green vegetables. Over 300 functions within the body are regulated by magnesium and it’s better to have more of it on regular basis.

Avoid diet soda as much as possible

As per a study, diet soda consumers are more vulnerable to develop high fats around their bellies. Diet followers tend to overestimate their calorie savings and resort to overeating. It won’t result in weight loss and there is a need to lower the total calorie intake.

Be careful with burgers    

Some researchers provided a category of adults with 750 more daily calories from the saturated fats. A different group was given with similar measure of calories but mostly out of polyunsaturated fatty acids over six weeks. The former group accumulated double the visceral fat gained by the latter. Having trout or salmon once every week provides the right amount of the PUFAs. Chicken and legumes are also healthy choices.

Have lowest possible alcoholic consumption

Beer is connected to abdominal obesity, says a Danish study. Wine is not a healthy food to those aiming for weight loss. It is essential to maintain a limit and consume lesser alcoholic drinks per week. Mild drinkers are not likely to gain excess weight.

Do something positive

Menopause type hormonal changes can make it quite tough to shed the kilos. However, through intensive yoga the stomach pudge can be reduced to a significant amount. According to a study, postmenopausal women pursuing hour long yoga were able to cut down on waist fat.

Intensive workout sessions are good

High intense exercises lower the insulin, cortisol and triglyceride, burning excess calories in short span. Vigorous activities should be followed with rest or milder activities to enjoy belly shrinking and weight loss.

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Contribution of Carrot app in weight loss efforts

Contribution of Carrot app in weight loss effortsCarrot hunger is a newly arrived smart phone app aimed at helping users in their weight loss efforts uniquely. It welcomes the users and greets them with quirky messages by calling them meat bags. The creator Mr Brian Mueller points out how he made it to be both judgmental and funny. It is primarily meant to help the users in cutting down on calorie intake.

According to Mueller, the personality traits of the app match with the sarcasm displayed by his wife, sister and mother. This app is same as other available calorie counting apps. Users insert their own food log info and it’s deducted from his regular calorie intake. Those who want to just cheat and move above the limit should pay up through in-app purchase for getting the extra calories. However, in case they are cheating without making payments, there is a social shaming feature. It tweets from the concerned user’s account and informing the followers about the person’s overeating activities. Mueller said that he had received positive feedback from many users considering it a useful deterrent from overeating.

However, some dieticians are concerned about the app not doing much in weight loss. They believe fat shaming is not a healthy means to monitor weight. A study reveals that people who receive negative feedback or experience discrimination depending on weight aren’t inspired to go for weight loss. Clinical dietician Paulson believes she won’t suggest the hunger app to her patients.

According to Kate Paulson, people aren’t motivated in the best way through shames. The patients whom she and her team works with gives them a real hard time as people tend to be their own enemy most of the times. Paulson points out that consistent and positive encouragement only gives the best possible results in most of the cases. She believes that such an app can work out for those individuals who take it sportingly and aren’t quite serious about its critical comments. Paulson believes that few people are likely to get a kick and consider it as a motivation more out of a joke.

The creator Mueller expressed that many users have communicated how the app has worked out from them. However, it isn’t suitable for all kinds of users in any way. According to Mueller, he has come across people claiming to lost somewhere from 5 to 20 pounds. This new app is undoubtedly a snarky twist for dieting with those who aren’t that serious about their own weight loss. With a unique approach, it shames users to push the extra mile in their weight loss efforts.

There are other apps which have similarities with Mueller’s hunger app. These are known as alarm, to-do, and fit. All of them are using the snarky character of Carrot for motivating the respective users. Throughout the years, there have been many ways devised to aid people in dropping the kilos. It is doubtful how many of them can boast of a genuine success rate so far in helping the users.

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Food additives related to inflammation and against weight loss

Food additives related to inflammation and against weight loss Widely used food additives for the purpose of thickening and stabilizing processed foods can disrupt the gut’s bacterial make up, says studies. During the study, the mice consuming two chemicals mainly added to the foods had gained weight. Blood sugar levels altered and caused intestinal problems. These chemicals were the emulsifying agents, which hold together those mixtures which include water and fat.

