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The Diet May Affect Your Mood

The Diet May Affect Your Mood 123rfEating the right food has opened up doors to better research and studies. Latest studies reveal that your mind works according to what you eat. Different food gives out different chemicals and bacteria that are taken up by the brain to generate various feelings and emotions.

The mood and temperament in a person seems changed under the influence of a certain variety of food that emit natural bacteria. This has opened up doors to many scientific researches and new horizons of treating with brain development and issues. Taking the right amount of food in proportions can also lead to subsequent weight loss as known from previous records. Obesity is a major worry as it increases the risk of many serious health issues. Doctors and researchers have worked extensively in developing the right fundamentals that can result in weight loss and proper diet.

Diet uplifts the mood systems as reports suggest and the change can be brought about by various bacteria naturally infused food like yoghurt or spices. The diet control in an individual should be checked under immense control to maintain a proportionate weight loss program. It is always advised to eat the right food at the right time to stand guard against obesity. It is very to gain weight but losing it can be a tough procedure. Excess weight problems are being faced by the recent generation of students and professionals as they tend to drift away way too much towards artificial food. It also leads to unwanted thoughts and irrelevant brain process.

The diet control in a person should be kept under strict control to keep the brain free from loose variations that happens after the brain extracts the bacterial parts from the food that we intake. Keeping a healthy food diet has many reasons that can make up for a healthier body and food regimen. Reports suggest that people who eat healthy have a brighter brain and their mood sways by it as compared to fat overweight people. Research also reveals that slim people think faster and in a swifter way as compared to fat people. Their brain gets clogged too easily and they are emotionally more weal and insecure.

Weight loss can be considered as a boon as it not only makes up for a lighter and beautiful body but it also makes it to lead a healthy more smooth life. The personality and working capacity also increases as it does to the confidence value and self esteem. The right food intake is the route to a healthier lifestyle and less mental complications. As the mind associates the mood through the food intake it gets essential points for choosing and eating the right food. Doctors always mention to intake the right food before jotting down a weight loss program for any individual. Following a strict food regimen will make it possible to have a change in the mindset as well help the body to avail a better shape in life.


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Dr OZ’s remedies for worrying and anxiety

640px-Mehmet_Oz_-_World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting_2012[1]Worries often take away the sleep from eyes at night. Be it the mortgage payment or health issues, worrying can haunt you anytime.  It is ingrained in the DNAs and could motivate you to make savings for long term future which is good. However, excessive worrying is not good for the health and becomes toxic at times. Dr. Oz suggests a series of anxiety natural remedy that could relieve your worries and stress.

Get rid of worries by starting with the brain

Amygdala is the structure inside the brain which is the centre of anxiety and fear. It sends warning alerts to the cortex whenever you experience a worry. This is the brain’s rational part which assesses the nature of the worry.  More and more alerting signals result in increased anxiety and fear. Take out 15 minutes every day to list down your worries and settle them one by one.

Profound belly breathing helps in dealing with irrational thoughts. You can practice it in yoga classes, office, or personal couch. Blow up a balloon as it requires taking long and slower breaths from your diaphragm. It slows down the heart rate and reduces your blood pressure. Thus, your body uses the available oxygen more effectively giving a calming feel.

Deal with stomach issues and gastro intestinal tract  

During a worrisome experience, many receptors embedded inside your gastrointestinal tract have reactions to fear. It accelerates or slows down the digestion process which may result in diarrhea, heartburn and nausea. Mentioned below are two step process of anxiety natural remedy related to stomach.

Lemon balm is a calming herb which is used from the middle age period. It is found in most of the drugstores. Consume up to 400 milligrams twice regularly to stop the stomach from reactions to worried thoughts. Iberogast is made from the mixture of herbs and plants. It also contains caraway, milk thistle, peppermint, licorice, and chamomile. Adding up to 20 drops in water soothes the stomach receptors during anxiety.

