Scientist explained how to achieve weight loss even without dieting

Scientist explained how to achieve weight loss even without dietingDieting and exercise are the best way to achieve weight loss successfully. While some people do not have enough time to exercise, most are just not enough strong-willed to follow diet regimes successfully. Brian Wansink, the Director at Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, has released a report of his years of research on food and eating-habit of people. He found that weight loss while living in the regular environment is tougher than in slightly customised surrounding. Thus, he reveals a few tricks to achieve weight loss even without dieting the proper way.

  • If possible re-arrange the interior set-up of your house in such a way that kitchen does not fall in the way from the main door to living room or bedroom. People who live in such residences where they come across the kitchen first after entering their homes weight heavier than those whose homes are designed differently.
  • At buffet restaurants, people who scout out the whole spread before putting anything on their plates and then selectively chose a favourite are slimmer than those who pick up a plate straightaway and start from the first item. Besides, people of the former kind also sit far away from the spread with their back towards it. While the latter does otherwise.
  • People serve themselves 18% more quantity of food when they eat on a plate that matches with the food in terms of colour. Homemakers can avoid plates that are coloured similar to the colour of the dishes that they eat often. At the least, people can control specifically such as eating rice, potatoes and pasta on white plates.
  • Keeping the kitchen counter clean hinders snacking unnecessarily. Women who leave potato chips on the kitchen-counters are 3.6 kilos heavier than those who do otherwise. Women who keep breakfast cereals visible in their kitchens are 9.5 kilos heavier than those who keep it in opaque cupboards.
  • A tougher measure is to replace the pantry items with stuffs of another closet so that searching for food in order to munch becomes tougher. It makes people think before searching for snacks.
  • People believe that purchasing grocery in bulk saves money but there is little truth in the perception practically. Most of the people eat half of the snacks that they bought for the whole month in the 1st week, irrespective of the quantity of the purchased items. The solution is to purchase only healthful items in bulk. Repackaging the purchased items and keeping accessible only what is needed for the week while putting away the rest can be an alternative.
  • High-calorie dishes can be avoided just by scrutinising the menu. Dishes that have buttery and crispy prefixed or suffixed to their names respectively contain 102 calories and 131 calories more than those that are not named so.
  • Chewing gum while in a supermarket or at an eatery-rich street lessens desire for snacks considerably. Shoppers who chewed gums while shopping buy 7% lesser junk food-items than those who shop empty-mouthed.

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Study reveals low carbohydrate diet may be effect in Parkinson’s

low carbohydrate dietDiets that contain high amount of fat and low carbohydrates have been found helpful in accomplishment of weight loss and against sclerosis and other against autoimmune diseases. A new research hopes to find out whether the very method can be helpful for patients of Parkinson’s disease, according to the report published by Portland Business Journal on weight loss on 28th August.

The National college of Natural Medicine (NCNM) and Legacy Health are set to initiate a clinical trial early next year. The trial is planned to compare ketogenic diet with Standard American Diet. Notably, the former is constituted of 5% carbohydrates, 15% protein and 80% fat while the latter is comprised of only 30% – 35% fat.

According to Angela Senders, It is a very complex diet for the masses to adopt. Senders is licensed to practise naturopathy and is the NCNM research assistant director. However, the ketogenic diet with its low carbohydrate and high fat constituents has been in use to control the occurrence of seizures in kids since decades ago.

Alar Mirka, the Legacy Health Institute clinical research director, has started the trial. He hopes that the approach will be effective due to the mechanism that nutritional ketosis involves.

Ketogenic diets with low carbohydrates and high fats are planned to compel the use of fat as fuel by the human body. The brain utilises the ketones as a source of energy for it. This causes increase in the levels of adenosine molecules. It is notable that the deficiency of adenosine is remarkable characteristic of the cells of nerves of patients of Parkinson’s disease.

However, caution is advised by Senders regarding fat sources. For instance, she suggests avocados and a kind of salad with toppings of olive oil. Rather than a sautéed sausage in greased bacon with toppings of cheese, nuts can be nutritious snacks, according to Senders. It is critical for weight loss.

Protein and excess fat are precisely the exactly the issue why some dieticians argue against the trend of low carbohydrate and Paleo diets. According to some nutritionists, modification of Paleo diet into a more vegetarian plan is an option. Dietician Alexis Joseph recommended the same in an interview with Huffington Post on 28th August.

Alexis contended that Paleo diet prohibits most of quality protein sources for vegetarians. Lack of quinoa or peanuts, dairy, soy, etc. means it is a challenge to get the “good” protein mentioned by her.

Therefore, she has compromised. While Alexis supports the free of processed food, gluten free and sugar free principle of Paleo Diet, she suggests addition of beans, quinoa and lentils for vegetarian protein.

However, everyone has his/her own statement on the potential for weight loss through Paleo diets. Paleo purists reject the idea of adding any lentil or grain, which are toxic, according to them, and hinder benefits of animal protein. However, both supporters and opponents of addition of fibres agree that the principle of eliminating processed food, gluten and sugar in Paleo diet does facilitate achievement of weight loss more effectively, quickly and easily.