Microbiologist Chassaing, the co-author of this study pointed out that these chemicals triggered metabolic syndrome and lower grade of inflammation in mice. Food additives might have harmed mice through the promotion of the development of bacteria which eats through the gut’s protective lining of mucus, revealed the study. Emulsifying agents are those chemicals which thickens the food. For example, emulsifiers keep the ice cream creamy after undergoing few cycles of thawing and freezing. According to immunologist Jobin, to develop a product which gels and also liquefies together, these compounds should be added.

Previous studies among mice showed that food addictive carboxymethylcellulose altered bacterial community composition lined up in the gut. Chassaing along with colleagues fed a diet consisting of either a percentage of carboxymethylcellulose or polysorbate 80. The latter is a common emulsifier which is found in several foods, specially processed foods which are against weight loss. The healthier mice started consuming more and gained weight suffering problems in blood sugar control in comparison to control mice. Such symptoms hold significance to observe for in humans, these are involved with metabolic syndrome which isn’t a healthy state. The researchers observed the gut tissue of mice in a microscopic view and saw extra signs of the low grade inflammation.

Food additives were fed to mice that are genetically inclined to catch diseases like colitis and inflammatory bowel. Emulsifiers seemingly worsened this disease in these mice. Researchers also observed the protective mucus layer lining in the gut to the reason behind food additives causing lower grade of inflammation. According to their findings, emulsifiers contributed bacterial growth living deep inside the mucus layer nearer to intestinal tissue. Food additives promoted the development of bacteria which may digest the mucous.

The aforementioned discoveries feature in the school of thought which says that bacteria inside a human body has a crucial role in maintaining health and weight loss, believe researchers. According to Jobin’s observation, mice consume a diet which is different than humans and repeating such a study among animals like pigs might be extra informative.

A suitable experiment would involve comparison among people consuming foods which contain and doesn’t contain such agents, expressed Jobin. However, Chassaing says that people with a desire to stay away from such foods should have more fresh foods and whole foods. The packaged foods are rich in emulsifiers which is not the case with freshly cooked food items. As a result, this is the right way to avoid such agents. The research group has begun a testing with people and members are following suit to find out about natural emulsifying agents like guar gum and soy lecithin, reveals Chassaing.

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Gut microbes likely to help in weight loss

Gut microbes likely to help in weight lossNew studies say that gut microbes have a key role in helping people to reduce weight. A research study among mice observed that through gastric bypass surgery, weight loss can be achieved. It is by a reduction of stomach size and altering the overall microbial population composition. According to the next study, people with higher methane creating microbes can be heavier and feature a massive percentage of fats.

The discoveries can drive microbe powered approaches towards weight loss.  It has been a field where drug development is seemingly difficult. Few years back, while the microbiome study was initially unfolding, researchers observed that gut microbe population varies in composition among mice and people who are overweight and lean. Microbes varied accordingly while losing weight. Whenever the gut microbes of overweight individuals were transferred inside mice with zero microbes, they gained weight more than while treated with the microbes out of lean people.

There is more evidence with Lee Kaplan and Harvard associates that microbes may help in controlling weight. Similarly, they could play an important role in among the vastly successful treatments for weight loss available. Scientists have hints that advantages of gastric bypass surgery do not include just a drop in terms of calories consumed. According to Kaplan, certain sides of evidence point out that it functions by altering the key mechanism of metabolic function and energy balance. Research in the past suggested that both among humans and rodents, the process changes the microbes inside the gut although it hasn’t displayed to be influencing weight.

According to a new study which published in a medical journal, researchers studied triple groups of the obese mice treated with high fats diet. One of the groups went through a process same as gastric bypass, losing 30% of their physical mass. The other two groups went through a fake procedure where incision was made without altering the anatomy. Normal diet was fed to one of the mice groups that regained weight post surgery period. The other groups lose weight while undergoing a prescribed diet and also lost weight same as gastric bypass group. Bypass animals consumed the same proportion as nicely fed control animals. However, they seemingly spend more energy.