Consider a combined approach aiming mind and body functioning

Conventional medicine takes care on the physiological front. The integrative medication evaluates the connection of mind, body and soul taking care of energy imbalances. You can also try out the below mentioned approach for better results:

Prepare an anti anxiety potion by combining a single tsp of lemon juice, ginger and honey. Consume it for at least three times a day. It is known to balance our body by raising the energy levels of our digestive system. Some studies reveal that lemon juices can lower down the blood pressure via powering the capillaries. Ginger provides a calming effect to the stomach and honey maintains a blood sugar levels associated with worrying.

There is also the Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler which helps you to calm down. The aroma made from lavender, petitgrain, eucalyptus, jojoba and bergamot which go directly into amydgala. It gives away a sense of calmness and lowers your blood pressure levels. Thus, getting rid of worries and anxiety is quite easy.

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Ways to Keep The Weight In Check

Ways to Keep The Weight In CheckThe desire for weight loss is there with overweight people irrespective of gender. It is not an easy thing to cut down on weight. However, the following methods will guide you into the right direction:

Begin with strength training

Even at rest, your muscles burn more calories than the fats. Pursue strength training for at least twice or thrice a week. It works in your favor by improving your strength, expressed Jim White, a registered dietician and personal trainer.

Stay away from tempting foods

According to author Cynthia Sass, people in general are attracted to foods which are easy to reach. So store them at a location which is strenuous to reach for weight loss practice. Foods like fresh fruits and popcorn should be more visible and placed at arm’s length. Have a water bottle to avoid searching for water in the refrigerator or somewhere else.

Make a note

People tend to overestimate their state of activeness and underestimate their food consumption levels. According to some studies, making a note of everyday consumption could double the targeted weight loss. Putting down everything on writing for even a short while is the right way to remain mindful.

Personalize the food portions

Women who consume food in the company of a man should customize their portions as per bodily needs. It might involve including extra veggies and minimizing on protein rich and fat foods.

Get rid of irresponsible eating habits

According to author Pamela Peeke, it is important to check the reason of your food craving. She has written a book which deals with recovering from food addiction and overeating. She advises to be aware of inner emotions to find out the reasons for abnormal cravings.

Get a good sleep

To help your weight loss efforts, it is important to have a sleep of seven or eight hours regularly at night. Never compromise on sleep and don’t ever go below six hours. Failing to do so would activate the hunger hormones and appetite. It will steer out of control and make you vulnerable to overeating.

Practice meditation regularly

Author Peeke says that it is significant to be aware of your inner feelings and adapt to stress. Indulging oneself in some kind of introspective activity on a daily basis should be more than handy.

Make plans for the future

Whenever you are out of home, make sure that you are packing the food by yourself. As result, you won’t be vulnerable to end up eating unhealthy foods or oversized portions. Thus, planning ahead will be more often helpful in your weight loss efforts.

Keep your hunger in check

Make sure that you are eating after three or four hours of break. However, if you are feeling hungrier, you may be prone to all cues and triggers which causes overeating, believes food writer Peeke.

Avoid sitting idle through the day

Make sure that you are not staying sedentary throughout the day. Even the activities which are moderate in intensity would be helpful. For instance, walking helps to rein in appetite and keeps you energized.

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Unfortunate rise in obesity and inactivity in the US states

Unfortunate rise in obesity and inactivity in the US statesHawaii stands as the fittest state while the Americans in total are less active and more obese. It is revealed by annual Health Rankings of America in its new findings. The health of this nation in both short and long term basis including the highs & lows for last 25 years came out in state-wise analysis. It was reported by MNT and the report came out in UHF. This same report was also published in Partnership for Prevention and America’s Public Health Association.

For third time in a row, Hawaii emerged as the fittest state. It was followed by the states of Vermont and Massachusetts. It was Mississippi that stood as the lowest healthy state for third time consecutively. Arkansas came second as the lowest healthy state while Louisiana came third in the year’s report.

Hawaii’s ranking owes it to factors like lower prevalence in obesity and smoking. There are also lower rates of child poverty and preventable hospitalizations. Cardiovascular deaths and cancer deaths have also dropped down. Mississippi is facing challenges that include higher rates of child poverty, diabetes, physical inactivity, obesity, etc. It is also stuck with minimal availability for primary care physicians.