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Hypnosis to Trick the Body to Weight Loss

Hypnosis to Trick the Body to Weight LossCan anyone trick his or her body to think that a medical surgery for weight loss has been operated on it? In-depth studies on clinical psychology have shown that striking results with the achievement of weight loss by 90% of the subjects who participated in it. In fact, many have been able to successfully keep it off in the long term too.

Rena Greenberg, who is from Sarasota, has been using her suggestion power to help her clients lose weight.

According to Greenberg, what she is doing is transforming the way her clients subconsciously consider the food on a basis of permanence. It is like she is sowing new seeds that ultimately become the eventual normal through regular self hypnosis by her clients themselves.

National news agencies were quick to pick up her success and to report about her method of making people believe that they have had the lap band medical operation, even though they did not have any such surgery in reality, in order to assist them lose weight. Now, people are visiting her from all over the world in order to seek help.

Penny Weinstein is one of the clients of Greenberg. She has lost nearly 10 kg in mere 5 weeks. It was so effective for her and has brought such tremendous change in her life that she refers it as a dream. According to Weinstein, she used to believe that there were little demons in her head, and they told her to binge but they are eliminated from her head now.

New York City is home to Weinstein, and she uses Skype to contact Greenberg.

She has been tracking the work of Greenberg via News Channel 8 since 2006 and has followed up about it with many clients who have gone through the hypnosis sessions on lap band by Greenberg.

The story of Cathy McHugh was even shown on NBC Philadelphia last year. It was also covered by Today show of WFLA Channel 8 the same year. She successfully lost nearly 60 kg with the help of the hypnosis programme named gastric bypass. She has been able to successfully keep weight off too.

Another story of weight loss achievement is of Kathy Pieper of Dallas. She reduced more than 54 kg. She did not even undergo any real hypnosis programme but taught hypnosis to herself by only using CDs of Greenberg rather.

Barbara Cox is another happy client of Greenberg. She has reduced more than 53 kg with the help of the hypnosis therapy. In fact, there is a long list of such weight loss achievers.

Typically, Greenberg needs only 7 sessions to enable a person kick-start a lifestyle that is healthy. She recommends her CDs and books series to her clients in order to help them maintain their success.

Notably, Greenberg closely works with hospitals and doctors throughout the country. However, you should research about the qualification of the person who you are working with before you take a decision on hypnosis treatment for weight loss.

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Five foods which helps to speed up metabolism

Five foods which helps to speed up metabolism
Food is good for health as long it doesn’t give sleepless nights due to digestion problems. Certain food items in the diet help in weight loss preventing such occurrences. Most importantly, these foods help to bolster metabolism. Given below is the name of five food items which favors the metabolism process immensely:

Citrus fruits 

Vitamin-C rich fruits such as lemons, oranges, lime and grapefruit help in metabolizing fats quicker. Thus, it allows weight loss to a great extent. The body needs 60 mgs vitamin C everyday to fulfill basic needs. However, taking it to 500mg helps increasing fat burning ability while exercising by up to 39%.  Scripps Clinic researchers discovered that many participants who consumed ½ grapefruit with every meal during 12 weeks time lost up to 3.3 pounds averagely. The right way to proceed should be consulting the doctor to know the adverse reactions associated with grapefruit consumption.


The berries have high dietary fiber content. When the body couldn’t digest fiber to facilitate weight loss, it burns calories during the process. A single cup of the raspberries have 8gms of fiber along with 60 calories. Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries contain fiber in medium proportions. There is another benefit of consuming berries. Fiber disappears calories and fats present in any meals or snacks. It soaks up and removes them via digestive tract prior to absorption by the body.

Cereals with high fiber

There is a research study on cereals publishing in Journal of American Dietetic Association. It says that women eating cereals are less likely to become overweight by up to 30% compared to those having other breakfasts. Apart from boosting metabolism, Fiber rich cereals digest a bit slow allowing the consumer to feel energized by several hours. The insulin levels are also maintained by fiber. It helps in weight loss and prevents the storage of fats.

Lean proteins

Chicken, turkey and lean beefs fall in the category of lean meats. They accelerate the process of metabolism burning more fats.  This is owing to the need of energy during complete digestion. Some studies portray that people on protein rich diet simply burn more calories compared to the ones on carbohydrate centric diet. Additionally, protein consumption helps preserving muscle mass in the weight loss stages. At the same time, it keeps metabolism functioning quite speedily. Skinless and boneless serving of 3 ounce lean turkey breast contains a total of 120 calories. It offers as much as 26gms of proteins which curbs the appetite, no saturated fats and 1gms of normal fats.


The vegetable is a powerhouse of nutrition, providing plenty of health benefits. Its boosts the immunity power, fights aging and comes with many more advantages. Including garlic in the diet would be a useful step towards losing weight. It can help in controlling the weight even if consumed in minimal proportions.  Garlic could rise the total calories burned in the regular activities. At the same time, it counters fat production.