Prior to and post the procedure, researchers analyzed the DNA of fecal samples. They observed that gut microbes were affected significantly by gastric bypass. There was also a rise in Gammaproteobacteria and Verrucomicrobia bacteria based on changes observed among the people post the bypass period. Transporting gut microbes out of surgically changed mice into the microbe less animals resulted in weight loss. Animals that were vaccinated with microbes out of two different control groups did not change weight.

The aforementioned findings trigger curiousness on ways to reap gastric bypass benefits without surgery. Scientists need to find out the microbes that triggers weight loss. A hypothesis point out that they affect the energy expenditure of body- the calories burned by merely sitting around.    Researchers are reportedly testing the outcomes of changing levels of the individual microbes and the chemicals produced by them.

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The Weight Loss: To Go Beyond Diet Changes And Exercise

The Weight Loss: To Go Beyond Diet Changes And ExerciseAccording to some researchers, the doctors should go beyond advising obesity patients to exercise more and eat less for weight loss. They should aim on their biological mechanisms which makes it difficult for these people to reduce weight, say researchers. Pediatrics and psychiatry professor Ochner points out that whenever people diet, various biological mechanisms take place within the body.  The body feels it is starving which encourages the person to have more food. To conserve the fats, the body begins to slow down the calorie burning rate and changes inside brain attract people to calorie rich food, says Ochner.

The medicine school professor from New York further explains the matter. According to him, such mechanisms evolved in order to help humans in surviving scare availability of food. However, the problem lies in the fact that similar mechanism operates in case of people weighing 400lbs and looking to reduce 40 lbs. It is enough to explain the reason why obese people after weight loss regain weight. As per Ochner, people that are obese for several years tend to be stamped biologically in terms of their bodyweight.

Ochner believes that more attention to be paid in biological treatments for the obesity, like surgery and drugs. The doctors should have the awareness that offering advice to exercise and check diet may be insufficient for the obese people. However, the recent biological treatments to cure obesity are quite expensive. The reliable data on long term effectiveness of new drug treatments are also lacking. Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery involves an operation of intestine and stomach. It has been the only obesity treatment which has produced long term results for people. There aren’t enough ways to treat obesity as per its biological mechanism. One should find out safer and wide available means, says Ochner.

In a medical journal, Ochner and his colleagues have recommended lifestyle modification for the treatment of individual suffering sustained obesity. However, this should be a single component of the strategy of multimodal treatment. Doctors should consider the positives and negatives associated with biological treatments. According to researchers, they would weight these factors against a patient’s obesity based disorder risks.

Medical school profession Cohen emphasizes that importance of understanding the biological process behind weight loss. According to Dr. Cohen, human history says it was either unavailability of food or illnesses which lead to losing weight. Human body consists of standard biological mechanisms which maintains the weight, believes the assistant professor from Harvard Medicine School. However, he refrains from prescribing drugs for weight loss to all his patients owing to insufficient data confirming their long term benefits and safety.

According to Cohen, obesity possesses a risk element for the future health issues but it isn’t a disease. It requires to be treated as per risks associated for future problems out of it. Most of the experts are unanimous that doctor’s focus should be preventing obesity as lifestyle changes are quite effective with overweight and not overweight people, said Ochner.

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Purpose of fitness trackers in weight loss

Purpose of fitness trackers in weight loss There are several wearable devices to monitor weight loss progress. They can singlehandedly count the total number of calories, monitor work outs and evaluate sleep. People involved in tracking their progress at each stage or level are likely to be more successful in losing weight. The fitness devices to help are Jawbone UP, FitBit Flex, BodyMedia FIT, and Nike+ FuelBand.

Track down every activity

According to America’s Council on Exercise representative Muth, it’s sufficient to be aware of total number of steps taken and minutes of activity per day. She suggests keeping it simple by moving as much as possible. For example, the workout to take 10000 steps per day up to 12,000 is a suitable aim for weight loss and fitness.

The device can be used for the following purposes:

  • To view the closeness to the target goal per day.
  • Setting small and short term goals to stay focused.
  • Setting reminders to be active after too much of no activity.