In totality, the rate of obesity in America stands at 29.4 % in the adults in 2014 from the 27.6 a year back. It is a jump of 153 % from 1990 figures. Life expectancy has recorded a historical high at 78.8 yrs. It ranks 34th all over the world and there was a rise in the chronic conditions for the last 25 years. Several of these are preventable which compromises the standard of life. The short term successes came in form of 3% drop in smoking prevalence among Americans. Infant mortality rate has dropped and immunization coverage has soared by five percent. On the other hand, there is 7% increase in drug deaths and obesity while physical inactivity has moved up by 3%.

The same report indicated successes and the challenges in long term. During the last 25 years, the smoking prevalence dropped by 36% and air pollutions levels have also come down. Infant mortality rate fell down by 42% while cardiovascular and cancer deaths reduced by 38% and 4% respectively. The study traced that from 1990; only eight of the challenges have been unchanged or deteriorated. There is 153 % rise in obesity and there is also an upward climb in physical inactivity and diabetes rate However, the date obtained after the past three years display a leveling of this prevalence.

According to Anna Schenck of Health Rankings Committee, the healt outcomes in US are worse compared to some developed countries. This is the scene despite exhausting a bigger percentage of economic resources in the field of health care compared to others. She said that it is the right time and opportunity to bring improvements on health by focusing on prevention. She also asserted that this kind of opportunity knocks the door just once in an entire generation.

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Omega fatty acids may cure ADHD among children and adults

Omega fatty acidsAccording to fresh findings, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids may help in curing children and also the adolescents suffering from ADHD. The findings related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder surfaced from a dissertation paper by Sahlgrenska Academy. Conclusion of the study at Gothenburg University indicates that any specific cognitive training programs may improve the problem behavior among the children affected with this hyperactivity disorder. This disorder entails complexities in controlling the impulse and temper or sitting still or attentive over short span at a given period of time.

School going children within 3 to 6 percent are to be suffering from ADHD. It is normally treated with the stimulant medicines that are useful in most case but not every time. During the research study, 75 adolescents and children were treated with either omega fatty acids 3 & 6 or placebo for three months. This experiment was done by double blinding researchers and participants and they were both unaware of receiving active medicines until later.

Sahlgrenska Academy’s doctoral student Johnson found that up to 35% of adolescents and children suffering from ADHD subtype called ADD displayed improved symptoms. It was to the extent that they could reflect on a clinically similar improvement. Concentration of Omega fatty acids 3 & 6 were calculated in the blood samples. All of those with a reasonable improvement in their symptoms displayed the right balance of the dual fatty acids within their blood levels.

This dissertation revealed that Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) acts as useful alternative in treating this disorder and ODD (oppositional deficit disorder). Through the CPS method families and children receive help for training cognitive capability and solving difficult situations. This research study included up to 17 children and their families received 10 weeks of CPS treatments. Later, they were questioned on the improvements in behavioral disorders.

According to Mat Johnson, all of the families in their study had finished the treatment and a half experienced massive relief from behavioral problems. Their study on CPS as a way of treating ODD and ADHD was only of its kind in Sweden.

However, there was something for patient group suffering from the disorder symptoms after complete CPS treatment. They were provided the chance of supplementing their treatment with the stimulant medication. Later during the follow for six months, up to 81% of these participating families had experienced big or quite big improvements.

Doctorate student of Sahlgrenska Academy from Gothenburg University, Mat Johnson, had a take on this. He said that it is an indication of CPS useful in improving problematic behavior among the children suffering from ODD and this hyperactivity disorder. He also noted that those children showing extreme symptoms could be also cured by combining medications of ADHD and CPS.