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Myths About Gluten-Free Diet

Myths About Gluten-Free DietFood without gluten is the rage of the age. Largely, there are 2 categories of people – fitness conscious and those who have surrendered to their desires. The term gluten-free is more likely to be heard whilst in the company of the former type of people than latter. However, even health, fitness and diet-conscious people seem to follow perception more than reality. The result of a survey was partially published in a health magazine recently. Participants were served the 2 types of biscuits and chips – gluten-containing and gluten-free. The respondents vaguely claimed gluten-free food to be healthier even though all the 4 types of food served to them were gluten-free. It clearly reveals the myth that pertains to gluten-free food and the subsequent weight loss.

Bad Taste: Participants of the survey rated both the types of biscuits chips and similarly in terms of taste and flavour. They also rated the items similarly in terms of fat content, carbohydrate-content and calories. It means that food items without gluten are well-disguised in terms of flavour and meet everyone’s taste.

Better diet due to gluten reduction: Nearly 33% of the respondents in the survey stated that eliminating gluten from diet generally makes the overall diet healthier. In fact, the reality is almost exactly opposite. Those who completely eliminate gluten from their diet eliminate various nutrients that are vital for good health. Contemporary packaged food products contain certain minerals and vitamins but not folic acid. Thus, people get a few of the essential minerals and vitamins through such packaged food items as result of the government directive in many countries. However, eliminating gluten means lack of several essential nutrients such as folic acid, which necessary for proper development of foetus during the early periods of pregnancy.

Gluten-free items are healthier: Formulating packaged food items free of gluten compels producers to use alternatives for the same palatability, chewiness, texture, etc. Sugar and fat are handy substitutes for gluten and may be in higher concentration in such food items than those that contain gluten. Thus, the benefits are either neutralised or reversed.

Guaranteed weight loss: People think that gluten-free diet guarantees weight loss. Those who eat only gluten free food do lose weight but due to the significant reduction in carbohydrate consumption. However, increasing the quantity of vegetables, fruits and lean meat while eliminating fatty, oily, sugary and carbohydrate food items can yield similar effect. In fact, the latter may be more sustainable.

Improvement in digestion: A very common perception among people, especially those who advocate gluten-free diet, is that reduction in gluten consumption guarantees improvement in digestion. However, the reality is that gluten adversely affects digestive system of only those people who have genuine gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Apart from that, there is no other evidence of improvement in digestive system due to reduction of gluten consumption.

Conclusively, weight loss does not directly depend upon gluten, which can be reduced or even added to the diet according to the specific nutritional need of every individual.

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Appetite suppressants with confirmed effect

appetite suppressanrsObesity and overweight has become a significant cause of concern especially in many countries, especially the developed nations like the United States. The more people get concerned about it, the greater variety of weight-loss techniques seem to get discovered. Unfortunately, evil business practices have victimised the healthcare and fitness sector too. From various strange diets to numerous magical appetite suppressant supplements and many unorthodox treatment, the discoverers and inventors claim their products to be the best.

There is little research material available. Therefore, the safest and the most economical bet for people is to try various methods that have proven effect on weight-loss including natural appetite suppressants. The best way to prevent body from harm and lose weight is to control what one eats and utilise normal meal-cycle to their advantage by including beneficial food and habits and refraining from harmful ones.

Breakfast: Skipping breakfast is forbidden and prohibited in weight-loss regime. People who miss breakfast eat 30% less fruits, 40% more sweets, 45% less vegetables and 55% more soda on average and face 4.5 times greater chances of being overweight.

Dining Mood: Dining in appropriate environment with soft music and dim lights lets people fully enjoy their meal, which thus makes them feel content with smaller meals.

Eating Healthy Fat More: A research by UC Irvine revealed that oleic acid is a beneficial fat that triggers production of oleoylethanolamide in the intestines. The compound transmits hunger-curbing signals to the brain and thus suppresses appetite. Besides, it also prolongs emptying of stomach. Extra virgin olive oil, avocado and nuts are great sources of oleic acid.

Eating Slow: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism published a study that revealed that eating slowly sates people quickly with lesser intake. A study by University of Rhode Island revealed that people who eat slowly consume fewer calories per meal.

Exercise: Even a walk for a few minutes is an effective exercise. A research in Brazil revealed that walking around instead of sitting during breaks increases satiety and reduces snacking by up to 50%, especially in case of office workers.

Remembrance of Meal: It is an effective psychological trick. People who recall their last meal or snack intermittently feel hungry or urge for snack later than those who do not do so, according to scientists at University of Birmingham.

Rye: Although most of the wholegrain food items are good, those made of rye have been found to provide greater degree of satiety with lesser consumption.

Scented Food: Meals containing fragrant ingredients such as fresh basil, rosemary, cinnamon, mint and freshly grated ginger make consumer feel sate with lesser portion of servings. Besides, their aroma lasts long and delays feeling of hunger. Such items are great source of antioxidants too.

Taking Food in Smaller Parts: A research by Arizona State University revealed that food consumed in smaller parts provides greater satiety with overall lesser intake. The trick can be applied in daily life by using seeds, nuts, popcorns, grapes, berries and similar food items that are naturally available in small parts more often as meals or for munching.

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