All of these can help in breaking the bad habits. The devices can be used to track the intensity of a workout. Check the total amount of calories burned, total duration and work upon shortening this time further.

There are many things to count

Calories are burned even without the involvement in running, swimming and cycling. Many people burn calories for weight loss via NEAT which means non-exercise activity thermogenesis. The activities such as gardening, vacuuming, folding laundry and casual walking aren’t exercise. However, it gets the person moving and helps burning calories. Exercising on a regular basis is significant but people often find it much easier to practice these activities.

Crunch the numbers

There are some devices with a location for logging on while eating or an application. It allows the user to find out the calories consumed compared to the calories burned. This procedure involves a large amount of data entry but it gets simpler with the passage of time. After figuring out the calories count for each food, the favorites can be tracked down.

Getting proper sleep

According to Muth, proper sleep reduces the vulnerability of overeating and helps in sticking to weight loss and fitness session. Little sleep is related to weight gain. A tried and tested method of getting a good night sleep is to fix a regular bedtime. One should do away with distractions and plan for a sleep of seven to eight hours.

Tracker machines show the total duration of sleep. In other wise cases, you may be sure of getting seven hours of sleep while the actual period is six and a half hours. Muth points out that the insight given by wearable devices may help the user in making certain changes for improving sleep duration and quality.

There are some devices which charts the workout intensity in a timely manner. Some of the available devices aren’t that accurate while tracking down exercises such as biking and strength training. Thus, some records are to be noted down in a different manner.  Many devices help in manually entering the information like exercise type, duration and intensity of pushing oneself.

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Carrying For Weight Control Or Weight Loss?

Carrying For Weight Control Or Weight Loss?People embark on weight loss plans by following a diet but also gain weight after a period of time. It shows that these so called plans are temporary and provide short term results. There are people who hope for permanent results with sincere plans which seem to overpromise. However, these plans fail to deliver and feelings of disappointment ensue. The question which puzzles the mind is regarding the ultimate goal. Is it weight control or simply weight loss? In case it is about the latter, the wiser approach should be giving away the mindset of temporary plan.  It should be like setting a certain period of time in order to cut down on a certain extent of weight.

People should focus more on learning the skills for weight loss or control. It is similar to learning to play tennis, read, speak a particular language, be an accountant or sew a button in a shirt. After learning this skill, you need to put it to work up to a certain degree to achieve what you’re looking for. There are many people around who are successful in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. The everyday body processes of these people support the kind of life they’re leading. People who fail to lead a healthy lifestyle face dissatisfying results and the best way is learning by doing. Sometimes, the hormones present inside the body are programmed to remain fit. Consequently, there is a need to practice and learn necessary skills for implementation of processes in overcoming certain things. It is possible to lose weight by focus, determination and conscious efforts.

Weight loss is a process similar to life’s marathon and not any sprint. Instead of depending on diet concepts or quick fix, it’s wiser to think about a long term solution. There are stages in life when people tend to go haywire and these experiences are normal for everyone. By remaining on track for most of the time in life, it is possible. You should make an effort to gain knowledge and information which is itself a source of power. Many people have already undergone quick fixes like liposuction and bariatric surgery. However, there is still a need to learn and incorporate life skills for supporting your body. There is no point in getting around with these essential skills. Some people who had undergone quick fixes end up with more disappointing results compared to what it was before surgery. It happens as they hardly learn a thing about controlling their weight.

Ultimately, it is not about weight loss but weight control. It is the newly found and approved paradigm. People are in pursuit of weight control these days more than anything. It seems to be the only way out as many people from diet industry make a fool of people by duping them into false hopes of losing weight by following plans. Proper learning comes over time by practicing with commitment and stays with the learner for a long time.
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The Diet May Affect Your Mood

The Diet May Affect Your Mood 123rfEating the right food has opened up doors to better research and studies. Latest studies reveal that your mind works according to what you eat. Different food gives out different chemicals and bacteria that are taken up by the brain to generate various feelings and emotions.