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Calorie measurement application could accelerate weight loss

Calorie measurement application could accelerate weight lossConsuming super foods, exercising daily and enough sleep can produce maximum weight loss results. Tracking the entire scene with any fitness or relevant application should be like a cherry on top.  Bonnie Spring headed a weight loss research study published recently. The preventive medicine professor is associated with North-western University Feinberg School of Medicine. Sixty nine fat overweight people were tracked by the research conductors. They were studied on the basis of their personal weight loss journey undergone for almost a full year. Patients were enrolled into a program directed by standard physician. These participants were divided into two different groups. The people of control group participated in health awareness sessions. They went there without using private digital assistants for monitoring diet figures and physical activities regularly.

On the other hand, those who were part of +mobile group were found to lose more weight constantly throughout the course of study.  Tech related support users including men and women were more dedicated to biweekly subscription MOVE sessions accompanying the physicians or dieticians. The patients taking the assistance of apps on an average lost up to 15 pounds. They were all able to continuously maintain this weight loss for an entire year to say the least. All those participants listed out of the ‘+mobile group’ on an average lost up to 8.6 pounds individually. It shows how these calorie count apps can take weight loss to entirely a different level.

At the same time, the above exposes certain loopholes in the medication industry. These are related particularly to tracking the treatment meted out to obesity patients. The doctors in the recent times who are a part of health and medical industry aren’t equipped enough. According to Bonnie Spring, these people have no time, training and right resources for tracking and treatment of weight loss patients. He is of the view that the aforementioned approach enables the patients to rely on their own self. It helps them almost every day. Spring maintains that people can be helped in losing substantial amount of body weight and maintain it. In order to achieve this, they should take active interest and engage into tracking their personal eating and physical activities. They should find out how it affects their body weight and can rely on some social support afterwards.

The research study conducted reveals a lot of things which otherwise could have remained unanswered. First and foremost, it reveals that classes offer the much needed social support to the patients. It also says how they are able to grasp enough knowledge for shedding the undesired excessive kilos. On a different note, the gadgets and mobile applications such as My Fitness Pal, FitBit, Nike + Fuelband and PlayMate for iPad are also helpful. These apps or gadgets leads to empowerment of patients. They are able to access some useful and insightful mobile data. Weight loss isn’t as hard as it may be estimated by some. With dedication and cautious approach, it is simple and easy to follow.

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Students use ADHD medicines for better performance

Students use ADHD medicines for better performanceA new survey shows that nearly 20% of college students have admitted to have used stimulants in quest of better performance studies and/or sports. However, none of surveyed students have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The probability of using such medicines was higher in university students and athletes in sororities and fraternities than others. However, around 50% of those who used the medicines said that they had done so not more than 4 times. Thus, only a small population of students regularly use the medicines.

The revelations support findings of other surveys that concluded use of prescribed stimulants as a problem in/for American colleges. The improper consumption of these medicines needs to be reduced and students with ADHD need to be counselled about the health and legal risks involved in case they give their medicines to others. 616 college students were surveyed for the study, and none of them had ADHD. Online anonymous questionnaire about the consumption of stimulants like Adderall were used to receive response from the students.

The medicines are comparable to cocaine in terms of chemical composition. They charge the person who consumes them and enable them stay active for hours at a stretch. They provide alertness of higher level than provided by caffeine. However, medical risks involved with these medicines are various, especially when other drugs are used simultaneously or in cases of undiagnosed conditions.

Prescription stimulant medicines were used at least once by 13% of sophomores, 16% of seniors and 24% of juniors among the surveyed students. 67% of those who used it did so for writing an essay, 66% for an examination studies, 32% for engaging in research and 27% for taking a test. 28% of the surveyed students, who were involved with Greek system and played as athletics for their universities, used ADHD medicines in comparison to only 16% of other students. Those students use the medicines to cope with the dual responsibility of studies and sports. Interestingly, only 18% of the students who had used the medicines consider it cheating in comparison to 46% of those who had never consumed it.

There can be discussions on whether consumption of ADHD medicines should be considered as cheating because a significant population of students think it is. However, twist accompanies any assumption made about the medicines because the ability of the medicines in helping student achieve better grades seems more a myth than a reality. There is no uncertainty about the source of such medicines. Most of the students got it from their peers who have been prescribed with the medicines. In fact, majority of the respondents aged 18 – 22 years believe that the prescription stimulants can be “very” easily or “fairly” easily obtained.

The report of the survey kept the name of the campus anonymous in order to avoid negative backlash with the school. The reality is that the situation is not much different in other schools too. The findings of the research will be presented at the Paediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Vancouver.

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Flavour Food Items That Help to Lose Weight

Flavour Food Items That Help to Lose WeightThe flavours that we get from food are normally and broadly classified into:

  • Bitter
  • Salty
  • Sour
  • Sweet

These are common flavours that people know. However, there is another flavour called Umami, which has been concluded by a new research to have a unique impact on appetite of the consumer.

Umami mean ‘pleasant savoury taste’ and is described as meaty, soupy and mouth-watering sensation with aftertaste that lasts long and balances the overall flavour of the dish that contains umami-rich ingredients. Umami is referred to by many chefs as a synergizer of flavours and enhances the flavour when added into food items as monosodium glutamate or MSG, which is a food additive.

According to the study that was published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, MSG stimulates appetite while eating but boosts satiety after the meal too. MSG was added to a soup and served to volunteers, who ultimately ate less lately through the day. MSG should be avoided as a food additive. A research conducted in 1960s revealed that high quantity of MSG fed to laboratory mice destroyed their brain nerve cells. Breathing trouble and headache are the common side-effects experienced by people sensitive towards high quantity of MSG. However, Umami naturally occurs in many healthy items. Some of the natural sources of Umami are:

Green Tea

Regular use of green teas reduces aging and risk of osteoporosis, cancer, blood pressure and heart disease. It also helps in weight loss. Besides, brewed green tea can be used to marinade and whole leaves can be added to food too.


Each standard cup of mushrooms contains only 20 calories. Besides, mushrooms are the only Vitamin D source in the botanic world, which is a vital nutrient known to decrease the rates of certain cancers, osteoporosis, high pressure, certain heart diseases and type-II diabetes. It is favourable towards weight loss too. More fat in the belly and in total are linked to consumption of insufficient Vitamin D. Besides, recent research revealed that adequate level of Vitamin D in blood boosts energy in cells and thus improves strength of muscles and helps them function more efficiently.

Mushrooms contain special antioxidants that prevent hear diseases and aging. The elements found in mushrooms control the estrogen level in women and prevent breast cancer. Shiitake, which is a popular mushroom species in Japan, especially has high concentration of Umami. Mushrooms can be sauted with a little garlic in low-sodium organic vegetable broth and added to sandwiches, soups, salads, omelettes, etc. to be eaten.


The benefit of seaweed ranges from weight loss to heart-protection. Certain seaweed proteins have effect of blood-pressure medicine. Besides, its iodine regulate thyroid, magnesium improves sleep and enhances mood.


Ripe tomatoes contain higher level of Umami. Tomatoes prevent wrinkles, reduce risk of certain cancer and heart disease and provide higher amount of lycopene. Most importantly, tomatoes can be consumed in arguably infinite number ways.


There are 3 types of Umami substances present in truffles, which can be said to be the greatest delicacy in the World. This fungus is difficult to be cultivated. Thin slices of truffle and truffle oil can be used.

Right intake of these foods can really contribute towards a well-balanced weight loss plan of any individual.

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How Slenderfruit 7 works to reduce weight

CollageSlenderfruit-7 happens to be one of the advanced fruit fat cutter based on Garcinia. It is the most easily and popularly chosen diet pill that you get in the market now. The product has supplied seven different anti oxidants and fat burners. Nexgen takes all these seven ingredients so as to grasp the advantage of synergy between them. It makes use of the extracts in the ingredients which are of high potency so as to achieve the utmost effectiveness. Mentioned below are the seven products:

Garcinia Cambogia– HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid is the main compound of Garcinia Cambogia. This compound is taken out from the fruit’s rind. The powerful chemical contained in this, functions by inhibiting carbohydrate intake and disrupting fat formation. It therefore prevents gaining of weight and works by suppressing appetite. The HCA compound of Garcinia Cambogia blocks enzymes from converting unused energy into fatty deposit.