The mood and temperament in a person seems changed under the influence of a certain variety of food that emit natural bacteria. This has opened up doors to many scientific researches and new horizons of treating with brain development and issues. Taking the right amount of food in proportions can also lead to subsequent weight loss as known from previous records. Obesity is a major worry as it increases the risk of many serious health issues. Doctors and researchers have worked extensively in developing the right fundamentals that can result in weight loss and proper diet.

Diet uplifts the mood systems as reports suggest and the change can be brought about by various bacteria naturally infused food like yoghurt or spices. The diet control in an individual should be checked under immense control to maintain a proportionate weight loss program. It is always advised to eat the right food at the right time to stand guard against obesity. It is very to gain weight but losing it can be a tough procedure. Excess weight problems are being faced by the recent generation of students and professionals as they tend to drift away way too much towards artificial food. It also leads to unwanted thoughts and irrelevant brain process.

The diet control in a person should be kept under strict control to keep the brain free from loose variations that happens after the brain extracts the bacterial parts from the food that we intake. Keeping a healthy food diet has many reasons that can make up for a healthier body and food regimen. Reports suggest that people who eat healthy have a brighter brain and their mood sways by it as compared to fat overweight people. Research also reveals that slim people think faster and in a swifter way as compared to fat people. Their brain gets clogged too easily and they are emotionally more weal and insecure.

Weight loss can be considered as a boon as it not only makes up for a lighter and beautiful body but it also makes it to lead a healthy more smooth life. The personality and working capacity also increases as it does to the confidence value and self esteem. The right food intake is the route to a healthier lifestyle and less mental complications. As the mind associates the mood through the food intake it gets essential points for choosing and eating the right food. Doctors always mention to intake the right food before jotting down a weight loss program for any individual. Following a strict food regimen will make it possible to have a change in the mindset as well help the body to avail a better shape in life.


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Ways to Keep The Weight In Check

Ways to Keep The Weight In CheckThe desire for weight loss is there with overweight people irrespective of gender. It is not an easy thing to cut down on weight. However, the following methods will guide you into the right direction:

Begin with strength training

Even at rest, your muscles burn more calories than the fats. Pursue strength training for at least twice or thrice a week. It works in your favor by improving your strength, expressed Jim White, a registered dietician and personal trainer.

Stay away from tempting foods

According to author Cynthia Sass, people in general are attracted to foods which are easy to reach. So store them at a location which is strenuous to reach for weight loss practice. Foods like fresh fruits and popcorn should be more visible and placed at arm’s length. Have a water bottle to avoid searching for water in the refrigerator or somewhere else.

Make a note

People tend to overestimate their state of activeness and underestimate their food consumption levels. According to some studies, making a note of everyday consumption could double the targeted weight loss. Putting down everything on writing for even a short while is the right way to remain mindful.

Personalize the food portions

Women who consume food in the company of a man should customize their portions as per bodily needs. It might involve including extra veggies and minimizing on protein rich and fat foods.

Get rid of irresponsible eating habits

According to author Pamela Peeke, it is important to check the reason of your food craving. She has written a book which deals with recovering from food addiction and overeating. She advises to be aware of inner emotions to find out the reasons for abnormal cravings.

Get a good sleep

To help your weight loss efforts, it is important to have a sleep of seven or eight hours regularly at night. Never compromise on sleep and don’t ever go below six hours. Failing to do so would activate the hunger hormones and appetite. It will steer out of control and make you vulnerable to overeating.

Practice meditation regularly

Author Peeke says that it is significant to be aware of your inner feelings and adapt to stress. Indulging oneself in some kind of introspective activity on a daily basis should be more than handy.

Make plans for the future

Whenever you are out of home, make sure that you are packing the food by yourself. As result, you won’t be vulnerable to end up eating unhealthy foods or oversized portions. Thus, planning ahead will be more often helpful in your weight loss efforts.

Keep your hunger in check

Make sure that you are eating after three or four hours of break. However, if you are feeling hungrier, you may be prone to all cues and triggers which causes overeating, believes food writer Peeke.

Avoid sitting idle through the day

Make sure that you are not staying sedentary throughout the day. Even the activities which are moderate in intensity would be helpful. For instance, walking helps to rein in appetite and keeps you energized.

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