Green coffee extracts– In order to maintain fat burning ability, controlling the level of glucose and blood sugar, is most effective. The extract from green coffee has a compound called chlorogenic acid. The compound neutralizes the excess amount of glucose-six-phosphatase in order to control the glucose levels. The compound works also by inhibiting absorption of excessive calories thereby triggering loss of weight.

Raspberry Ketone- Its a natural compound contained in Slenderfruit 7 to be seen in raspberries. This compound gives the fruit its taste and fruity odor. Raspberry Ketone regulates adiponectin which is a metabolism that regulates body protein. Its function is to help burn off the fat contained in the human body in a healthy and efficient way. This in turn helps in a faster loss of weight.

Green Tea– Weight loss property of green tea comes from the polyphenols contained in the plant. The polyphenols are also called catechins. Green tea or this compound contained in the green tea activates the thermogenic fat melting activity in the human body. This does not just reduce the fat contained in the human body but also cuts down subcutaneous fat.

African Mango- The extract of African Mango is an effective ingredient for weight loss improving the fat melting or burning and metabolic rate of the body. It works by promoting weight loss and restricts the storage of fat in body. It affects levels of 2 hormones, which are adiponectin and leptin. The extract from African Mango increases drastically the adiponectin levels. This in turn boosts the rate of burning of fat but does not affect the appetite.

Acai- One among the keys for loss of weight in Acai is that there are essential fatty acids along with fiber contained in it. They help in more efficient fat burning in the human body. It works also by controlling the urge for food and improving the metabolism.

Lychee- Apart from maintaining the digestive health, the extract in Lychee fruits in Slenderfruit 7 helps also in losing weight. It has natural diurectic that removes excess water from the body. This prevents water weight and bloating. Fatty acids in Lychee helps in proper digestion of food and fats thereby preventing them to accumulate in the body.

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Lose your weight naturally through proper diet and exercise

Lose your weight naturallyPeople who are overweight tirelessly continue to look for ways to shed those extra pounds. One need not necessarily be bullied or face a health scare for being overweight, in order to be initiated to lose weight. It may sometimes be just for the sake of looking good that they crave for weight loss methods. When the extra pounds are to be shed naturally, it requires bringing a change to the existing lifestyle. It is advisable to begin with small changes. It should be kept in mind that while the drastic and quick processes can be effective on few people, they are most often ineffective on others. Moreover, they leave back chances of obesity making comeback shortly after the process is completed. It is better to take time and go with the natural methods in order to ensure the pounds are gone forever and make further arrangements so that they do not come back.

The toughest of the tasks in the process of weight loss is exercising. Regular exercise also involves walking at moderate pace for at least thirty minutes. The pace should be increased gradually and not all of a sudden. When exercise is done religiously, a person can lose weight at fast enough. When irregular or short methods are followed for losing weight, it may only result in losing pounds from a particular portion of the body.

Setting a target period can help keep track of weight loss. Weighing after a specific period such as eight or ten weeks can help in tracking the progress of the procedure. The process is to be continued unless the desired weight is achieved. Walking can be mixed with jogging initially, which can then be turned into running. Cycling is a rigorous exercise that accelerates the process of weight loss. Cycling on a regular basis will also help maintain the weight at a healthy state and will keep it from shooting up.

Apart from a strict workout regimen, there is another factor on which the rate of weight loss depends. It is the food taken. Cutting down on the high calorie food is important. However, cutting down on calories completely will have an adverse effect on health. It is advisable to reduce the calorie intake rather than stopping it completely. The diet should be nutritious rather than being full of calories. Including good amount of green and leafy vegetables offers the essential nutrition to the body. Desserts should strictly be avoided as they are quite high on calories. Taking whole grains in balanced quantity is also helpful in reducing weight. Alcohol adds pounds and should therefore be avoided when losing weight.

Getting a food app to track the diet is a good idea. There are a number of food apps available that help ensure the right balance of nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be included in sufficient quantity into the diet which should be taken in six or seven servings throughout the day. The idea is to eat the same quantity but at regular gaps throughout the day.

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